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Underground metal bands from all the world !

This list is about metal bands from all the world. Thrash, black, death, speed, heavy, progressive, technical, experimental, grindcore, hardcore, punk, crossover and many more genres will be posted.

AMKEN - Soul's Crypt (OFFICIAL VIDEO) | Thrash Metal (2016)

Winners of the first TOP OF THE ROCKS contest, AMKEN is spreading the mayhem of their breathtaking performances with numerous live shows around Greece and abroad, including support slots with SIX FEET UNDER (US), NERVOSA (BR), SKELETONWITCH (US) and SKULL FIST (CA) among others. Their biggest festival feature was Schoolwave Festival 2015 supporting PLANET OF ZEUS (GR) in front of a 1000+ crowd.

In anticipation of their full-length album and the premiere of their new video for "Soul's Crypt" on national TV, the quartet is working vigorously for a 2017 release, at the same time celebrating recognition through their feature on METAL HAMMER's CD compilation "Lessons in Violence – The New Greek Thrash Metal Breed" (issue #365) and the re-release of their debut EP as a split via Mexican label EBM Records (20.05.2015).

AMKEN was formed in September 2011 in Athens, Greece.

Vasilis Chytiris is endorsed by Bulk Strings Gr.

SUICIDAL ANGELS - Division Of Blood (official video)

Suicidal Angels were formed in early 2001, a time when founder Nick Melissourgos was only 16 years old. The musical steps the band was meant to follow were leading to the realm of old school thrash metal, Nick's major musical influence. That's pretty much obvious in the band's first demo, "United by Hate" (July 2001), which is nowadays extremely difficult to find.

Back then Suicidal Angels were more of a school band having a good time. After some early line-up changes though, Nick meets Orfeas Tzortzopoulos (drums), and a unique musical chemistry is born. The band records its second demo, "Angels' Sacrifice" (December 2003) and things gradually become more serious. Based on this demo, the band starts promoting itself and the first concerts are scheduled.

During April 2004 Suicidal Angels record a new demo called "The Calm before the Storm", which receives good reviews in metal magazines and fanzines throughout Europe. In September 2004, the band releases an EP called "Bloodthirsty Humanity", which receives even better reviews compared to the previous demos. Meanwhile, the group tries to perform live whenever possible.

It was shortly after the show with Tankard in October 2004, when Themis Katsimichas (guitars) joined the band, at first just to help with the first ever gig abroad (Bucharest, 2005) and then as a full member, teaming with Nick to create a fast and technical thrash guitar duo.

During Fall/Winter of 2005 the band records a four song mini CD called "Armies of Hell", which gets distribution by EVIL RECORDS and hits the stores in Greece in early 2006. The reviews from European metal magazines were once again very encouraging.

In April 2006, bass player Christine decides to leave the band and is replaced by Sotiris Skarpalezos shortly after. The band continues to perform live in concerts both in Greece and abroad (Germany and Poland, Summer 2006).

On October 16, 2006, Suicidal Angels sign their first record deal, with California based OSM Records. The plans for the recording of a full length album are in motion. However, the band still tries to play live as much as possible, knowing full well that that's the only way to become a better act.

Recordings of "Eternal Domination" started in January 2007 and the band spent two months recording, mixing and mastering the album, to achieve the best outcome. When it became obvious that it would be very difficult to do this in Greece, the group didn't hesitate to seek help from abroad and sent the master tapes to the USA, to be mixed and mastered by acclaimed producer Colin Davis in Los Angeles, California.

Shortly after, in April 2007, Rotting Christ founder Sakis Tolis invited Suicidal Angels to become part of Rotting Christ's "Theogonia Balkans tour 2007", giving them their first chance to tour in Europe. It was an opportunity that could not be missed and the band began its first serious attempt to play its music in foreign land.

The group's first full length album, "Eternal Domination", was finally released on July 16, 2007. The album received very good reviews worldwide and Suicidal Angels embarked on a never ending journey promoting it.

In May 2007, the band gave one of its most important shows, supporting Kreator in Athens, Greece. Mille Petrozza was truly impressed by the band's performance and, to the band's astonishment, appeared on stage wearing the Suicidal Angels T-shirt the group had offered him as a gift. It was the beginning of a series of fortunate events, as Mille would continue to pinpoint Suicidal Angels as one of the best new thrash metal bands in various occasions.

