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Top Things to Keep in Mind When Surfing and Diving in the Maldives – Advice for the Enthusiast

The lovely Maldives Islands have secured a reputation as a premier destination for surfing and diving. Enthusiasts of these sports will be captivated by the local conditions, as described below.


Best Season for Surfing

The most optimal period for surfing in the Maldives is generally determined by the local monsoon conditions. Most enthusiasts will agree that the Maldives surfing season extends from the middle of the month of February through November. You will find that the earlier part of this season features more steady weather conditions, with favourable light winds. The period from March through May boasts particularly clean surfing conditions; on the other hand the months of June through August are noted for their potential for sizable swells although you may experience some storms during this period. Meanwhile September as well as October offer consistent swell conditions albeit with changeable winds.


Best Locations for Surfing

You will find that the Maldives Islands offer a number of outstanding locations for surfing. Surfers will experience particularly fine conditions for the sport on the outer reef areas on the atolls' south-eastern sides. The Maldives' surf locations may be subdivided into three main areas; namely the Male Atolls, Southern Atolls and Central Atolls. Some of the best surf locations in the Male Atolls include Chickens, Guru's, Cokes, Jailbreaks, Honkys, Lohis, Kates and Ninjas amongst others. Meanwhile the Central Atolls boast outstanding locations such as Muli, Veyvah, Mikado, Malik's, Mulhaku, Finnimas and others. On the other hand the South Atolls are noted for locations such as Beacons, Antiques, Castaways, Voodoos, Love Charms and so on.


Season for Diving

You will find that the Maldives is an outstanding environment for diving, offering splendid conditions for this water activity. Generally the most favourable period for diving would be the duration between November through May, although diving is not impossible in the Maldives at other times of the year. The time period extending from December through May is when the north-eastern monsoon comes into force, meaning that the skies will be clear and blue with the seas being calm. On the other hand the duration from June through November is when the south-eastern monsoon comes into play, bringing somewhat cloudier skies, rougher seas and stronger winds. As you enjoy diving and surfing in these islands a choice of accommodation that you could consider would be one of the quality resorts in Maldives such as the PER AQUUM Niyama Maldives.


Best Dive Locations

The Maldives offer a remarkable environment for diving with amazing undersea scenery and exotic marine creatures. One of the outstanding dive locations in the islands would be Fotteyu Kandu, which offers plenty of attractive corals and fish. Another splendid site would be Kuredu Express which is noted for its strong currents and marine denizens. Not to be missed is Okobe Thila, which offers flourishing corals in addition to creatures such as reef sharks, tuna and bannerfish. Also make it a point to try out Kandooma Thila, an appealing site where you will encounter soft corals, red bass, trevally, eagle rays and more. Many other fine diving sites can also be found in the Maldives.



To enjoy an agreeable and safe surfing or diving experience in the Maldives there are a number of precautions that should be kept in mind. Whilst surfing it is important to be aware of the strong currents which travel between the islets, which may have the force to catch you out of position and even pull you out to the open seas. You should also make sure to consume plenty of liquids and use a rash guard and sunscreen. Meanwhile when diving, you should always exercise due caution and be aware of the ocean currents. You should always dive in groups and never dive except with your trainer. Always make sure to check your dive equipment.