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Best Rated Nerf Guns of 2017 (WITH PICTURES)



Modulus Regulator

Modulus Regulator

Rival Nemesis

Rival Nemesis

All About The NERF Rival Nemesis:

The Nerf Rival Nemesis is the latest shooter gun in the NERF line. Unlike others that have come before it, though, it is more powerful and feels like it can shoot forever. Let us explain.

The NERF Rival Nemesis has a compartment that can hold up to 100 rounds. If you think that isn't much, consider this: Its immediate predecessor could only hold up to 40 rounds. Just like most advanced blasters, it uses a flywheel blaster or two battery-powered wheels that grab the balls and shoot them out of the barrel. While there is nothing new about the flywheel blaster, what is new is the hopper that holds the rounds. It is something that you can remove, unlike other shooters that only have internal storage.

Whether this removable storage can give you an unfair advantage in battle really depends on whether or not you have an extra hopper that holds another 100 rounds that you can load easily. Other than this, though, we don't see any other benefit to having a detachable hopper.

What we like about this advanced shooter, though, is that it has a full-sized barrel and even a six-foot grown man can play with it without looking awkward. The fact that it can shoot rounds for up to 25 seconds straight only means that it is made for adult action. Not surprisingly, because of its powerful features, it is also expensive at $100. But then, you get what you pay for, and what you get is a powerful shooter that you can thoroughly enjoy.

What kind of batteries do you need for it? You need to have six D batteries. If you want to save money on batteries, though, you should get a Rival rechargeable battery pack, which you can get for $30 on Amazon.


Accustrike Raptorstrike

Accustrike Raptorstrike

Accustrike Alphahawk

Accustrike Alphahawk

NERF Accustrike Alphahawk Product Overview:

One of the most anticipated new entries in Hasbro's famous line of dart based projectile blasters is the NERF Accustrike Alphahawk. Set for release by the spring of 2017, the Alphahawk will retail for $29.99 in the United States and $49.99 in Canada. Included with the base model are ten Accustrike darts, a new style of more accurate NERF ammunition that's compatible with the entire Accustrike linup.

While the NERF Accustrike Alphahawk is part of a new imprint of the 2017 assortment, it's also considered a part of the ongoing N-Strike Elite series. That particular line has been going for five years now, with many of its models already being championed as modern classics. With some incredible firing power and stylish looks, you can count on the Alphahawk to garner just as much praise upon its eventual release.

The Aphahawk is similar to a revolver in its construction, showcasing a drop down action cylinder like the ones seen on the previously released Spectre REV 5 and the Elite Strongarm. There are also two different tactical rails built in: one below the muzzle and another sitting along the top. The shoulder stock also allows for some variation in the possible firing positions.

There are a few other features to enjoy as well. For instance, the front includes a ring sight to help with your aiming. There's also an iron sight located near the back of the model.

If you're the type that enjoys uniformity among your NERF guns, the orange and grey color scheme is right in line with many others from the 2014 N-Strike Elite releases, and it also matches quite well with the upcoming Accustrike Falconfire. There's a lot to love here, making the $29.99 MSRP seem like an incredible bargain. Be sure to start looking for it in your local toy aisles soon!


Accustrike Falconfire

Accustrike Falconfire

Fabulous Value - Exceptional Accuracy - The New NERF Accustrike Falconfire:

The new Accustrike series from NERF is revolutionizing the way foam dart guns perform. There are a number of different versions of the Accustrike model - but all are designed to take advantage of the newly redesigned foam darts from NERF.

The Accustrike darts are the result of two years of research by the eggheads at NERF and the results are nothing less than spectacular. The tips of the darts have optimized aerodynamic efficiency for increased hit rates.

You'll have to take care aiming, but the with an integrated site system you'll see your hit rate go through the roof.

The NERF Accustrike Falconfire does have an integrated sight - meaning that you can dominate the opposition and at $15 it's fabulous value for money.

The NERF Accustrike Falconfire is a single shot variant of the Accustrike model - but it does come with on board storage for two extra darts meaning that the fun can continue for much longer.

The new Accustrike models are set to hit the shelves in Spring of 2017 and demand is sure to be very high.

The NERF Accustrike Falconfire comes complete with 10 of the newly designed darts. That generous helping of darts means that you won't have to purchase extra darts separately - meaning that the $15 purchase price is even more generous.

But be aware that the new darts will also work in older models of NERF guns - so perhaps that extra set of darts isn't such a bad idea after all.

All in all the new Accustrike series are all fabulous and the balance between precision and price offered by the NERF Accustrike Falconfire is perfect for those who want to enjoy new technology in a new package. Get to your nearest store as soon as they are released - they're going to go fast.


