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05 Dive Spots that you Must Dive Into in Krabi – Discover Underwater Treasures

Krabi lets you be as active or relaxed as you desire. Diving on the other hand is quite a pleasure. Discover some of the stunning underwater gardens and marine life at these popular spots.


Anemone Reef

Situated one kilometre from popular Shark Point this is an underwater pinnacle covered in sea anemones. Casting magical hues of pink, green and brown the clusters of anemone are quite a sight. Also treating you to colourful sights are collections of soft coral and pretty gorgonian sea fans. These clusters invariably provide shelter to a multitude of colourful fish amongst which the Lionfish is a common sight.


Hin Daeng

Hin Daeng is possibly one of the best dive spots in the country. It is located 40 nautical miles on the southern edge of the Phi Phi Islands. Ideal for professional divers this is quite a deep site; in fact the south western edge goes down to depths of 60 metres. This results in a steep wall of soft corals amongst which leopard sharks swim. Manta Rays and elusive whale sharks too are known to frequent the spot. The east side is best for diving as it comprises of two ridges that slope into the ocean along which plenty of soft coral grow. Amongst the pelagic fish spotted near the rocks jacks are most popular. Also amongst the cracks in the rock face closer to shallow waters are Moray Eels. Hin Daeng is known for a large number of shrimp species and cowrie shells.


Hin Muang

Located close to Hin Daeng this is a dive spot home to a rocky ridge. The top is located at depths of 8 to 9 metres while the base is found at 60 to 70 metres. Although connected to Hin Daeng this dive must be attempted in a separate instance due to strong currents and huge depths. Purplish soft corals adorn the tip of the ridge together with silver sides and sea anemones. Jacks and trellises are often seen snacking on the little silver sides. Watch out for sights of Leopard sharks and whale sharks. Remember that if you are already hankering for a sojourn into the sea, you can qualify for a PADI dive certificate at any Krabi luxury resort having a functional dive centre. 'Recreational Fun Dives; are programmes aimed at the whole family and like Anantara Si Kao Resort many Krabi beachside hotels facing the Andaman Sea offer easy access and fun tours to some of the best dive sites in the area.


King Cruiser Wreck

Yes that's right; wreck diving is an option in Krabi. The 85 metre ferry that resembled a catamaran sank on one of its regular trips from Phi Phi Islands to Phuket in 1997. There were no fatalities to the disaster caused by an error in navigation. The end result was a fabulous wreck for Krabi's enthusiastic divers to explore.


Koh Ha

Koh Ha meaning 5 Islands is located between Hin Daeng and the Phi Phi Islands. Consisting of just one small beach between the five islands the location is excellent for diving and a spot of snorkelling. Koh Ha Yai offers the best experience with two caverns at depths of 10 to 14 metres.