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Marg Online

MARG is a training firm in Bangalore that works towards discovering and sharpening people’s professional skills. It is a leading name in training for soft skills, language skills, MS Office and finance training across all levels of management including directors, heads of departments, vice presidents and senior managers.

How Are Team Building Events And Team Outing Different?

Team building events are more productive and beneficial for the team and the organization as a whole, as compared to casual team outings.

MARG Is Now A Member Of The Prosci Global Affiliate Network

Prosci Expands Presence in India to offer Change Management Training in Bangalore

An Introvert’s Guide to Communication

Good communicators are not born; they work at it. So if you are an introvert struggling to empower your communication skills, working on these points will help.

Language Training

Improve your corporate communication and presentation skills with Marg Online, one of the finest Communication Skills Training Centers in Bangalore.


Marg Online - Soft Skills Trainings & Workshops in Bangalore

Marg Online - Soft Skills Trainings & Workshops in Bangalore

Margonline provides corporate soft skills and communication skills training in Bangalore, India with effective training sessions in a timely manner. Learn more about their trainings and workshops in Bangalore.
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Marg Online Social Profiles List 2017

MARG provides excellent soft skills training in Bangalore, with customized coaching and workshops to make its corporate clients more proficient, effective and valued. Here is a list of its social network profiles.

How Does MS-Office Knowledge Help In The Work Environment?

MS Office is the most sought after skill by hiring managers in candidates they recruit today. Make sure you undergo training where you can learn MS Office 365.

Are You The Right Task Delegator?

Delegating the right tasks to the right people is of great importance. This is one of the most important skills of a manager so that results can be achieved.

How important is team building for virtual employees?

Virtual teams are today’s reality. Here are some things that virtual teams and their managers can do, to start with.

Which Soft Skills Are The Most Important In 2017?

Soft skills are more important than technical skills and knowledge today. Find out the most important soft skills for 2017 that you need to improve on.

How to Plan Up a Successful Team Building Activity?

A team building activity can be successful when the business goals are met. However, these elements must also be worked upon to have a successful event.
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How to Help Your Employees Become Better Problem Solvers?

As a leader, you need to facilitate problem solving skills within your employees. There are few measures you must take.

Work Upon These Traits For Highly Effective Speech Delivery

We generally consider our words and language as the most important elements of a conversation. But, do you know that this is not true!? Yes, the words you...

Does Your Team Possess These Important Communication Skills?

We all know how important effective communication is in every personal and professional scenario. Do you possess these most important communication skills?

4 Tips To Building A High Performing Team

These four important tools can help you make your team productive and efficient, thus leading your organization towards success with better revenue and morale.

Best ways to manage a team member who does not work well with other members of the team (manager’s perspective)

The success of a manager largely depends on how the individuals in the team perform and can achieve the team objectives by working together.

What Qualities Prove The Effectiveness Of A Manager?

You can see how important the role of a manager is, and what kind of responsibilities one needs to have on his shoulders to play the role. If you have the...

To be an effective leader, one needs to have specific qualities and attributes within them to influence their people and lead them by example.

Managing a remote workplace is a challenging job, but not with these effective and simple guidelines that can help monitor your remote employees effectively.

Which Soft Skills Should A Manager Possess?

A manager needs to be technically proficient, but along with that, it is also crucial for him to possess some of the finest attributes. His technical expertise can get him to the position, but it is soft skills that will have him being respected and loved by his subordinates and team. Once your team admires and respects you, it will be easier to get your tasks done. So, if you are a manager or are looking to soon avail that position, here are the most important soft skills you must master. Although soft skills are inborn, you can also develop them through proper training. MARG is a name you can trust upon to provide you with the most professional managerial skills training in Bangalore so that you can successfully manage teams, meet team goals, and align to organizational expectations; in turn becoming the most successful manager.

The 5 Best Methods To Train Employees!

Choose for the most appropriate type of training you would like to give to your employees from this list of popular result-oriented training types.

How To Build Up Self-Confidence Within Your Employees?

Self-confident individuals can build a competent team. If you want such a team, make sure you use these tactics to instill confidence within your team members.

What Can Be Learnt From Team Building Activities?

Team building activities are important to help team mates understand and respect one another, appreciate team efforts, and develop new skill sets.

What Qualities Prove The Effectiveness Of A Manager?

You can see how important the role of a manager is, and what kind of responsibilities one needs to have on his shoulders to play the role. If you have the...