Doomlands 2169 Judge

Doomlands 2169 Judge

Is This The Best NERF Gun Ever? The NERF Doomlands Judge:

The success of Hollywood in providing the thrills and spills of post apocalyptic life seem to have been the inspiration behind the creation of NERF's latest creation - the NERF Doomlands Judge. This is possibly the most lethal looking of NERF's latest creations. If there was ever a gun from NERF which will allow the NERF player to dominate the game - this is it.

This is the foam dart gun taken to a whole new level. It's an intimidating size and the chunky appearance makes no secret of the sheer firepower that it brings to any NERF party.

The NERF Doomlands Judge follows NERF's successful formula of the revolving shotgun - but the NERF Doomlands Judge adds 10 rotating chambers each holding three darts. That's more than enough to keep the NERF lover entertained for a significant amount of time before reloads are required. You don't have to be a maths expert to realize that a full load of 30 darts means more fun without any interruptions. The sheer bulk of the gun doesn't mean that it's going to be awkward to handle. NERF's well earned reputation for designing exceptional foam dart throwers while still keeping the units comfortable to use seems to be echoed in the design of this unit.

The Doomlands Judge will allow any lover of NERf's massive range to live out their fantasy of taking on the mutated hordes roaming the Badlands of a nuclear scorched planet. And at an estimated release price of around $60 it seems a bargain that will not require the additional purchase of a radiation suit.

This is going to be a huge hit. Consumers who want to get their hands on this bad boy are advised to keep a close eye of the shelves.


Zombie Strike Dreadbolt

Zombie Strike Dreadbolt

NERF Zombie Strike Dreadbolt Overview:

The excitement of NERF's famed series of toy projectile weaponry is continuing in full force in 2017. Among the myriad of hotly anticipated items is the NERF Zombie Strike Dreadbolt, a bright green and orange crossbow with a retail price of $50. Debuting in 2013, the Zombie Strike line takes full advantage of the zombie craze created by huge properties like The Walking Dead, Resident Evil, and Plants vs Zombies. Thanks to the trope's entry into video games such as the latter, even kids are well aware of — and very much in on — the hype.

The NERF Zombie Strike Dreadbolt is not unlike the Courage Crossbow from the Rebelle lineup. There's a fully integrated scope, a shoulder stock, and storage room for four NERF arrows. It's amazing to think that this toy line has come far enough to actually have arrows, and corresponding weapons that utilize them with relative accuracy!

In use, the Deadbolt can be reloaded by pulling back on an elastic band that snaps into a taut position. One arrow can then be loaded at a time, just as with a real crossbow. From there, it's as simple as pulling the trigger for the entire mechanism to fire. Of course, there's hardly as much force as with a real crossbow, allowing even younger children to play with the toy with relative safety.

While many expect NERF toys over the $20 range to contain automatic firing or support for far more darts, the Zombie Strike Deadbolt is still quite a large toy with some clever mechanics. This is undoubtedly going to be a popular model this year. You can look for it to start hitting toy shelves sometime in the fall of 2017. Once you see it person, you're sure to feel the $50 is well worth it.


Rebelle Trupoint

Rebelle Trupoint

NERF Rebelle Trupoint Overview:

In 2017, Hasbro's NERF gun line will be filled with a wide array of exciting new releases. Among them are several entries in the Rebelle assortment, which is notable for its female oriented target demographic. While all NERF guns can be enjoyed by anyone of course, the Rebelle line utilizes designs and color schemes that are more in line with female sensibilities. It aims to appeal to a "tween" audience that has fallen in love with young adult novels such as The Hunger Games and Divergent in particular. One of the most promising new entries into this series of toy guns is the NERF Rebelle Trupoint.

First of all, the Trupoint is going to be a fantastic starting point for anyone that hasn't gotten into collecting the Rebelle line as of yet. The price point is only set to be $10 at most major manufacturers. You'll be able to find it online fairly easily as well, even from Hasbro's own stores if need be. Despite the low price, you can count on the blaster having high quality plastic construction that can take a beating. The design is fully ergonomic as well, making it comfortable to grip and easy to reload.

The NERF Rebelle Trupoint is only a one-shot blaster, but its simplicity is part of its beauty. The size is just large enough for the toy to be easily kept up with, and the manual reloading will actually provide a lot of fun play value. Interestingly, there's also a feature built in that mimics laser sights from real life pistols of this nature. While it isn't real, it does allow the user to mark a target and more accurately aim. Finally, it's worth noting that the teal and purple color scheme is just broad enough in scope to appeal to boys as well if you're simply looking for an affordable entry in the NERF lineup. The Trupoint is going to be a lot of fun no matter what.