In November 2007, Suicidal Angels toured along with death metal pioneers Massacre in Europe, as part of Massacre's reunion tour. For the first time they visited many countries in Western Europe, having the chance to get a lot of people acquainted with their fast, technical and furious thrash. They received positive feedback and support throughout the tour and became even more determined to carry on with their vision.

In April and May 2008, the band toured with English thrashers Onslaught and continued to promote "Eternal Domination", building on live performance experience along the way. The feedback was once again highly positive, especially in cities such as Sofia, Bulgaria, where Suicidal Angels had performed twice in the past.

The time had finally come to present the album to the Greek audience. On May 11, 2008, the band performed live in its hometown, Athens, and the Greek fans proved once again that they are the wildest and craziest in the world. That night's show just had to be put on tape, for everyone to experience just what unbelievable support the band receives from its friends in Greece.

Following that concert, Suicidal Angels took a break from performing live and focused on rehearsing new songs for their second album. However, another concert supporting Nile took place in October 2008 in Athens, Greece, where the band had the chance to perform in front of some of the most loyal fans a band can ever have.

In December 2008, bass player Sotiris decided that Suicidal Angels were no longer a priority for him and went his separate way. Currently, Suicidal Angels are taking care of the final details for the recording of the new album, which will take place in March 2009 in Germany, under the direction of producer and Mystic Prophecy lead singer R.D. Liapakis.

In March 2009, Suicidal Angels entered the studio (Prophecy and Music Factory Studios, Germany) under the direction of the producer R.D. Liapakis and recorded the second full length named "Sanctify the Darkness". At the same time, the band took part in the so-called Rock The Nation Award 2009, which was held in partnership with Nuclear Blast Records and Boomer Entertainment as well as highly anticipated print magazines from all over Europe such as Metal Hammer (D, I, GR, E), Terrorizer UK, Rock Tribune B, Scream NO, Metallian F and Spark CZ. Suicidal Angels were picked final winnter from over 1200 band submissions!

After the album was released via Nuclear Blast Records in November 2009, the band went out on several big tours with Kataklysm, Belphegor, Overkill and played all big festivals such as Metalcamp, Sonisphere Greece, Wacken Open Air, PartySan and Summer Breeze. With NoiseArt Records, the band finally found a strong partner and a perfect home as the label is a division of Rock The Nation, wich also does the booking for Suicidal Angels!

Now, with joined forces and full force, after a very successful year in 2010, the thrash metal tank has produced its 3rd longplayer entitled "Dead Again". The amazing cover artwork was created by none other but Ed Repka (Megadeth, Death and more) while R.D. Liapakis of Mystic Prophecy once again produced the band's album. With "Dead Again" Suicidal Angels have again taken thrash metal to another level - tight, aggressive, fast and old school as fuck!

On November of 2010, a year after the release of “Sanctify the Darkness”, “Dead Again” strikes the market, being the first record released by “NoiseArt”. From that certain point and afterwards, one of the most glorious moments of Suicidal Angels comes, the so called “Thrashfest” tour 2010, along with Kreator, Exodus and Death Angel, a mighty package, striking numerous sold out nights throughout Europe.

Spring of 2011, it’s time to spread in the Eastern part of Europe, again with Death Angel in the “Sonic Retribution” tour and participates in more summer festivals, reaching to the most eastern part of the band’s career so far, in Ukraine.

Summer / fall of the same year, the band enters the studio to fulfil another thrash assault, working again with R.D Liapakis and visiting for one more time the Music Factory and Prophecy Studios in Munich. This time, head of mix and master is Jorg Uken from the “Soundlodge” studios, achieving a raw, dark and more mature sound compared to the previous records.

Thus, the band creates “Bloodbath”, which hits the stores on January 2012, receiving great feedback, amazing reviews, making it to the German charts at position #84 and Austrian charts, position #78. The release of the record is followed by the “Full of Hate” tour 2012, with the absolutely killer line up of Cannibal Corpse, Behemoth, Legion of the Damned and Misery Index. A sold out package, introducing the band into a more death metal audience, receiving the best of impressions and enlarging its fan base throughout Europe.

