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Kayla Stanley edse320 educational resources

Educational literacy resources

This is an article that includes the history of art education. As an educator you should know your background of your content area to be able to move forward and achieve progress.

This is the Indiana State Standards, for all grades, for the visual art . This resource also includes the literacy resources that the teacher must include and teach in each grade.

Text Dependent Questions

My Blog -This is just a good resource to develop and start text dependent questions.

This website is an overview of why vocabulary is important to teach and some strategies in teaching vocabulary to students.

7 Best Ways to Introduce New Vocabulary: Poster

This poster is something an elementary school teacher would use to introduce new vocabulary. It also is also a great poster to implement when dealing with struggling learners and ESL students.

Hero Villain Text Set

This movie demonstrates the use of text sets in a 5th grade classroom. It also shows how teachers can implement video into a text set. The teacher uses very good questioning skills during the text set.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a great online tool for teacher to use as a resource and tool in their classroom. It has great, helpful videos and interactive features that are amazing for both student and teachers can use.

9 Great Speaking & Listening Tools: Literacy in the Digital Age

List of digital tools that will help transform your students from passive consumers to active creators. Part of a series of tools to help students with literacy. This article focuses on online tools and resources that use technology and non-traditional literacy and communication practices in the classroom.

Literacy in the Digital Age: Five Writing Tools

Natalie Franzi and Steve Figurelli detail ways to use 5 digital tools that promote authentic writing experiences for students. The blog introduces 5 digital tools that can be used by teachers and students to help enhance students' writing skills.

5 Vocabulary Strategies For Back To School

This is a link to five short videos that help show strategies and tools that can be used to teach vocabulary to students. Each video focuses on something different and some of the videos show activities that can be used during class.

This text explains challenges and opportunities of English Language Learners when engaging in science. Even though this is not my content area, I found that the strategies mentioned in the article could be applied to all content areas.

Strengthening Teaching and Learning for ELLs

Discover how the 5 Essential Practices address the academic language and literacy needs of ELLs.

10 Intriguing Photographs to Teach Close Reading and Visual Thinking Skills

Using pictures with assessable text is sometimes not what we first think of when doing close reading but this text is a great resource to use when starting to integrate photographs into literacy.


Turn and Talk

Turn and Talk

We talked about Turn and Talk, when talking about using questioning strategies. This picture shows an example of how to go about introducing the activity in class. In the activity the students ask the questions.

Teaching English Language Learners: Effective Instructional Practices

This learning module reading helped me establish a baseline when teaching English Language Learners. It is always important to have general knowledge before moving into specifics

iSpeech - Text to Speech

This free app is not only great technology usage but it would be great to use for struggling, and ELL students. The app converts text to speech for the student while the student can follow along with the app.

Questioning Skills and Strategies

This video discusses the importance of teaching and using questioning strategies to promote student engagement and deepen student learning. We need to ask questions the right questions that peek students interest.

An Educator's Guide to Making Textbooks Accessible

This article explains gives tools to teacher to help make text accessible and usable for students with learning disabilities.

This is a short video that is for educators. The video gives tips and things to be aware of when using accessible text in the classroom.

This is a power point that tells you tricks and tools on how to convert difficult text into accessible text.


This picture is a great one when referencing blooms taxonomy. Bloom's should almost always be considered when asking questions. It answers the biggest question of them all, What type of questions should you ask?

Middle and High School Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment Presentation

This video goes through this schools curriculum, instruction and assessment of all subjects within this school that allows them to succeed. I really was looking at how they use assessments within their school.




This handout is great when doing a group critique in art class. Critiques are where someone or a group of people assess the work that you have made. This worksheet is a great tool and reference for students to focus on during this assessment without bashing work they do not like.


Bloom's for an art classroom

Bloom's for an art classroom

Bloom's Taxonomy is a great questioning and assessment tool. This visual converts it to art related terms and would be a great poster to put in my classroom.

The Kennedy Center: ARTSEDGE — the National Arts and Education Network

Introduction to self-assessment strategies involving observation and reflection. In art we do a lot of self-assessment this article deals with that.