Doomlands 2169 Negotiator

Doomlands 2169 Negotiator

NERF Doomlands Negotiator Blaster Overview:

One of Hasbro's hottest new releases of the spring 2017 season is the NERF Doomlands Negotiator, a compact blaster that includes 8 Doomlands darts. Not only does it have a gorgeous deep orange color scheme complete with a few translucent parts near the trigger, the firing mechanism is also an intricate design that mimics the hammer action from some real-life projectile weapons. The cylinder also rotates, a feature that has proven immensely popular among many different NERF models over the years.

There are a few more features packed in as well. Alongside everything mentioned above, the NERF Doomlands Negotiator also includes a tactical rail along the top and a single strap point located on the bottom of the handle. Priming the blaster is as simple as pulling down the hammer. There aren't any obvious places to store additional darts on the model itself, but the barrel holds 8 at once. Considering the modest $19.99 price point, the Negotiator looks to be quite a respectable value.

2017 marks the second year that NERF's Doomlands 2169 series has been in production. With a post-apocalyptic theme, the line has proven immensely popular. It taps into the same vein of many video games, movies, and comics that kids within the NERF target demographic enjoy. Of course, older fans can also appreciate the interesting mix of sci-fi and real life sensibilities.

The Negotiator marks the fifth entry in the Doomlands lineup. It's similar in size to the Persuader from last year, though its functionality is overall quite different. If you want to accessorize even further within the same theme, you should seek out the Vigilance axe and Swift Justice knife from a few years ago. Whether you're just getting into the NERF series or are a longtime collector, this is a model that definitely warrants a purchase.


Mega Doublebreach

Mega Doublebreach

My NERF Mega Doublebreach Review:

The NERF Mega Doublebreach is one of the latest and greatest rock solid products that has been added to the already humongous Nerf family. There are very few companies that have been so successful at providing such entertaining and downright fun products that can be used during all seasons of the year.

With that said, I am calling all men, women and children alike to join in on the fun. Fellow Nerfers you will want to pay close attention to the details about the new NERF Mega Doublebreach. It rocks in many ways while at the same time may be just a little different than the other products that we are used to. But like the many other Nerf products introduced over the years, once you give it a try there is no turning back because you will not want to.

Claim to fame on this product is the range for darts being up to 90 feet and six awesome well designed darts for your action reloads. The packaging is sturdy and secure for this hard to break double barrel blasting product. As for the body of this awesome machine, it is sleek and extremely lightweight for easy transport and quick action.

It appears that snow and rain don't stand a chance at putting a damper on this firing machine. Don't be misled by the slightly compact size of this little monster, it packs a powerful punch. The look and feel looks serious and is in fact designed to fit many needs of all power Nerfers quite seriously. No clumsy or excessive weight has been added to this machine.

The range tests vary but makes it possible to feel comfortable with the 80 to 90 feet range as claimed on the packaging, which is a very good range that deserves kudos.


Alien Menace Voidcaster

Alien Menace Voidcaster

Key Points Of The NERF Alien Menace Voidcaster You Need To Know:

Decades ago the big game was cowboys and Indians where you could shoot with your toy guns, maybe with caps in them, and play like the TV shows of the day. Then, cops and robbers became popular with much the same theme, you could play outdoors on the nice days and move inside for the rain and snow. But now, there are alien guns that shoot faster and better than anything from the past. They shoot real foam projectiles that, while they don't damage or hurt anything, they do make certain that when you're hit, you know it. The NERF Alien Menace Voidcaster is just such a shooter, you can shoot all day indoors and not break windows, damage furniture or poke out eyes, but still have loads of fun.

With The NERF Alien Menace Voidcaster You'll Have The Aliens Beat

You'll be impressed with the realistic styling of Menace Voidcaster since it looks a lot like the Star Lords Blaster in the show Guardians of the Galaxy. It has that plasma gun feeling that you crave from watching the show. You'll also find that the alien language that is written on the side of the gun can be deciphered online with a little searching and reading.

The gun fires six foam darts that are in a revolving magazine in almost semi-automatic fashion. Then, there are more darts in the handle so you can reload quickly and strike again. You'll want to buy an extra couple of dozen darts and get the handy carrying case that can be found online. That way you can reload and beat your opponents while they're are searching for more ammo on the floor.

You'll also find that the plasma blaster shape of the NERF Alien Menace Voidcaster is just right to fit over your shoulder for easy carrying when not in use. If you haven't seen this great gun in action you can find lots of videos online that show it firing and reloading. Of course, you should always wear some eye protection, even though the darts aren't dangerous, they do hurt when they hit you in the eyes.