After the success of this tour, the band is confirmed for more summer festivals, ending up to Brutal Assault Open Air ( 2nd time in a row) in August, performing in front of almost 20.000 people at that afternoon.

Soon after the end of summer, changes in the line up are taking place, with Chris joining forces on the guitar. The new year finds Suicidal Angels flying over to the latin America, with first stop in Mexico city, followed by shows in Brazil.

Returning back home, without losing any time, the band starts touring homeland, arranging multiple shows all over Greece, with most outstanding moments the 2 packed shows in Thessaloniki and Athens, with the Athenian one being the highlight, by the guest appearance of Schmier from Destruction and an unforgettable mind blowing thrash metal holocaust for every single one that attended the show that night.

The thrash metal scene, nowadays, is up and rising and the demand of the people for a new piece of work, leads the band to enter the studio again, for one more record. This time, chooses to work in a different way than previously. Locked up in the “Zero Gravity” Studios in Athens, the 5th record is gradually taking form, within a month of pre-production. Having already worked 3 times with RD Liapakis and in the Music Factory and Prophecy Studios, the choice of the place for the main recordings was an one way. 10 days later, and with one more change in the line up, this time in the bass position, the new opus is already recorded, baptised under a phrase which represents the contemporary era, “Divide and Conquer”.

As soon as the recordings are done, the band flies over to Sweden, to the Fredman Studios in Gothenburg, to work with the critically acclaimed producer, Fredrik Nordstrom. Bringing in his strong personality, his own perspective on music and totally realising the feeling of the band, he creates an up to date production with an old school touch and feeling. The result is that “Divide and Conquer”, released on the 10th of January 2014, climbs up more, hitting this time position #82 in the German charts.

Shortly after, the band hits the road once again, with the first, long expected headline tour, called “Conquering Europe” tour, January / February of 2014. 31 shows in 31 dates, all over the European continent, packed shows, sold out merchandise, turns out to a successful beginning of the new year for Suicidal Angels.

Summer of the same year the band is part of quite a lot major festivals thought Europe, promoting the new album, making new friends and fans, setting stronger bases for the future.

By the end of summer, conversations and negotiations had already started for the 2nd headline tour for “Divide and Conquer” on January 2015, the so called “Conquering Europe Part II”. The band apart from the shows themselves, decides to film the life on the road, to capture the feeling of the tour in order to share with their fans. Summer follows, festival season goes insane, but as soon as we reach the end, Chris Tsitsis leaves the band in order to take care of his family.

The replacement was soon made, with Gus Drax joining forces with Suicidal Angels and straight flying to the Soundlodge Studios where the band was already, recording the new album. Without loosing any time, he gets in the spirit and the way that the band works, records the leads for the new album, and straight on November he flies as the official lead guitar player, with the band to Japan, for 2 exclusive shows in Tokyo. First time of the band there and also the first show of Gus with the band.

Reaching 2016, being faithful to the every 2 years release, Suicidal Angels strike back with the 6th studio album, the “Division of Blood”. The album hits the charts once more, position 93, making it for 3rd time in a row. Along with the album, there comes in a special edition, the “Conquering Europe” DVD, which is a tour documentary along with parts of the band’s appearance in Essen at Turock club. A special edition which includes interviews of the band, lots of backstage footage, getting the fans in to the band’s life on the road.

This is the story so far! Be prepared for fast and furious thrash metal, 'cause when it comes to Suicidal Angels that's the only metal you'll get!

EVIL INVADERS - Raising Hell (Official Video) | Napalm Records

After playing numerous shows during the first few years in the band’s home country Belgium, EVIL INVADERS started playing all accross Europe from the moment that their first material (EP, 2013) got released. Shortly after the band got signed by Napalm Records and found a solid booking agency with RTN Touring. Quite an interesting story for a Speed-Thrash Metal band with an average age of nearly 22 years old…

In 2014 + 2015 the band played 4 full European tours (w/ Destruction, Majesty, Skull Fist, Lost Society) 2 Japan tours, festivals such as Graspop (BE), Pukkelpop (BE), Out&Loud GER), among others. After their first full length early 2015 the band played 3 release shows in Belgium which reached over 1500 people. EVIL INVADERS is the first Speed-Thrash Metal band to date to hit the Belgian charts for several weeks.

