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Updated by Joanna James on Jun 23, 2019
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Tips for Travelling to Maldives – How to Maximise Your Holiday Pleasures

Beautiful Maldives is indeed paradise on earth. Being a tropical destination the place has sunshine all year. Our list enlightens you on a few useful tips to observe when planning a visit to paradise.


Best Time to Visit Maldives

Maldives being a tropical country has basically two seasons; the rainy and dry season. Monsoon rains have an immense impact on diving and sailing around the archipelago. Basically, December to April is the best time for visiting the islands. Check beforehand with your travel agent or chosen Maldives hotel about best times for activities such as snorkelling, diving, whale and dolphin watching as well as sailing.


Pack for Summer Weather

Remember that days can be quite warm and balmy in the tropics. Pack light; take along loads of cotton clothing that will prove to be extremely comfortable in the hot weather. Take along plenty of shorts, summer dresses and comfortable cotton slacks. Also remember to take along a long skirt, long trousers and shawl for when visiting the conservative Muslim islands. On any tourist resort Maldives is home to you can wear the clothing of your choice, but when exploring local villages it is polite to conform to local traditions and dress accordingly. Remember Maldives is a Muslim nation and especially female tourists must be dressed respectfully.


Pack all Essential Travel Documents

This applies to any type of foreign travel. Always carry essential travel documents when visiting foreign destinations. This will save you loads of trouble in the long run while keeping you prepared to face any checks or requirements made by foreign governments.


Keep Valuables Safe

Make sure to keep your valuables in a safe place, do not take along expensive watches and wallets and leave these on the beach while you go for a swim. Check with your resort for safety deposit lockers at the reception or in your room. Make sure to pack valuables in these and not carry or wear loads of cash or jewellery when not needed.


Be Discreet about your Cash

Do not flash large wads of cash in front of unknown people. Make sure to take along only what is necessary and not to disclose your cash reserves to strangers. Always tread with care when travelling around the archipelago. Stick to booking tours with your resort or a recommended tour operator. Like PER AQUUM Niyama Maldives guests at the many luxury Maldives resorts receive privilege services; make use of these and reduce interactions with unknown locals.


Take Along an Emergency Medical Kit

You may not always find medicine or aids that you are comfortable with in a foreign country. Plan ahead for little mishaps that may happen and take along a mini medical pack; this can include medicated plaster strips, flu medication, disinfectants etc.


Learn Some Dhivehi

It won't hurt to learn a few common phrases in the local dialect. Simple words that are commonly used such as thank you, please, how much, what's your name and so on, will prove to be quite popular and helpful when touring the archipelago.