Mega Twinshock

Mega Twinshock

Rebelle Focusfire

Rebelle Focusfire

Go Girl! The NERF Rebelle Accustrike Focusfire:

HASBRO has broken new ground with the Rebelle range of crossbow style blasters aimed at the female market. Although these crossbow style NERF blasters feature more feminine colors HASBRO hasn't gone overboard with the styling. This means that the NERF Rebelle Focusfire which is set to take the market by storm is not overly 'girly'. In fact the blaster will hold its own against the more traditional NERF products.

The new styling does however offer a hat tip to those who want softer colors and for this reason it does depart significantly from the usual oranges and blues which have traditionally been part and parcel of the NERF brand blasters.

Instead the NERF Rebelle Focusfire features a more pastel palette incorporating pinks and decals aimed at female NERF warriors. There is still a healthy dash of those oranges and blues, but they are more subdued.

The NERF Rebelle Focusfire shares the advanced darts of the Accustrike variety which took the design engineers at HASBRO around two years to develop. These offer enhanced flying characteristics and much more accuracy courtesy of the redesigned nose portion of the dart.

The NERF Rebelle Focusfire has a rotating barrel that houses five of the newly enhanced darts and a 'real' crossbow action that is as delightful to use as it is to watch being used. The model comes with five darts. This is great to get out and enjoy some NERF fun right away, but buyers might want to look at purchasing a supplementary pack of the new darts.

At a retail price of around $15 this represents excellent value for money while the focus on providing a more feminine appearance is sure to appeal to new female NERF'ers who want to join in the fun with a slightly more subtle design.


Elite Disruptor

Elite Disruptor

2017 NERF Elite Disruptor Product Overview:

In 2012, Hasbro's NERF brand introduced the N-Strike Elite series, a lineup of toy blasters that boast impressive firing ranges of at least 75 feet. Elite darts with higher accuracy were also introduced. The design utilizes a firing system based off of direct plungers. This sub-series has been immensely popular ever since, and it's not slowing down any time soon.

For instance, just take the NERF Elite Disruptor. Released in the midst of the winter 2016 - 2017 season, this is a slick revolver styled blaster that hearkens back to the well renown Strongarm model from several years ago. Here, all of the chambers are fully exposed, allowing for a very interesting aesthetic that offsets the futuristic lines and curvature quite nicely. The Disruptor is a true handheld weapon, with just enough weight to feel powerful without bogging you down. Even younger kids will be able to carry this model around with ease.

Despite the smaller build size, the NERF Elite Disruptor still has strap points built in. This is especially useful for making sure it won't be lost during play, or even allowing it to be more easily integrated into cosplay: a hobby in which NERF weapons have become quite a popular staple. A tactical rail is also included, and the rotating drum fires 6 darts. There's no additional storage built in, but there are plenty of NERF accessories available that will accommodate a larger supply if desired.

Fortunately, additional purchases shouldn't be particularly difficult given the immensely affordable $12.99 price point. All told, the Elite Disruptor blaster has all the makings of yet another classic entry in the NERF series. Even alongside new sub-lines and a host of more lofty offerings in 2017, it's refreshing to see that Hasbro is still able to keep it simple once in a while.




Rival Artemis

Rival Artemis

The NERF Rival Artemis Is Blast Of Fun:

Nerf has been making toy weapons for years that shoot out foam projectiles. The projectiles have been dart, arrow, and ball based, with the weapons using mostly darts for a long time. Now Nerf has a new weapon on the market that uses balls again called the NERF Rival Artemis. Take a look at what this weapon has to offer.

The new RIVAL Artemis, which shares its name with a Greek goddess of legend, comes in both red and blue varieties. The weapon fires its projectiles with a spring cocking mechanism. When cocked, the weapon can quickly go through its 30 round magazine with a velocity of 100 fps. The magazine, which stores the rounds in three cylinders, can be easily loaded for quick action sessions that won't interrupt play too much. The weapon even has a tactical rail and trigger lock for more convenience.

What's unique about the Artermis is that the weapon is the first in the RIVAL line to feature slam fire, which allows it to fire rounds rapidly while the trigger is down. Although the rounds can be fired quickly, or even three at a time when loaded into the barrel directly, the rounds are still soft enough that they won't cause any significant damage to anyone hit by them. The rounds will travel around 50 feet from the weapon.

The NERF Rival Artemis does have a fore grip for usage, which can be an advantage or disadvantage to some based on their comfort preferences. The fore grip is a VFG style, or vertical, so anyone wanting an angled design may have some trouble getting used to it, but it still shouldn't be too much of a problem. The weapon can be found in various stores an online for around $44.