Speed/Thrash Metal might be considered to be a niche, however, EVIL INVADERS is bringing it all back in style and is even considered to be one of the most promising (extreme) Metal bands of the new generation. The band’s live energy, aggression and virtuosity is -to say the least- impressive!

Just do yourself a favor and check it out!

Dust Bolt - Mass Confusion (Official Video) | Napalm Records

DUST BOLT is a Thrash Metal Band, formed in Bavarian town Landsberg am Lech. The four young musicians (age in average 22) already started playing music together and playing shows very young and early and quickly gained attention. With another bandname they started playing regional shows at first, but were able to play as support act for highly known bands such as Sepultura, Hypocrisy oder Napalm Death very soon. In 2010 they released their first Demo Tape „Chaos Possession“ single-handedly and first time with the name DUST BOLT. Metal Hammer Germany described the Band as Top Newcomer Act in Metal music and „Chaos Possession“ was titled as „Demotape of the month.“ The number of shows increased immediately and the band soon becomes a national known act, when DUST BOLT was able to play their first European Tour with Six feet under. Right after coming home from tour the band was able to win WACKEN METAL BATTLE Germany, which made them playing at Wacken Open Air. The band decided to record their first Longplayer „Violent Demolition“, which finally made them signing a deal with Napalm Records.
Their debut gained major success and was sold around 5000 times worldwide and DUST BOLT was now known as top newcomer act in Thrash Metal in Germany and all over the world, also resulting from their extraordinary live performances. Napalm records also released the first two official music video for the tracks „Violent Abolition“ and „Toxic Attack“ and the band was able to play many club and festival shows in 2013, a Germany Tour with OBITUARY and a long European Tour with Bay Area band HEATHEN. After being nominated for „best album 2012“ and „best newcomer“ at Metal Hammer Awards 2013 and another tour with Crossover band Dr.LIVING DEAD Lenny, Flo, Benedikt und Nico went into the studio again, to record their second album „AWAKE THE RIOT“, which was released worldwide in June 2014. The second album finally enabled the band to tour as a headlining act and play Clubshows and Festvial all over Europe. The band also joined on a European Tour with Death Metal Legends OBITUARY. Supported by international media, who calls the band as one of the top Newcomer Acts in Thrash Metal, the band continued touring and playing Festivals such as Summerbreeze Open Air or Devilstone Fest in Lithuania and others. Dust Bolt is now concentrating on a new record, which is supposed to be released in summer 2016.


CHRONOSPHERE was formed in Athens back in 2009, by Spyros Lafias(Vocals/Guitar) and Kostas Spades(Bass/Backing Vocals) & members.
They started off as an old-school thrash metal band, but later on they changed their musical direction. These days, CHRONOSPHERE consists of Spyros Lafias(Vocals/Guitar), Kostas Spades(Bass/Backing Vocals), Thanos Krommidas(Drums), Panos Tsampras(Guitar/Backing Vocals) and they are delivering new wave of thrash metal.
The band counts one demo release (Hypnosis, recorded at Made In Hell Studios in 2010), participation in Manifesto Music Movement's compilations with one track in each release(Vol.1 & Vol.2, 2010 & 2011 respectively), and of course the debut album (“Envirusment”, recorded at Esoteron Studios in 2011 / released by Athens Thrash Attack + Eat Metal records). All of the releases above, were supported by numerous shows, appearances in festivals, a tour in Greece, sharing the stage with some of the most well known metal bands including worldwide known legends Sodom, Rotting Christ and Suicidal Angels along with UK thrashers Evile. The icing on the cake in the band's career ‘til then, apart from their appearance at Metaldays festival, is their recent performance at Wacken Open Air festival. Worth to mention also the participation on Greek Metal Hammer tribute to Metallica (#348)
On 2014, recordings of band’s 2nd full length album (“Embracing Oblivion”) were over. CHRONOSPHERE signed a contract with Punishment 18 Records + Spiritual Beast for a European and a Japanese release and it hit the road to unleash its new wave of razor sharp riffs supporting thrash legends Sodom, Destruction, Tankard and many more !!
No later than early 2015, the band announced its 1st European (headlining) Tour invading 11 countries for 27 shows!! It was an absolute success, gaining every single metal fan that attended the shows, while most of them characterized the band as the next big thing!! The 3rd album is composed and awaits it’s recording in the upcoming month...

