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Headline for Must-See Angkor Temples in Cambodia – Remarkable Attractions for the Sightseer
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Must-See Angkor Temples in Cambodia – Remarkable Attractions for the Sightseer


Bayon Temple

This magnificent temple is situated at the centre of the expansive Angkor complex. This striking temple which was constructed in 1190 AD has the distinction of having been amongst the final temples to have been constructed at Angkor. The temple is renowned for the numerous immense smiling faces, carved from stone, which can be seen prominently at the site. Another feature of interest at this shrine is a number of bas-relief carvings that are considered to show scenes from the everyday lifestyle of the Khmers. Although the exact meaning of the carvings is not known, you will see that these detailed sculptures depict a variety of subjects including military forces, acrobats and many other features of interest.


Banteay Srei

The temple known as Banteay Srei, which translates as 'Citadel of Woman', seems small at first glance compared to other temple structures to be seen in Angkor. However it should unquestionably be included in a tour of Angkor as it is undoubtedly a major attraction. Having been meticulously restored and well maintained, this temple presents an engrossing sight for the visitor. You will see that this place of worship has been constructed with sturdy red bricks which have been skilfully carved to present a distinctive appearance. This temple is particularly resplendent just before the hour of sunset, at which time you will be able to see the very last gleams of sunlight shimmering on the facade of the temple.


Phnom Bakheng

Although this shrine may not rank as the grandest or most impressive temple at Angkor, it is regarded as being significant historically. Having been constructed during the 9th and 10th centuries, this temple is considered to be amongst the oldest in the Angkor complex. The architectural style of the temple is considered to represent Mount Meru, the abode of the Hindu pantheon. If you climb to the summit of the temple you will have the opportunity to experience spectacular views over the nearby areas. It is also a great place to enjoy a splendid view of the local sunset.


Ta Prohm

This mysterious temple has a unique place amongst the temples of Angkor for having been allowed to remain just as it was, with very little restorative work having been undertaken. This shrine is frequented by many visitors as it presents a mysterious and eerie atmosphere, with immense tree roots stretching above and through the temple buildings. This temple is also famous for having been the setting for the 2001 Tomb Raider movie with Angelina Jolie in the starring role. As you experience the remarkable temples of Angkor a choice of accommodation that you may consider would be a luxury hotel in Siem Reap that is within easy reach of such sites such as the well-placed Anantara Angkor Resort.


Angkor Wat

This temple is unquestionably the most renowned of the Angkor temples and is regarded as being representative of the classical architectural designs of the Khmer people. It is considered to be a national treasure and is visited by countless sightseers each year. This magnificent religious site was constructed during the 1100s and is considered to be the biggest religious complex in the world. It is also the most well-preserved of the temples at Angkor as it has been in uninterrupted use from the time of its construction. This temple compound is always fascinating to explore as it is of great size and contains many features of interest.

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