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07 Anti ageing Ayurveda remedies for youthful skin

In order to avoid synthetic skin care products you can opt to try the natural remedies prescribed by Ayurveda. These natural beauty tips will enhance the health of your skin; adding a youthful lustre.


Get to Know your Skin Type

Ayurveda study categorises skin into three types; these are Pitta Skin, Vatta Skin and Kapha Skin. Each type has varied needs and must be looked after in different methods. This is why you need to identify the type of skin you possess. Choose an Ayurveda hospital in Sri Lanka where you could get a consultation on the type of skin you have and the proper beauty regime to follow.


Customise and Regulate your Skin Care Regime

Once you identify which of the 3 skin types you possess mark out a healthy eating plan in accordance with Ayurveda traditions. Then plan a skin care regime that will help your skin to glow and thrive. Vatta Skin, for example, is dry skin; this requires you to consume large quantities of water and indulge in routine oil massages. Pitta Skin is sensitive skin; avoid prolonged exposure to the sun, strenuous exercise and food that is very spicy. Kapha Skin means you need to avoid excessively oily food and indulge in regular cleansing rituals; local Ayurveda centres and even traditional hospices like Siddhalepa Hospital offer Ayurveda healing as well as beauty rituals in order to maintain the health of your skin through herbal remedies. Follow a strict ritual of cleansing and healthy diet and watch your skin transform.


Provide the Right Food for your Skin

The right diet is reflected through the health of your skin. Eat the right diet in accordance to your skin type and avoid maladies of unwanted outbreaks. Again consult an Ayurveda professional and make up a diet plan suited to your skin type.


Hydrate your Skin

Apart from drinking plenty of water Ayurveda dictates that herbal oils provide the right balance of moisture to your skin. There are many remedies on the market today made from natural herbs that help maintain various skin types. Choose products suited to your skin type and ensure regular moisturising is met.


Go with Gentle and Natural Cleansing Rituals

Synthetic cleansers will have alcohol and other harsh ingredients that over time will harm your skin. The Ayurveda method is to cleanse your skin from the inside. Eat food rich in antioxidants that help cleanse your skin from within. Choose a diet that adds a healthy glow to your skin expelling unwanted toxins. A natural herbal scrub too will aid in clearing dead skin cells and revitalising your skin.


Rest, Sleep and Relaxation are Important

Hectic lifestyles are reflected on your skin; resulting in an aged and tired appearance. Beauty sleep is essential for a toned and fresh look. Make sure you keep bedtime to before 10 pm; ensuring you get enough rest and sleep.


Ayurveda Boosts

Try some of the excellent Ayurveda supplements available in the market today. For best results contact an Ayurveda specialist at one of the local Ayurveda hospitals and get prescribed with the correct herbal supplements for more vitality, health and glowing skin.

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