The RIVAL Artemis looks like a toy weapon that will provide users with hours of fun. From its rapid fire abilities to its impressive ammo storage, this weapon is a must have.


Modulus Stockshot

Modulus Stockshot

All About The NERF Modulus Stockshot:

The NERF Modulus Stockshot is a basic dart gun that you get for boys over eight years old. It is designed to hold up to four darts that you use to shoot your opponents. It's such a basic toy dart gun, it has a relatively low rating of 3.2 stars out of five on Amazon.

However, don't let it fool you, though, because you can actually use it to support the more advanced toys in NERF line, like the Recon MKII. You can attach it to the back of the Recon MKII to use it for support, adding extra stability to your shoot. And when you have fired all the rounds in the main blaster, you can easily detach the Stockshot to fire four more darts. This really is a weapon that hides in plain sight. And the good thing about it is that it is very cheap at $15.

On its own, it is a boring toy that can get you defeated in battle, however, if you use it with the Recon MKII, you can appreciate its support capability. Aside from the Recon MKII, you can also use it with the IonFire, ECS-10, BattleScout, and Tri-Strike blaster for support. These blasters are more powerful. The Tri-Strike blaster, for example, offers three ways to shoot at targets and has a missile launcher stock.

If you want to gain an unfair advantage over your opponents, you should attach the NERF Modulus Stockshot at the back. So, when all the power is gone for both you and your opponent, you would still have four more rounds of darts to fire.

Please take note, though, the Tri-Strike blaster and the other advanced shooters are sold separately. But don't you worry, though, because they are not terribly expensive. All of them cost less than $50 each.


Zombie Strike Outbreaker

Zombie Strike Outbreaker

All About The NERF Zombie Strike Outbreaker:

If you are wondering about the NERF Zombie Strike Outbreaker, it really is just one of the many crossbows in the NERF Zombie line. It is a tool that you use in a role-playing game. One team plays the zombies while another team plays the zombie killers. When the game is over, the teams can go for another round, switching roles as they go.

The NERF Zombie Strike Outbreaker has a five-dart barrel that you use to kill the zombies. It's not a lot especially when you compare it to the Elite Crossbolt Blaster, which can hold 12 darts. However, what the five-dart shooter lacks in number, it makes up for in terms of reach and clean shots. If you fire away a dart, it can reach up a distance of up to 30 feet. The good thing about it is that the shots can be fired in rapid succession. We have to see this crossbow jam and put a damper on our fun.

How much does this crossbow cost? It costs $20 on Amazon, excluding shipping. However, if you have an Amazon Prime account, you can get it shipped for free. If you think that's cheap, it is. The other crossbows in the NERF Line, like the NERF Rival Artemis, costs $45. However, you do get what you pay for. With the $20 Nerf Outbreaker, you get a simple crossbow that fires five darts successively. With the $45 Nerf Artemis, you get so much more, which is good for experienced players.

But if you are only beginning to introduce your children to the fine art of killing zombies, the NERF Outbreaker is more than enough to get them started and to get them excited about stretching their imaginations. It's not the only one in the market, but it is one of the better ones.


Modulus Barrelstrike

Modulus Barrelstrike

Even More Fun With The NERF Modulus Barrelstrike:

The Modulus range of NERF blasters offer even more than the usual run of the mill NERF blasters. They can be used as an extra barrel upgrades on other Modulus models for extra range and accuracy.

Set to become one of the most popular of this range is the NERF Modulus Barrelstrike. Those who want the purist approach can use the new NERF Modulus Barrelstrike as a stand alone blaster or upgrade other Modulus blasters - however it serves perfectly well as a blaster holding four darts, each of which is fired separately.

Converting the unit to an attachment is incredibly easy, making it suitable for use by even the younger users of NERF Modulus products. Attaching it requires that the user simply flip up the end and then attach to another Modulus blaster.

This is only one of the Modulus options. In fact HASBRO notes that by using the full range of Modulus options well over 1000 possible combinations are possible. Collecting all the various Modulus options is an ideal way to enjoy the full NERF experience, however as mentioned this particular model - the NERF Modulus Barrelstrike is perfectly suitable for use as a stand alone option.

Those purchasing the unit will be provided with four Elite foam darts. It might make sense to invest in an extra pack to replace those darts whcih might go missing and provide even more ammo for a freestyle NERF battle.

At a price of around $15 the NERF Modulus Barrelstrike provides great value and the styling is classic NERF - as is the exceptional build quality.

If you're looking to add to your Modulus armory, or want a classic NERF experience this is a model that will keep you entertained for hours. Keep your eye on the shelves.