NERVOSA - Death (Official Video) | Napalm Records

Female thrash metal power trio from Sao Paulo, Brasil, formed by Fernanda Lira (bass and vocals), Prika Amaral (guitar and backing vocals) and Pitchu Ferraz (drums).
Even having been part of groups of different styles before, like death metal and crossover, all members see in the compositions of Nervosa the same passion: thrash metal. With strong influences from this genre’s classic school bands, the girls in the band seek to bring up what is best in heavy music.
Prika Amaral started the band in February 2010, and in July 2011 Fernanda Lira took over the bass and vocals of NERVOSA, and only then, finally with the full team, the band started working as a professional band – writing, recording, doing shows.
In March 2012 the band released their first video for the song “Masked Betrayer”, which reached the incredible mark for a new band of 20,000 views in just one week, which led them to receive an honorable mention YouTube, ranking 17th place most viewed music video of the week and the 55th most watched in March of that year.
Because of the reputation earned through their hard work, NERVOSA in the following months accomplished a great achievement: the deal with the Austrian label Napalm Records, which has in its roster names like Cavalera Conspiracy, WASP, Grave Digger, Moonspell, Huntress, among many others.
In 2012, the first record of the band, a demo with three tracks, was released in Brazil on CD independently, under the title ’2012′ in August, and abroad via Napalm Records on vinyl in turquoise color, and via Nuclear Blast in clear version, both under the title ‘Time Of Death’, which cover art was designed by artist Andrei Bouzikov, who has worked with several bands before, such as Municipal Waste.
Nervosa ends the year of 2012 with a very positive balance of more than 50 shows made across the country, among them, sharing the stage with bands like Exodus, Raven, Grave, Samael (in Roça n Roll Festival), Exumer and Artillery , among others.
After a period of changing drummers, the girl who took over the drumsticks and came to join forces with the band in February 2013 was the competent Pitchu Ferraz, who carries a long 20-year career in the instrument.
The year of 2013 began with renewed energy, and the band continued promoting their EP nationwide, with shows in several states, and even with a tour around North and Northeast of Brazil, and sharing the stage with other major names, such as Korzus, Ratos de Porão and even Destruction, Exciter, Blaze Bayley, Kreator, DRI and Benediction.
In 2014, the girls finished recording their first full length, entitled Victim of Yourself, which featured 12 tracks and which cover was again signed by the artist Andrei Bouzikov, and which booklet was produced by the Brazilian artist Rafael Romanelli.
The album was released in March that year via Napalm Records in Europe and North America and by other labels and distributors in South America, Japan and Russia. In addition to the traditional format on CD, it was also launched four versions on vinyl in black, blue, red and transparent colors, with distribution by Napalm Records and also by Nuclear Blast.
Two videos were also released along the album promotion: ‘Death!’, which was recorded in an abandoned cemetery, reaching the record of views from all the videos of the band, and ‘Into Moshpit’, a compilation of live videos that demonstrates all the energy in the live show of the girls.
These two singles, added to other tracks on the album, made ‘Victim of Yourself’ reach great metal audience response, as well as highlight and good ratings in major magazines in this segment around the world, such as the European Metal Hammer, Rock Hard , Terrorizer and Bass Guitar, the American Revolver and Guitar World and even the Japanese Burrrn!, besides Brazil’s Roadie Crew, Bass Player, Guitar Player and Modern Drummer.
The good reception of the album was essential to result in a long and intense tour, which lasted for the years of 2014 and 2015. To promote the record, the band played in 17 of the Brazilian states, went through seven countries in Latin America and made a successful tour in Europe, with 51 shows in 60 days, passing through a total of 16 countries on the continent, including presentations on some of the major European summer festivals like Summerbreeze, Brutal Assault, Metal Days, Obscene Extreme, among others

The tour to promote ‘Victim of Yourself’ also led the band to the United States for the first time. The kickstart was with 2 gigs ate the already traditional metal cruise ’70000′ tons of metal, which departed from Florida and went until Jamaica, the tour also got through much of the west coast of the country and the south, with over than 30 shows, from the state of Washington to the state of Florida . In addition, other new areas were explored by Nervosa, such as Mexico, where the band played a two-week tour, and other locations such as Puerto Rico and Peru in 2016.

