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Great Uses for Your Garage in Winter

If your garage roof needs repaired then don't wait to get it sorted. A garage which is watertight is effectively another room in your house and can be put to good use even in the winter months.


Clothes Drier

If you do not have room in you house for a tumble drier why not install one in the garage. It can easily be vented to the outside and will prevent your home being filled with wet washing all winter.


Home for Small Family Pets

Home for Small Family Pets

Some rabbits and guinea pigs are fine to be left in a hutch outside over the winter as long as the hutch is positioned in a sheltered place and they have enough dry straw. However the garage is a much warmer and brighter environment for children to look after and play with family pets. Cleaning out the hutch out of the wind and rain is also a plus.


Spring Bulbs

The dry garage is perfect for storing spring bulbs as long as it is dry and cool. Brush off any excess dirt and put the bulbs in labelled paper bags or nets. Spring bulbs need to be stored on average for about 6-8 weeks in the cold in order to bloom successfully.


The Car

It sounds obvious, but most people do not use the garage for their car. This is usually either because of the inconvenience of having to open and shut the garage after each trip or because the garage it too small for the size of car they own.
However if your car does fit in the garage, it is well worth using. It will save you time having to defrost the car in the morning and a car stored in the garage is much less likely to be stolen.


Secret Storage

Secret Storage

As long as your garage is watertight and can be locked, it can be used as a temporary storage place to hide bigger presents from little ones until Christmas day.