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Motion Control Software

Why Soft Motion Is the Best Motion Controller on the Market - KINGSTAR

The motion controller chosen for any project needs to help realize the set goals. It must be easy to use and increase the quality of final product. Soft motion brings along all these benefits and more. It is the most convenient and reliable application for modern day motion production.

Greatly Reduce Cost of Industrial Motion Control by up to 56%

Traditionally, motion control required hardware installation of DSP boards that required high capital input. With real-time PC-based motion control software, this is no longer necessary as software now has the ability to replace most hardware DSP boards without losing superior performance and saving up to 56% of traditional hardware costs.

Direct Motion Applications Using Real-Time Software-Based Machine Vision

Real-time machine vision streamlines the cost and effort of installation, production and maintenance of your vision-directed motion control applications. With the flexibility and scalability of software, it is embedded with features that reduce your overall cost, speed processes, and improve quality.

Viable Option for Motion Control

Motion control typically requires special hardware boards and cables that are highly expensive. KINGSTAR provides a viable alternative that not only saves a great deal of cost but also enhances performance as well. Real-time software based motion control is the perfect choice that is simple and easily compatible with most all servo motors and drives used for industrial machine automation builders without sacrificing performance.

KINGSTAR Soft Motion: Get Better Automation and Control Engineering, at Lower Cost

Soft Motion runs directly on the PC, uses the NIC card for I/O, and uses the powerful EtherCAT protocol to free you from the shackles of proprietary and costly hardware.

Why Motion Control Software Makes Sense for Your Business - KINGSTAR

Traditional motion control applications came with limited options. The high cost to acquire the required appliances and the many applications used in the process made streamlined motion control difficult. Using the right motion control software makes the process much easier and more convenient. It ensures the quality of production is higher, reduces production time, and is dramatically more cost-effective than hardware-based motion control solutions.

CANOpen Protocol | Automation Control | KINGSTAR

Industrial motion control requires the ability to create multiple applications that run in real-time and are deterministic without sacrificing performance. Real-time PC-based customized applications are the ideal method for developing motion control applications to ensure performance and efficiency. An easy “plug-and-play” customizable platform that is low cost and improves efficiency is the key benefit and method for developing motion control applications.

KINGSTAR Soft Motion - EtherCAT Auto-Configuration

Interchange servo drives and I/O devices from the most comprehensive list of manufacturers to auto-discover and auto-configure the EtherCAT network. -Utilize...

3 Benefits of Software-Based PLCs

Soft PLCs enable you to save on cost, improve performance and get rid of unnecessary clutter within the working area. Its customization options provide a platform where your individual organization can address the areas most required for better performance and output.

Increase productivity and efficiency with motion control software

Use of industrial motion control PC software is the best way to improve efficiency and productivity at half the cost of hardware. With enhanced tools and features that seek to improve on quality, real-time PC-based software motion control offers an opportunity to change from the old traditional ways of hardware DSP boards and increase the volume of work than can be handled in a single instance.

KINGSTAR’s platform creates Windows PC-based industrial machine automation with premium precision and performance. Built on the EtherCAT standard and enhanced by the power of a real-time operating system (RTOS), you can use a single industrial PC to deliver software-only motion control and machine vision automation quickly and cost effectively.

Replace FPGAs and DSPs into RTOS

The base of the KINGSTAR platform, IntervalZero’s RTX64 software replaces FPGAs and DSPs by transforming Windows into a real-time OS (RTOS), reducing developme…