Also that year, the band recorded their new album, entitled ‘Agony’. Recorded and produced in the states of California and Oregon in the United States, by Brendan Duffey and mixed and mastered by the master of thrash Andy Classen , the album has its world wide release announced for June 3, under the Austrian record label Napalm Records.

In order to promote their latest work, the band has many expected shows on its agenda until the end of 2016, including a two-month tour in Europe in June and July, a tour in August contemplating Canada and the East Coast of United States, and a tour again in Europe in September and October, this time alongside the bands Destruction, Flotsam & Jetsam and Enforcer.

Vulture - Victim To The Blade (Full Demo)

Band: Vulture Album: Victim To The Blade Year: 2016 Genre: Speed/Thrash Metal Country: Germany Label: High Roller Records Line-up: Steeler: (Hellhunt, Luzifer) Vocals Genözider: (Bulldozing Bastard, Luzifer, Quintessenz, ex-Obsessör) Guitars/Drums Outlaw: (Wifebeater) Guitars Axetinctör: (Bulldozing Bastard) Bass

00:00 - Vulture
04:46 - Delivered To Die
09:28 - Victim To The Blade
13:27 - Rapid Fire (Judas Priest Cover)

Quasarborn - Danse Macabre (Official Video)

While formed in 2016, the nucleus of this band dates back to 2005, when Đorđe Luković (guitar and backing vocals), Marko Danilović Tihi (drums) and Luka Matković (guitar and lead vocals) formed a band at a tender age, hailing from Belgrade, Serbia. After the break up of that band, Luka and Tihi formed Fatality and their partnership continued throughout the years, when they finally joined Space Eater, a legendary Serbian thrash metal band, in 2009, in which they were joined by Đorđe, just a few years down the line. Under the Space Eater flag, they toured Europe twice, recorded two albums (“Aftershock” and “Passing through the Fire to Molech”), played the legendary Exit festival, etc. With more than enough experience under their belt gathered over the past few years (also playing for and touring with numerous Serbian bands such as Instead of a Kill, Centurion, Infest, Bombarder, The Stone), the three of the aforementioned members decided to leave the Space Eater ranks and to form a band of their own, recruiting yet another old acquaintance, Miloš Tomasović (bass guitar and backing vocals) who stepped in as a replacement bass player during one of the European tours.
Finally, it is 2016 and the four members of the band settled upon the name “Quasarborn”. Finishing touches are currently being laid upon the band's debut album, and while our musical roots are still firmly rooted in the late 80s thrash metal style, there is a lot more variety this time around, with influences creeping up out of numerous genres (such as death, black and heavy metal, classic and progressive rock, and even some jazz and ethno) Besides the music itself, what Quasarborn really takes a lot of pride in, is the fact that that we are a DIY band. Namely, our music is recorded and mixed by Luka (for Citadela Sound Production) and Tihi is the one responsible for all the visual material Quasarborn-related. We strongly feel that DIY ethos is one of our main forte's, since it is the most adequate way for our music to be heard and our band to be represented in general! So stick around and embark on the odyssey to Room 101 with us!

Terrorhammer - Hammer of The Terror Cult

Coming from south European lands, from the country of Serbia, TERRÖRHAMMER was officially formed in 2010 by Pentagramator The Helltyrant and Warbeast Holocausto as a wish to express their commitment to the classical underground metal. After years spent on the contemporary black metal scene, these two decided to show and channel their passion for the old school sound in a new band taking the course of the cult thrash and proto-black metal cults of the 80's.

Joined with several session members, the duo (Pentagramator on guitars and Warbeast on vocals) hits the studio in 2011 and records it's first compositions. This recording quickly gathers the attention of german Heavy Forces Records which offers the band to release their material, a deal that afterwards results in “Vintage Black Mass” EP released exclusively on vinyl in 2012. TERRÖRHAMMER starts to play live shows going out of the Serbian borders, but at the same time fully works on the new material.

