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Gap insurance help: When would be the best time to purchase a new vehicle?

Buying a new car can be a tricky business. There are many things to take into account, including what kind of car is best for you and your lifestyle, the most important is if it fits your budget. However, you should also think about the best time to purchase a car as it has tremendous effect on its price.


Good deals in car purchase

Good deals in car purchase

• New models

Three of U.S. car makers always launch their new models during August and September. Most buyers are excited of most recent models so dealers give bigger discounts and tempting incentives to dispose of the models the previous year.

• End-of-month pressure
The last five days of the year pressures dealers to give the greatest incentive to make an auto deal as most car makers are rewarded with bonuses when certain sale numbers are hit by dealers. Dealers can afford to take a loss since they get the bonus for hitting their quotas.
• Year-end sales
The last week of the year welcomes sales, especially from car makers of luxurious brands as BMW, Lexus and Mercedes Benz. Manufactures want to stretch those remaining sales and give discounts. But you have no option for the choice of colors.
• Redesigned model

Manufacturers redesigned their vehicles periodically to bring about a situation for the outgoing and new models are sold simultaneously. In some cases, dealers are eager to get rid of the outgoing model by offering high incentives and discounts.

Pick days, months, seasons and right timing for better deals

  1. Drop in showrooms on Friday as they are quieter. Get the dual advantage of bargaining with the sales person in a quiet showroom and his eagerness to hit his weekly target.
  2. Make your offer later in the day as the salesperson wants to make a sales before closing time and amenable to give you a bargain.
  3. February and August are bargain months as real deals are offered due to slow sales. Majority of buyers prefer to wait for the released of new number plates in March and September.
  4. March is an important month for car sales. Be the first customer inside the showroom and start bartering with sales staff. They are all focused on making sales for the entry of incoming year's stock.
  5. The final days of June and December are rich with good deals as most auto dealers have completed their sales targets for the quarter.
  6. November and December are great months to purchase dealers as preparing to get rid of current-year stock as much as possible.
  7. In winter convertibles, are up for bargain as they are popular options in summer.
  8. High demand for four-wheel-cars are at its peak during autumn and winter due to bad weather, so dealers give greater discounts during the summer months.
  9. During the Christmas season, retailers and distributors want to maximize profits, by taking advantage of the spending period and the gift-giving deadline.
  10. Car dealers with previous year's build plate find selling difficult as year ends so you can negotiate the price and even ask for few bonus extras.

Finally, proper timing is essential to get better deals in purchasing new cars. In the purchase, allow leeway for the human factor. During the proper time, build goodwill with the salesperson and he will offer you the best deal. With a little patience, you save a few dollars, get the car you want for the price you want by waiting for the best time. Article was written by the leaders in Gap car warranty insurance - . Click4gap has been around for many years. Seen as one of the top gap insurance companies in the UK.