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Best Places to Visit in Nizwa - An Enthralling Region to Explore

The area of Nizwa in Oman offers a host of attractions for the visitor. Here you will find a number of sightseeing highlights that will appeal to the culture lover and general visitor alike.



The historically significant town of Nizwa has long held the status of the capital of Oman's Interior region. Visitors should make it a point to visit the town's well-known fort, a magnificent structure that dates to the 17th century. From the upper level of the fort, you will have the opportunity to enjoy splendid views over the prominent adjoining mosque, the compound of nearby homes and the palm trees beyond. Also not to be missed is the town's renowned East Souk with its distinctive atmosphere. At one end of this souk, you will find the small square which features many displays of the local pottery. If you love animals make sure to visit Nizwa's Goat Market where different kinds of livestock are traded.


Wadi Bani Awf

The Wadi Bani Awf through which the Western Hajar Mountains descend is reputed as offering the most remarkable off-road journey in the nation. This route commences at the prominent viewpoint known as Sharaf al Alamayn, from where a rugged pathway descends dramatically with the escarpment. The track leads to the secluded village known as Balad Sayt, below which lies the Snake Gorge, or Wadi Bimah. This desolate gorge has become a popular location for adventure excursions, with some daring visitors choosing to hike, climb, wade and even swim here. However, these are risky endeavours, which should never be undertaken during rainy periods.


Jabal Shams and Wadi Nakhr

Past the location known as Al Hamra you will find a road that leads across Wadi Ghul and then gradually ascends towards the peak of the highest mountain in Oman, Jabal Shams, which translates as Sun Mountain. You will find that the latter section of the roadway is rough requiring the capabilities of a four wheel drive vehicle. Although the actual summit is out of bounds for visitors, you will find a track leading to the nearby plateau where you will have the opportunity to enjoy spectacular views of Wadi Nakhr, which has been labelled as the Grand Canyon of Oman.


Jabrin Fort

The splendid Jabrin Fort is sure to capture the imagination of the avid sightseer. This fort which is considered to be one of the most striking in the nation was constructed in 1671 and takes the form of a rectangular three-storeyed building. Visitors will be impressed by the sturdy stone walls of the fort which are four metres thick. Within the fort, you will encounter chambers with high ceilings and Moghul themed archways which hint at its one time splendour. Visitors will be entranced by the Islamic inscriptions, decorative rosettes and astrological motifs which adorn the fort. As you experience the attractions of the area a spa in Oman that you could consider would be that of Anantara Al Jabal Al Akhdar Resort.


Al Ayn Tombs

The culture and history lover will be captivated by the tombs of Al Ayn. This mysterious village has acquired renown due to the extraordinary cluster of tombs dating from the Bronze Age period that may be found here. These intriguing tombs are prominently located on the top of a ridge with the rocky backdrop of the Jebel Misht Mountain. If you travel further to the Bat Tombs you will find even more remarkable Bronze Age artefacts which will strike the interest of the visitor. In fact, you will find that the hills surrounding the village known as Bat contain a host of towers, tombs and other constructions, a number of which have been meticulously restored.