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Duct Tape TP Dispenser

When I go camping I normally keep our roll of toilet paper in a gallon zip-lock bag. Thanks to the instructables duct tape contest I was inspired to upgrade my set up. It just so happens a roll of duct tape is about the same diameter as a roll of toilet paper. So with just a few simple tools, I made a toilet paper dispenser with a handy handle.

Build a Snow-Thrower

At the School of Sustainable Design Engineering at The University of Prince Edward Island in PEI, Canada, our Dynamics 234 class has been developing snow-throwers to learn the theory and calculations involved with dynamics. This project has also taught us the steps for the design process which will be crucial in future years of engineering. My group consisted of three students; Chamara Dilum Kuruppu, Reagan Mills, and myself, Ryan Legault. Our goal was to develop a snow-thrower that is long range and mobile, while also being a shield to defend against other snow-throwers. The goal of the project was to develop a launcher or defending structure that would launch or defend snowballs effectively while using re-used material from previous projects.

Backyard Rockets!

Turn your yard into Mission Control with a bevy of backyard ballistics! From deceptively simple rockets with household components to sophisticated rockets with pneumatic controls and chemicals, this guide has you covered. Put on your lab coat and become a rocket scientist with spacebound vehicles for all skill levels. Be inspired, then make your own rocketry creation and share it with Instructables! Blast off!!

How to make a Snowballzooka

The Snowballzooka is a great way to add some fun and style into your neighborhood snowball fight. It's simple design and ease of use make it a great addition to your arsenal of snowball firing machines.

The Snow Bow

The snow bow is a mid-range portable snowball launcher. It can launch projectiles up to 32 feet under ideal conditions which is very good compared to a variety of other home-made snowball launchers. It is important to note that you will need two people to use this device effectively. The shooting process is described in step 9.As you can see from the initial sketch and the prototype, the bow isn't exactly as I had designed it; the main difference would be that the snowball-guiding tube was not implemented. This was because that the bow was not pre-stressed to the degree that I had intended which meant that the cup could carry the snowball all the way to the hole. A few more differences would be the fact that there are two bowstrings rather than one and that I have added a draw handle (yellow rope); these changes were mainly due ...

Inexpensive Snowball Launcher Construction + Operation

In this instructable, I will be showing how to construct and operate a snowball launcher I created from recycled materials at my engineering institute.This snowball launcher makes for a fun and inexpensive project which can be constructed with ease.If you're looking for a project to have some fun in the snow then this is the perfect option. It's capable of launching snowballs up to 5 meters (16ft). This device works by inserting a steel contact cylinder inside of a cardboard tube. In each side of the contact cylinder, there is a threaded steel rod extruding out from the barrel. The user can then pull this threaded rod back and into the loaded position. Bungee cords attached to the barrel and threaded rod oppose this motion and allow the launcher to fire the contact cylinder (and snowball) once released from the loaded position. The barrel itself is shaped out of recycled ...

How To Make A Remote Fire Starter!

In this instructable I will show you How To Make A Remote Fire Starter!watch the video!

Easy Duct Tape and Lint Fire starters!!!

It is said that you cant live without duct tape. Well that is true, and to live happily you need to be warm. So duct tape is the perfect match for a fire starter. If you like this please vote, comment and follow me. Read on for the best duct tape firestarters ever!!! I got 8 mins 27 seconds with this fire starters lmk what you get.

DIY Outdoor Water Blob

My nephews were staying with us one summer so we decided to make a giant water blob outside for the kids to play on to keep cool. It kept them entertained all day long!

Protect yourself from your treble hooks.

Never again prick and poke. Never again hooks confused!

A Tool To Replace a Sprinkler Head Without Digging

If you have an underground sprinkler system, you have likely had the experience of having to replace some of the sprinkler heads from time to time either due to lawnmower damage or perhaps just the ravages of time on a piece of plastic that is exposed to the elements year round.Often these cracked or broken sprinkler heads announce themselves with a ten foot tall plume of water or a neighbor calling you with the good news. In our yard the broken head is usually buried in ground that would challenge a jackhammer, so I always hope that just the cap of the head is the only part damaged and I can simply unscrew that part and replace it. But more often than not, the head itself is also cracked. Trying to remove it with some vise grips or other tool frequently just destroys the plastic head piecemeal. Thus, in order ...

Easy Duct Tape and Lint Fire starters!!!

It is said that you cant live without duct tape. Well that is true, and to live happily you need to be warm. So duct tape is the perfect match for a fire starter. If you like this please vote, comment and follow me. Read on for the best duct tape firestarters ever!!! I got 8 mins 27 seconds with this fire starters lmk what you get.

