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Painted Nerf Guns Look Like They Come From The Future

nerf jolt, resident evil virus auto injector gun

resident evil , umbrella corp virus auto injector gun based out of a nerf jolt , heavily customized with part found almost everywhere, same method is use by hollywood greatest props makers, custom paint job and graphics safety note: the compressed air cartridge as been emptied and the glowing goo is only a paint technique with translucent paint wich look like liquid but in fact no liquid is present in the gun, the faux needle (stainless solid rod, not hollow) is detachable for shipping purpose and to conform to convention safety regulation if using in cosplay. not a replica used in the movie just my own artistic interpretation. complete your resident evil cosplay with this awesome and unique piece of equipment

Borderlands Inspired Nerf Zombie Strike Crossfire

Great prop for Moxxi cosplay Sugar! ;) Inspired by Miss Moxxis Heart Breaker from Borderlands, this Nerf Crossfire is hand painted and fully functional. It comes with 4 Nerf darts and +50% Critical Hit Damage and is Highly effective vs Flesh. To get the look, the gun was disassembled, sanded, primed, custom painted with spray paint and acrylics and sealed with transparent lacquer. All moving parts and internals have been left bare as not to alter the mechanics of shooting. The paint is meant to withstand use, but will wear with time and extended use, especially along moving parts. One of a kind! If this item becomes unavailable I can also custom paint something similar for you.

Nerf Strongarm Custom Artwork Pro-Painted Steampunk Prop Replica

.:Note to buyers:. Please play responsibly! These toy guns have been painted to look real. Do not take these toys in public you can be mistaken with a real weapon and put you and others in harms way. THIS ITEM IS MADE TO ORDER Takes 1 to 2 weeks to have this order ready to ship! Art by Ariel Rivera, daughter of The Geek Armory ~Very high quality custom painted Steampunk style Maverick Rev-6 ~Blaster from Nerf toys. ~Blaster has 3 coats of paint. ~Blaster has clear coat added to protect paint which leaves a nice satin finish on it. ~Blaster is all plastic custom painted to look metallic ~Darts NOT included Thank you so much for looking

Custom Painted Nerf Gun, Steampunk or Gothic Victorian Shotgun, Vampire or Werewolf Hunter, like in The Order 1886 or...

Back by popular demand! Available for Custom commission! Steampunk Shotgun! This is an item sure to impress the Steampunk and/or Gothic fan. If youre a fan of Bioshock Infinite, The Order 1886, Hellboy, Constantine, this is the item for you! This is an engraved Nerf gun in the Victorian style of engraved shotguns. This gun is inspired by a weapon that a Vampire or Werewolf Hunter would use complete with religious reliquaries to insure the success against the Undead. The reliquaries are inspired by historical reliquaries-- a cross fashioned from the one of the nails in the true cross, a vial of sand from Hallowed Ground, and a piece of St. Lazaruss bandages. All the guaranteed to offer one protection from the legions of the endless night! This is a beautiful piece that can add alot to any costume or just show off in your game room. The photos simply do not do this piece justice. The detail is amazing. Perfect gift for an teen or great accessory for that Halloween party. CUSTOMIZATION AND MADE TO ORDER POLICIES: When you purchase this piece, please include a note with how you want the gun painted. There may be modifications in the paint scheme that ca be made for you. Look around my shop for other painted guns and we can discuss options. I have a very good relationship doing commission work with clients on ebay and hope to bring that great experience here. When I am done with the work, I will send you Artist Proofs pics to make sure you are happy, if so, I will mail the gun to you. Please allow between 3-4 weeks after the date of purchase. If a longer delay is necessary, I will notify you immediately. European customers are welcomed but please inquire as to the shipping cost since it changes depending on location. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. Be aware that I also do commission work of everything from painted Nerf Guns to scale figures like 1/35 scale and Warhammer Miniatures. *Please be aware this Nerf Gun is very realistic looking and caution should be used if taking it outside. Shipping & Handling: Gun will ship within 3-5 days of payment. Shipping is $10 in continental US and will be carefully packed to avoid damage. Money Back Guarantee: If you are not completely satisfied with the item when you receive, contact us and we will make it right. If we can not meet your expectations, just return the item within 7 days and we will REFUND YOUR MONEY. We are sure you will be very happy with your purchase. BE ADVISED: We also do custom commission pieces so if you want something painted or modded for you, contact us and we will produce a custom gun just for you. LASTLY, if you like this item or shop, pin it, tweet it, facebook it, and pass me on to a friend and be part of our Geek House.

STEAMPUNK nerf RIVAL Zeus MXV-1200 Blaster - One of a Kind!!!

