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Headline for Pretty Sea Animals in Bali – Fascinating Critters of the Sea
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Pretty Sea Animals in Bali – Fascinating Critters of the Sea

c in the deep blue waters of Bali is quite an experience. Even more fascinating is observing the little quirky creatures that swim around you. Listed below are a fascinating few of the lot.


Nudibranchs - Colour palates of the Ocean

Brightly coloured and looking quirky these fascinating sea animals are easy to spot on any dive tour. In waters around Bali there are over 3000 varieties of Nudibranchs to observe. Quite small in size the creatures are very brightly coloured making it easy to spot. Make a point to watch out for these especially when diving with children. Take along an underwater camera folks!


The Clown Trigger Fish

Trigger fish are very territorial and your dive instructor will certainly warn you of this; but trigger fish are quite fascinating to observe and of course beautiful. The unique body colourings are patterns that will mesmerize but watch out and don't get too close. Trigger fish although quite colourful cannot be kept in aquariums or water tanks as they tend to attack the owners hands – given you do put them in the water. However the best way to observe these beauties is in their natural habitat, free and happy.


The Mandarin Fish

Bali is the 'Land of Gods' lapped by a gorgeous ocean and surrounded by sandy shores. Diving should certainly be on your agenda; especially if you are intent on observing and photographing these colourful creatures. Did you know that Bali is also home to seaside and cliff-top golf courses; some of the best in the world; in fact a game at a Bali golf resort is just as invigorating as a diving tour. The newest and most radical course located 10 minutes from Anantara Uluwatu Bali Resort sits on a sea cliff, offering you the chance to tee off beside sharp declines to the ocean below. And in that ocean are fascinating Mandarin Fish. Also called the Dragonet this fish too boasts marvellous body paintings that are matched to the beauty of the clown trigger fish. It is also just one of two vertebrates to have blue colouring on the body.


Manta Rays

One of the most amazing of underwater creatures to be spotted in Bali, the huge manta rays are quite fascinating. Book a dive to Manta Point and you won't be disappointed. Contrary to their huge girth manta rays do not dine on large numbers of fish, instead they prefer to feast on minute plankton species.


Sunfish – Mola Mola

Many diver will stare off into the deep blue ocean in hopes of spotting the rather odd looking mola mola. The wait is well worth it though if you are lucky enough to spot one of these odd looking sea creatures. Spotting the sunfish depends on the season you are diving in Bali.


The Sea Turtles

The giant reptiles are quite a treat to spot when diving. The docile sea turtles are always a welcome sight and can be spotted quite commonly around the coasts off Bali.