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08 Things you must know about Siam Park – What to Expect and Do

Lauded as one of the best waterparks in the world, Siam Park promises quite an experience and adventure. Here are some tips to make your trip to the park and awesome event.


You Can Take Nothing on the Rides

That's right other than for your swimsuit nothing else is allowed on the rides. The rule is for safety reasons of course and prohibits items such as flip flops, handbags, sunglasses and even prescription glasses. Spectacles will be strapped to your wrist if you insist on taking them along. Basically, any loose item is not allowed on the rides. In case you are concerned about walking barefoot around the park, there are surf boots available for rent with the locker attendants or shops in the park.


Where to Leave your Stuff

There are plenty of lockers available in the park. Rent one out by paying a deposit and daily rental. You are given a key with an adjustable wristband to ensure the key is not lost on any of the rides. Pretty convenient to store your valuables and even bottles of water you don't want to lug around the park; the lockers are yours to open and close as many times as required. Simply return the key at the end of the day and get your deposit back.


Spending Siam Park Ticket Vouchers

Once you purchase a ticket you will get park vouchers that resemble Monopoly money to the value of 5 or 10 euros; depending on the type of entrance ticket you purchase. This 'park money' can be used at souvenir shops, restaurants, bars and other spots other than for the locker rooms. Most often a voucher will cover a lunch pack while kids will have fun spending their 'park money' at souvenir shops or McDonalds; not a meal at a luxury hotel Bangkok for instance but one that fits into your fun schedule at the park.


Take the Free Bus to the Park

There is a free bus service to Siam Park. You simply need to look out for the Siam Park Bus Stop outside of or closest to your resort. Most hotels are not too far from the park and like Anantara Siam Bangkok Hotel which is just 40 minutes away, there are many Siam resorts offering easy access to the park.


Food is Not Allowed

Food is not allowed into the park. At the entrance, you will be asked if you are carrying any food and if the answer is yes it will have to be dumped. Only water is allowed.


Take Mekong Rapids First

Mekong and Kinaree Rapids are two of the parks most popular rides; however if you go on the Mekong rapids the only way out is by climbing the stairs to Kinaree rapids; in which case if you do take Kinaree rapids first and then try Mekong, you will have no choice but to repeat Kinaree just to exit the area.


Invest in a Waterproof Phone Pouch

If you are planning on taking lots of photos – with your cell phone; take along a waterproof pouch. Technically you cannot take anything, including your phone on the rides but it is allowed on the beach and other areas. As such a waterproof bag will save lots of worries.


Best Time to Visit

The best season to visit the park is May; this is when the weather is fine and crowds are much less. Remember that by June the park starts to get busy; a 'fastpass' card in this instance is quite useful in skipping ques.