Experience intense head-to-head competition with the ultimate precision and power of Nerf!!!! When the Nerf Rival battle starts, the precision and power of the motorized Zeus MXV-1200 blaster will put you in charge! When you load up the easy-load magazine with the included 12 rounds, you’ll be armed for head-to-head competition, and you can pop out the magazine to reload with either hand. Hold down the acceleration button to rapid-fire the whole clip at your target, then reload fast for another frontal assault! Team Red will prevail when you’re armed with the might of the Zeus MXV-1200 blaster! Nerf Rival Zeus MVX-1200 Blaster Experience intense head-to-head competition with the ultimate precision and power of Nerf Rival blasters from Nerf! Boys choose a side and go into battle as the Red Team or the Blue Team. Unleash high-impact rounds at a velocity of up to 100 fps (30 mps)! Experience the intensity of precision battling with the Nerf Rival Zeus MVX-1200! Experience the Intensity Take aim with the Nerf Rival Zeus MXV-1200 and experience the intensity of precision battling. Nerf Rival blasters feature superior accuracy and unleash high-impact rounds at a velocity of 100 fps (30 mps). Whether the competition is a 1-on-1 battle or a squad-sized skirmish, Nerf Rival blasters bring exciting intensity to the action. Load and Fire The motorized Zeus MXV-1200 comes with an ambidextrous magazine designed for easy loading from either side of the blaster. The clear magazine holds 12 high-impact foam rounds and can be removed from the blaster with the push of a release button. Line up a target with the flip-up sights. A trigger lock prevents the blaster from accidentally firing when not in use. Tactical rails on the sides and top of each side of the Nerf Rival blaster can hold additional gear (not included). Precision Battling Experience the excitement of precision battling with Nerf Rival Zeus MXV-1200 blaster. Choose a blaster color to battle as the Red Team or Blue Team, and take aim with the superior accuracy of this Nerf Rival blaster to unleash high-impact rounds at a velocity of 100 fps (20 mps). The action is intense with the Nerf Rival Zeus MXV-1200. Includes Includes blaster, 2 tactical rails, 12 rounds, magazine, and instructions.

STEAMPUNK nerf RIVAL Apollo XV-700 Blaster - One of a Kind!!!

Experience intense head-to-head competition with the ultimate precision and power of the Nerf Rival Apollo XV-700 blaster! Choose a blaster color and go into battle as the Red Team or the Blue Team. The Apollo XV-700 blaster has a spring-action cocking mechanism and fires at a velocity up to 100 fps (30 mps). It comes with an easy-load magazine and seven high-impact rounds. The blaster has a trigger lock, a tactical rail and a ready indicator. Experience the intensity of Nerf Rival with the Apollo XV-700 blaster! Nerf Rival Apollo XV-700 Blaster: •Age Range: 14 years and up •Spring-action blaster comes with 7 high-impact rounds •Easy-load magazine holds 7 rounds •Choose red or blue blaster to battle as Red Team or Blue Team •Experience ultimate precision and intense competition •Blaster has a trigger lock and tactical rail •For use with Nerf Rival products only •Includes blaster, 7 rounds, magazine and instructions

The Submariner - a Steampunk NERF Sledgefire

This is a fully functional NERF Sledgefire blaster with the stock removed. The stock and all three original shells are included, but are not painted. I suggest making the stock into a shell holder on a belt or bandolier. Also included are 9 NERF micro darts. (3 for each shell) Materials used: Various bits, gears and pendants sourced from different places HobbyTown 5 Min Quick Cure 2 Part Epoxy Krylon Fusion Satin Black spray paint AMACO Rub N Buff - Spanish Copper, Autumn Gold, Gold Flake, Pewter, Silver Leaf Vallejo Model Color Acrylic Paint - Black, Khaki Citadel Washes - Badab Black, Gryphonne Sepia AMACO All Purpose Sealer Testors Dullcote spray sealer Model Master Flat Clear Acryl Not counting drying times, about 4 hours of work.


This here is Francine. Shes my very favorite gun... This is a one of a kind Steampunk Nerf 4-shot pistol with bonus scope. I disassembled the Nerf gun to prime, paint, and spray with a clear protective finish. Detail work is a mix of enamel and various steampunk accessories. The unique fixture of Francine is the light-up disc on her left side. This infinity disc looks like a mirrored surface when off, but when its turned on it has several lighting settings to chose from that use red, green, or blue lights. Or a pulsating pattern of all three. The infinity disc is removable, as it is secured in place with strong magnets that stick to the steal steampunk gears. The disc is also powered by watch-style batteries for extended use. Included are a total of 12 green Nerf darts.