In the year of 2013, Warbeast Holocausto decides to leave TERRÖRHAMMER for personal reasons furthermore consolidating his position as a new singer of Norwegian GORGOROTH. In these new circumstances, Pentagramator takes over the vocal duties along with the guitars and introduces two new members to the band - B.B.K. Necro Doctor on bass and T-Scream Agonizer on drums.

This trio participates on Romanian Thrash Metal Festival in 2013 and thereafter enters the studio for a single release “Noć Paklenog Gneva”, a special recording dedicated to the originators of unholy Czech metal underground, MASTER'S HAMMER and ROOT! Single was released digitally in the beginning of 2014 and offered the audience a chance to hear how the new lineup of TERRÖRHAMMER sounds. Shortly after T-Scream Agonizer quits his position, leaving Pentagramator and B.B.K. Necro Doctor alone to finish the work on the upcoming record which was already taking place.

Finally in the middle of 2014, TERRÖRHAMMER was again in the studio recording the new material, this time backed by remarkable Honza “Butcher” Kapak (AVENGER, ex-MASTER'S HAMMER”) on drums for the band's first full-lenght release. The album entitled “Under the Unholy Command” was released by Deathrune Records on October 2015 and since it's publication keeps getting more and more positive reactions from the underground community. TERRÖRHAMMER is currently working on some live shows where they will promote and present the new material in it's original form - live and raw, the way it was conceived in the first place. Apart from these, many other plans are set to develop in a time that comes, hopefully allowing TERRÖRHAMMER to claim the place deserved by devotion and quality.

Cruel Force - Victim of hellfire

Into The Crypts... | Demo 2008
The Rise Of Satanic Might| Full-Length 2010
Ancient Black Spirit | Single 2011
Under the Sign of the Moon | Full-Lenth 2011

NOCTURNAL - Rising Demons (Official Video)

Thrash/black metal !
"Rising Demons" from the album "Storming Evil" out now on HIGH ROLLER RECORDS !

ASPHYX - Death The Brutal Way (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Usually, band reunions tend to turn out to be futile attempts at resurrecting a rotting carcass that is better left dead for good… Yet at times, bands manage to return rejuvenated, reenergised and stronger than ever before! Fortunately, exactly this hits the coffin nail on its head when it comes down to premier Dutch death metal masters ASPHYX! With their highly anticipated and aptly titled new album “Death…The Brutal Way” the quartet now releases a prime example for the perseverance and indestructible impact of real death metal!

Formed back in 1987 under the morbid influence of such infernal genre forefathers as Venom, Hellhammer/Celtic Frost, Slaughter and Death, ASPHYX started building their legendary reputation via several demos that spread like a plague within the tape trading and uprising underground metal community. Only one year older than their long-time label partner, Century Media, ASPHYX conquered the worldwide metal scene with such immortal death metal classics as “The Rack” (1991) and “The Last One On Earth” (1992). The band toured worldwide with fellow death metal forerunners-acts like Entombed, Benediction and Bolt Thrower to quickly establish themselves at the spearhead of the international extreme music scene. However, the mid-90’s proved to be a hard time for death metal and also ASPHYX suffered from the genre’s implosion back then. Line-up problems ensued: vocalist Martin van Drunen left the band after “The Last One On Earth” and even founding member Bob Bagchus (drums) took a time-out. While their following releases (1994’s “Asphyx”, 1995’s “God Cries”) kept the band’s high standard of musical output, in 1996 the band disbanded only to rise again in 1997 under the name SOULBURN. Their sole SOULBURN album “Feeding On Angels” (1997) featured Wannes Gubbels (Pentacle) on bass/vocals, Bob Bagchus on drums and original ASPHYX guitarist Eric Daniels. As the album sounded as close to the true ASPHYX-sound as possible it felt only natural that on “On The Wings Of Inferno” (2000) the classic moniker of ASPHYX had returned. With this massive slab of doomy, raw death metal a true and high-quality new ASPHYX record had been created, but only after some few club- and festival-shows by 2000 the band dissolved again due to the departure of Eric Daniels.

