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Clara Barton "The Angel of the Battlefield"

This Listly is dedicated Clara Barton, also known as "The Angel of the Battlefield", known for her astonishing efforts and work on the battlefield and establishing the American Red Cross as we know it today. A humanitarian and pioneer, Clara Barton exemplified what it is to have courage, bravery, and the intelligence to lead by example in a time when women were women were normally limited to a domestic role.

Civil War: Clara Barton

Civil War Trusts' biography for Clara Barton. This is a site dedicated to the history of the civil war and those key figures who made an impact on and off the field, as such it meets the qualifications of academic research. This is beneficial for our project because of the details given about Barton's early life and progress made for the betterment of soldiers and families involved. There are several links to recommended books about Clara Barton and a source of media through video detailing more information.

Clara Barton | HistoryNet

This site does a great job of providing an in-depth look into every aspect of Clara Barton's life. The site also includes a litany of achievements as a woman and factual tidbits intertwined throughout. This website contains thorough research of a scholarly background that can be the backbone to the major and minor details of Clara Barton's life and this project. This is a solid biography and the website meets all of the UTA good website requirements as well.

National Historic Site: Clara Barton

This website provides an in-depth insight into the material items of Clara Barton's life, her dedication and energies to help others in times of need - both home and abroad, in peacetime as well as during military emergencies. Glen Echo was her home the last 15 years of her life and the structure illustrates her dedication and concern for those less fortunate than herself. This would be a great component of our project, as it serves to provide a virtual tour of the facilities and the subsequent details that are involved with such. Coming from the National Historic of Maryland and providing adequate information, this site meets the UTA requirements as well.

Clara Barton Chronology

This site provides a great timeline with dates and accomplishments from Clara Barton's life between the years 1821 - 1860. This is the first chronology section of three (in which the other two sections cover two more spans during her lifetime). This site can be a good tool to have when referencing key and important dates when discussing Barton's life for the project.

National Gallery: Clara Barton

I decided to include this gallery because I believe they will be of good use for images of Clara and an understanding through the timeline. Due to the fact that I selected this portion of the website for the images solely, it does not need to meet the UTA library research guidelines necessarily. The images are also equipped with a detailed caption underneath that gives perspective to the images and to the reader.

Gallery of Locations: Clara Barton

I included this website because it provides great insight into the locations that are often mentioned with Clara Barton's history. The locations are significant throughout Barton's story, from her birthplace to the first established Red Cross facility. This site does a good job of providing those details. Because I chose this website solely for the purpose of its images, it does not need to meet the requirements of the UTA library guide for good research quality websites.