Steampunk Nerf Gun of Awesomeness

Here is the Steampunk Nerf Gun of Awesomeness to start that non-lethal mechanical weapon collection you always wanted. This is a steampunk conversion on a plastic Nerf Zombie Strike gun. Finished in reactive bronze and copper paints, it has an authentic aged patina, with genuine wrapped leather grip. Completed with vintage brass gears and cogs, copper tubing, glow in the dark inner barrels, and various clockwork parts, this gun will definitely be a showpiece. It is perfect for display or careful cosplay, but we would advise against heavy or rough use. And with some sharp-ish vintage parts, lets keep this for the adults only. Unfortunately, this Nerf gun is not operable. But it looks amazing. So theres that. Approximately 8 long, and 6 tall. Please feel free to message us with any questions... Well just be over here looking super cool while we keep the Steampunk Universe safe with this awesome weapon of geared destruction... By which we mean well be chasing the cat. But we will look SO COOL doing it.

Steampunk NERF Messenger

This is a repainted NERF Rebelle Messenger blaster. It was painted for use in a Steampunk costume but I could see it used in several other cosplay outfits. The blaster is still fully functional and I will be shipping it with 6 darts. The gun has 3 barrels, but they fire one at a time after each time you pull the charging handle at the back. Materials used: A new NERF Rebelle Messenger blaster 2 metal pendants, slightly reshaped to fit the sides of the blaster Krylon Fusion Satin Black spraypaint AMACO Rub N Buff - Autumn Gold, Gold Leaf, Pewter, Silver Leaf Vallejo Model Color and Game Color acrylic paints - Black, German Black Brown, Beasty Brown AMACO All Purpose Sealer Build time: ~2 hours.

STEAMPUNK Nerf N-Strike Elite Mega Lightning Bow

STEAMPUNK Nerf N-Strike Elite Mega Lightning Bow Unleash Mega power with a lightning strike of Mega Whistler darts! This dart-firing bow from Nerf features powerful bow action. Load a Mega Whistler dart into the front of the bow, pull the string back, and release the string to send the dart screaming through air up to 85 feet (26 meters). Store as many as 4 Mega darts on the blaster to reload rapidly during battle. •Includes blaster, dart holders (2), 4 Mega darts, and instructions. •Powerful bow action •Fires Mega darts up to 85 feet (26 meters) •Comes with 4 Mega Whistler darts •Store darts on the 2 dart holders •Built-in targeting sight

NERF handpainted STEAMPUNK dOOMLANDS vagabond zOMbiE sTRikE GUN blaster apocolypse

This blaster has been hand painted and is one of a kind. makes a great prop or display piece and is fully functional! 1 of a kind - Hand painted Steampunk Arsenal Product Description: Bring justice to a doomed world with the Vagabond blaster! This powerful blaster fires 6 darts without reloading from the rotating barrel with pump-action blasting. Load up your darts and rack the action as you let each one fly! You’ll be the fiercest protector on the battlefield with the Vagabond blaster! Includes blaster, 6 darts • Vagabond blaster has pump-action blasting • Includes 6 darts • 6-dart rotating barrel • Rack the action and fire one-handed

NERF handpainted 2169 LawBringer blaster STEAMPUNK dOOMLANDS zOMbiE sTRikE GUN

This blaster has been hand painted and is one of a kind. makes a great prop or display piece and is fully functional! 1 of a kind - Hand painted Steampunk Arsenal Product Description: Bring justice to a doomed world with the Lawbringer blaster! This powerful blaster fires 12 darts without reloading from the rotating barrel with hammer-action blasting. Load up your darts from the storage capsules on the stock and drop the hammer as you let each one fly! You’ll be the fiercest protector on the battlefield with the Lawbringer blaster! Includes blaster, 12 darts and instructions. • Lawbringer blaster has hammer-action blasting • Includes 12 darts • 12-dart rotating barrel • Dart storage in the blaster’s stock

NERF zOMbiE sTRikE STEAMPUNK HAMMER Shot Gun Blaster 5 Streamline Darts

Sci-fi blaster NERF cosplay LARP NERF zOMbiE sTRikE STEAMPUNK HAMMERshot GUN Blaster w/6 Streamline Darts STEAM PUNK Blaster!!!!!!! Hammer Style for fast shooting!!!!!!! Have the zOmBiES running with this Arsenal SCI-FI FANTASY NERF GUN! One Of A Kind!!!! HAMMER ACTION!! Wait til you fire this BEAST!!!!!!! BRAND NEW GUNS! FRESH FROM THE SHELVES TO MY LAB TO YOU! FAST DELIVERY!!!!!!!! Great for Recon missions No air leaks. All parts have been lubricated to cut down on friction & will add longer life to the gun. Professional Paint Application! I started out by taking the gun completely apart, sanding, and then applying a primer coat, then three to four coats of paint specifically for plastic applications! I used copper, bronze, gold & silver for the details. Finally a clear coat was given to ensure a long lasting paint job. All Modifications and Paint are of the Highest Quality! I am highly experienced at painting & modifying (well over 5,000 guns & counting)