After these turbulent times, the reformation of ASPHYX was a less complicated process and started with an unbelievably successful reunion show as headlining act at 2007’s Party.San festival in Germany! Several thousand fans heartily welcomed the current line-up consisting of returning Martin van Drunen (vocals), Wannes Gubbels (bass/vocals), Paul Baayens (guitar, also in Thanatos) and Bob Bagchus (drums) and went nuts during an intense best-of set. Further successful live shows followed e.g. at the Arnhem Metal Meeting (NL), Hole In The Sky Festival (NOR), Rock Hard Festival (D) and for 2009 the band is also confirmed to play the Maryland Deathfest (US), Deathfeast (D), With Full Force Festival (D) as well as many other high-profile international shows.

After releasing a 7” on the small German underground label Iron Pegasus in 2008, which sold out quickly, now it is time to finally unleash the new full-length album “Death…The Brutal Way”. It was recorded at Sonic Assault Studio with their longtime engineer Frank Klein Douwel. Afterwards it was mixed and mastered by the none less legendary Dan Swanö (Bloodbath, Edge Of Sanity, etc.), who previously successfully worked on mixing the debut album by Hail Of Bullets, the band featuring ASPHYX vocalist Martin van Drunen and guitarist Paul Baayens. From the crushing opening track “Scorbutics”, the driving title-track, the doom monster “Asphyx II (They Died As They Marched)”, the devastating “Eisenbahnmörser” over to the monumental death metal anthem “Cape Horn”, ASPHYX have transferred their classic trademarks into the year 2009 and every dedicated fan will instantly embrace the album as the only true successor to 1992’s “The Last One On Earth”. A special limited edition version of the album will include a Bonus-DVD including the earlier mentioned, fantastic live show from Party-San festival 2007. If you have witnessed ASPHYX live in the current line-up you will have realized that the band is not simply making profit from past laurels, but has ultimately rediscovered its unquenchable thirst for delivering their own brand of doomy, violent death metal! The ripping riffs, the titanic roar of van Drunen, the pounding drumming and macabre atmosphere are 666% ASPHYX from start to finish and once you have listened to the entire new opus you will agree that the unique ASPHYX sound has been truly missed during the past years. Welcome back!

Aspid - Extravasation [Reissue]

Formed in 1988, the band released their only album to date "Extravasation"in 1992, after which they split.

Demolition Hammer - Epidemic of Violence (Full Album)

Band: Demolition Hammer Album: Epidemic of Violence Year: 1992 Genre: Thrash Metal Country: U.S.A.

Solstice - Solstice (Full Album)

Band: Solstice
Album: Solstice
Country: United States
Release year: 1992

  1. Transmogrified

  2. Cleansed of Impurity

  3. Eternal Waking

  4. Survival Reaction

  5. S.M.D. (Carnivore cover)

  6. Netherworld

  7. Plastcized

  8. Catalysmic Outburst

  9. Aberration

Malevolent Creation - Retribution [Full Album]

MALEVOLENT CREATION started their career in 1987 in Buffalo, NY, where they recorded and distributed their first demo. Moving to a more fertile music scene in Florida they produced their second demo with a pressing of 1,000 copies. Finally, a third demo the following year recorded by Scott Burns at Morris Sound which landed MALEVOLENT CREATION a record deal with Roadrunner and the first full-length album titled The Ten Commandments, considered by many to be one of the strongest Death Metal debut albums.

The recording process for the following albums, such as Retribution, and Stillborn, were riddled with line-up changes, the beginning of a common occurrence that has since become a MALEVOLENT CREATION trademark. As mastermind Phil Fasciana sums it up, "If you're too slow, you've got to go". Never allowing the revolving musicians to affect the power and skill of the band in a negative way, the rotation only added mystery and fan interest in the next step of the band’s career. Continuing to fight their martial battles stronger and stronger with each release, MALEVOLENT CREATION labeled 'The Mike Tyson of Death Metal' never let anyone down with new additions or replacements.

The bestial terror from Florida continued to release more albums spewing forth Eternal, Joe Black, In Cold Blood, The Fine Art Of Murder, Envenomed, The Will To Kill, Warkult and Doomsday X, followed by releasing one of their best albums to date Invidious Dominion

Dark Funeral - Where Shadows Forever Reign (Full Album) [2016]

The band started out in 1993 by Blackmoon and Lord Ahriman. A year later after they had released the debut EP Dark Funeral (which was re-released again with different cover art, title and bonus songs), they signed on with No Fashion Records. They continued to release albums on No Fashion until 2001, then later got signed by Regain Records.