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Updated by Joanna James on Jun 23, 2019
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Reasons Why You Should Live in an Apartment – Making the Place You Live in a Home

Apartments have taken over modern living trends in a big way. Showcasing space management & innovation these artistic creations are ever inviting and here are some reasons why you should live in one!


Value for Money

Apartments more often than not provide pretty much the same thing that a villa does for so much less cost. And this applies both in terms of the cost as well as the bills you get here. Think about it; apartments are space efficient and this will benefit your bills and since you don't have to pay the total land value for your property, you save on the rent or mortgage as well. It's a 2 in 1 cost cutting deal!


Maintenance is Covered

One of the main reasons apartments feel more like a hotel is that maintenance is always sorted for you. If you have a problem with your apartment, just call the property manager and your issue will be taken care of. As opposed to everything you have to shoulder in your villa this feels like a godsend. The same applies for gardening. Gardening demands constant maintenance and if you don't have time for it, your patch of heaven can look like a disaster. In most apartments, you can enjoy the beauty of a garden without having to endure the hassle of maintaining it. However keep in mind that the maintenance option is available only for apartments of a certain class. For instance, the One Galle Face in Sri Lanka is considered a luxury residence in Colombo and as such a plethora of facilities are available for those who choose such a place to call home.


Better Safety

There are so many reasons apartments are so much safer than single homes. For one all the units are clustered together and are not easily accessible like a single home. The higher you are, even your windows cannot be accessed from the outside. Apartments also have many layers before getting to the main entrance. There is the entrance to the unit, then a main door, then probably a side door and finally the door to your apartment. For a potential thief, there are so many barriers to overcome before getting in. In addition to this many apartments have a security guard at the main entrance who only allows permitted visitors.


Extra Amenities

Apartments promote community living and as a result offer a number of facilities to enable residents to socialize. There are rooftop gardens, pools and BBQ areas most times. Plus there are also other facilities offered to residents that you won't get in a single house. This includes gyms, laundry rooms and secure car parks. For those living in urban areas, this is probably the biggest advantage. The various facilities found in apartments are another big reason for the popularity of such homes.

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