STEAMPUNK Custom Elite Mega Magnus Blaster - little brother to the Centurion Nerf N-Strike

STEAMPUNK Custom Nerf N-Strike Elite Mega Magnus Blaster - little brother to the Centurion This Nerf blaster shoots Mega darts (2-3 times the size of standard darts) up to 85 feet and can hold 3 darts at a time. It has a textured grip and a tactical rail on the bottom. STEAMPUNK MEGA BLASTER! ALSO CHECK OUT THE BIGGEST GUN ON THE MARKET IN MY SHOP, THE CENTURION MEGA BLASTER

Barrel gun wood and metal steampunk cosplay prop gun spray painted "nerf" gun

Wood and Metal Barrel Gun. Steampunk inspired but good for all your artillery needs. Fires 8 darts, with a slide back cocking mechanism. (darts not included, sold as prop gun only) Rotating exposed front barrel. WARNING: sold as prop gun only, not intended for firing, any and all liability regarding the weapon is the sole responsibility of the buyer. enjoy ;)

Custom stock nerf Stryfe masterkey made to order

Made to order nerf Materkey. A stock nerf Stryfe combined with a stock roughcut with a few customization options.

Cel Shaded Borderlands Inspired Cosplay/Nerf Pistol - Still fires!

This is my re-imagining of another type of Nerf pistol into a Borderlands inspired cel shaded gun. It takes a good while to do, but it looks like its been pulled straight out of the game. The colours have that same cel-art look. This is the perfect compliment to a Borderlands cosplay or to stand out at a Nerf fight. *This is all of course nonsense. Its just a painted toy gun. Superbly painted youll agree. But still just painted. After painting it has been sprayed with a clear sealer to make it more robust against knocks and damage. If its treated harshly it will still chip however. The pictures above are of the actual item for sale. If you want to see even more pictures of the gun, check out my facebook page. I can only put 5 pictures up here. All logos removed but can still fire. Sold as a prop. Use it for cosplay, larp or just something fab to have in your life. Serious bit. Painted Nerf guns look far more real than normal shop bought Nerf guns. This can make other people see them as real and possibly call the police. Please dont go waving it around. Police may be called, you could be arrested and youd be responsible for ruining the fun for everyone. And do you want to be the one who did that? Course you dont. Youre not that person. Youre the other person. The cool one. And thats why you bought this in the first place. Collecting these should be fun. Buggering about is only going to ruin the fun for everyone. Im on Facebook to. Come say hi. Or just look at my cat pics. If youre still reading this far well done, and welcome to the bottom of the page.

Halo Series hand painted* Covenant Needler

Enter in CTFBBCC12017 for 25% off items of $30 or more till 12/31/17! check out my youtube video of this item: Its perhaps the oddest weapon imaginable. Its pink, Its purple and its fueled by radioactive crystals. And it will kill you dead in three hits. Its the most beloved of all Covenant weapons for its ability to track moving targets and ignore Elites shields. Throughout the Halo series its a constant, no Halo fire fight would be complete without one. Now I offer this hand painted BoomCo. Covenant Needler weapon in all its shiny glowing glory. The paint I used changes from dark purple to black to blue, depending on the angle you view it at. Included are: The Needler in original retail packaging 16 pink child safe darts batteries 8 hand carved silicone crystals which can be removed and replaced with the extra darts. Although its a fully functioning dart gun, Its such a lovely item It would make for an amazing display piece. Either way your going to love it. The needler is hand painted but not hand made, the crystals are the only handmade items. the final picture in the slide show shows a finished Boomco Needler to show the packaging it will be shipped in *** The color change paint is always dark in low light conditions please do not freak out if it looks black while still in the box!!! take the product out of all its packaging and examine it under a good light source before making any claims about its finish. Read my policy regarding returns*** Hey check out For more of my creations.

Nerf Rival Khaos (guns and roses paint job

This nerf gun has been painted and clear coated to withstand battle in any nerf war.

Striped glow in the dark Rapidstike

This is a modified Rapidstike that can run on 4 AAs or ultrafire type batteries. The weight of the blaster will much lower since you wont have 4 C batteries to power it. The paint job was done with soap masking and will glow in the dark


This is a Nerf Rival Khaos that has been painted. It comes with magazine and 40 HIRS (rival balls). It is unmodified.

Striped Stryfe

This is a Nerf Stryfe with trigger locks removed and resistance is bypassed. The paint glows in the dark and also comes with matching drum

Buzzbee Ultra tek Brute

This is a Buzzbee Ultra tek Brute. It fires full auto and accepts all Nerf magazines. This blaster has not been modified it has only been painted but I have tested it with Ultra fires and it will accept higher voltage with no problems.

Custom Painted Nerf Incisor

This is a custom painted Nerf Incisor with no mods