DIY Bikepacking Handlebar Bag

Bikepackers load their bikes with gear: clothes, camping equipment, food, etc; and cycle off somewhere nice for a while (days, months? :-). It's like backpacking but on a bike!While when walking you can just carry all you need in a rucksack on you back, when cycling this is not comfortable nor convenient as it puts lots of stress on your back and won't allow you to navigate on tricky terrain. The solution is to strap your gear wherever possible on your bike.There's a great variety of bags out there, designed to be attached to the handlebars, saddle, frame, etc. Each has a different function and allows more or less weight/bulky things.In this instructable we present a DIY custom made handlebar bag, designed to wrap a bulky item and with a pocket of its own to keep things at hand (phone, map, lights, etc). It's waterproof and resistant, and can fix ...

Pull Up Grip

As I fell back to earth with an excruciating pain across my palm I noticed the cause. A thick red line etched from one edge of my hand to the other. Trying to do a pull up on the edge of my loft has always been hard, from slipping off it to the edge cutting into my palm. It was in that moment the pull-up grip was born. Now, I can easily do many pull ups.The custom fit hand grip is designed to strengthen your fingers as well as your entire arm at the same time. It is an alternative to a traditional large pull-up bar, taking up a lot of space; as well as a hangboard, which would also be too large for my tiny house. I designed it to be small, aesthetically nice, and fit on the edge of my loft.This project is a remix of Case's "DIY ...

PVC Slingshot bow V 2.0 with shooting demo (Video)

This project is the sequel to my first PVC Slingshot bow which I made last year. I have completely redesigned the slingshot and arrows go give it more power.If you don't prefer to read, you can skip it and watch the video instead where I have explained all the steps in detail. If you do, then continue reading the written steps along with pictures in the following steps. Find out more similar projects and gadget reviews on my YouTube channel You can watch how I made the first version here:

Simple Water Filter

This a short guide on how to make a simple water filter that cleans water.

Survival Whistle from a Soup Can

Survival Whistle from a Soup CanI want to show you an awesome survival hack by turning a soup can in to an emergency whistle. Watch the Video:Let’s imagine you are hiking or camping and you become lost.That can be a scary situation. Here is a great way to signal for help.What you Need:- Metal can (soup can)- Large nail (small screwdriver or rounded tool)- Medium sized rock (for hammering)- Flat hard surface (rock or concrete)--------------------------------------------------------------------If you would like the video version of this Instructable and the embedded video does not appear, here is an alternative link.Use of content for personal projects is at your own risk.This project was inspired by "cammers" and his instructable can be found at:

Easy Emergency Oil Lamp

This little oil lamp provides sufficient light for some camping needs and would be great out on the patio as it is fairly wind proof.

DIY Backyard Bonfire Starter

I (Steph) have been making these fire starters for a few years now because they work so well in my backyard fire pit. They use simple materials that I would normally trash or recycle, so this is a great way to "use what you have" and recycle materials in a new way!

How to make glue matches

Hello.if you have hot glue sticks but no glue gun you can make this instead!

Mini Survival Kit

This is easy to make and small enough to bring anywhere! If you get lost or get hurt this will help a ton!

DIY electric trike from electric wheelchair motor

Hello all.I got a new trike a week ago and decided to motorize it with a 500w 24v electric wheelchair motor i had in the shed. Top speed is about 15mph and range is about 20 miles on a charge.

DIY Tripwire Alarm

When the zombies come for you, odds are the power will be out. Whether that's the case, or if you just want to know when a friend tries to sneak into your backyard, this alarm can be made quickly, easily, and cheaply to address all of your security concerns.

Forked Drop-Down Longboard

How to make a drop-down longboard using only simple woodworking tools? The traditional technology of making a drop-down longboard requires a veneer pressing process. So it requires a special equipment. I offer to make a sectional longboard using flat plywood sheets with an optimized drop-down parts design. I described the principles in the following articles: Forked drop-down longboardCombined drop-down longboard

Compact Waterproofed Fire Starter Packets for Camping/Emergency/Survival

When I go camping I always make sure to have multiple options to get a fire going to make the nights a little more comfortable. Cotton balls and Vaseline are an ultra cheap why to help start a fire but throwing a bunch in a baggy is a little messier than I wanted. It also wasn't nearly as waterproof an option since I rarely have gone on a camping trip that rain didn't try to ruin the adventure. This was my solution. Compact, Waterproof, Effective, Cheap and SIMPLE TO MAKE.