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Headline for Podsumowanie Tygodnia 17.01-23.01.2017
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Podsumowanie Tygodnia 17.01-23.01.2017

'It helps build that daily habit': Publishers use Instant Articles bundle for daily must-reads - Digiday

Publishers are testing the new Instant Articles bundles by serving morning editions of need-to-know stories.

Najpopularniejsze reklamy na YouTubie w 2016 roku: „English for beginners” i „Legendy Polskie” Allegro (TOP10)

Wiadomości, najnowsze informacje na temat rynku reklamy internetowej w Polsce i na Świecie

WordPress 4.7 Reaches 10 Million Downloads, Releases New Security and Maintenance Update

The latest version of WordPress is proving to be a hit with users. At over 10 million, the WordPress download numbers has broken a new milestone.

Twitter’s latest feature prompts you to tweet your updated profile picture

Twitter is rolling out a new feature designed to increase the amount of visual content in users’ timelines and encourage more tweets and replies: it’s prompting users who have just updated their profile picture to post a hashtagged tweet about the change. The tweet will be appended with #NewProfilePic, which can then be seen by all the users’ Twitter followers.

Facebook Pushes For More Messenger Integration On Desktop

It seems Facebook is now strongly pushing for more Messenger integration on desktop as well - now also adding desktop notifications.

Live Desktop Broadcasts, Mid-Roll Video Ads & More: 7 Facebook Changes You May Have Missed

Facebook has changed a lot recently. Let's review what's new that marketers need to know.

Jak wykorzystać sitcom w reklamie? Pizza Hut robi to bezbłędnie - NowyMarketing

Pizza Hut stworzyła, krótkie 30 sekundowe reklamy w stylu sitcom. Każda z nich wyświetlana jest na innym kanale, bo target do którego ma dotrzeć jest inny.

TodoBook Is The Best Facebook Productivity Tool Ever Built

We live in an era of procrastination, thanks to... Facebook! But it can also become your best productivity tool, thanks to a new Chrome extension: TodoBook.

Pinterest Adds Ad Groups to Campaign Structure

Starting this month, we’re rolling out an update to the way your Pinterest ad campaigns are structured. Previously, Pinterest ad campaigns had two elements: the campaign itself and the Promoted Pins within it. We’re upgrading this structure to include ad groups. An ad group works as a container for your Promoted Pins and gives you more control over how you budget for, target and run your campaigns.

Koniec wiadomości w Facebooku na desktopach. Zastąpił je Messenger

Messenger na całym Facebooku - również na desktopach, gdzie od lat działał klasyczny system konwersacji. W praktyce to jednak jedynie zmiana interfejsu.

Volvo Won Its Adweek Arc Award by Letting a 4-Year-Old Drive One of Its Trucks

The Volvo FMX 18-ton construction truck bills itself as "built for the toughest working conditions on earth." Volvo Trucks and agency Forsman & Bodenfors set out to prove that claim in a unique and effective way: by letting an adorable and fearless 4-year-old girl take it for a test drive.

Google+ won’t go away

Since Google+ is still alive and kicking, Google is rolling out three updates to the product over the next couple of weeks. For one, those who still use..

Adidas Knocks Under Armour Again With This Inspirational 'One in a Billion' Ad for China

Some in the Western world retain unfortunate stereotypes about China as a society that places little value on individuality, valuing loyalty to the state above all other things.  Advertisers, in turn, have often approached the world's second largest economy with caution.

Uber będzie rozwoził w Polsce jedzenie i paczki

Uber angażuje się w nowe aktywności w Polsce. Do końca roku ma u nas ruszyć usługa UberEATS, a wkrótce również możliwość zamawiania usług kurierskich.

Deliver Results With Twitter’s In-Feed Autoplay Video Ads

Social video spending is increasing by the day, and as the format is becoming a more favourite among marketers, they start to understand its benefits.

Google Drive goes down

Google Drive is having some major issues today. Sometime around 8am PT this morning, the storage service that forms the basis of most of Google's online..

Chevrolet Unveils a Life-Size Lego Batmobile, and a Self-Parody Ad to Match

Chevrolet has long been running a campaign that shows a group of "ordinary" people, a Chevy car and has them react in disbelief to how safe it is, how many awards it's won and generally how awesome it is. Now, Chevy is launching a campaign in conjunction with Warner Bros. to promote The Lego Batman Movie, coming out in February.

Ad of the Day: Reebok Gets 'More Human' Than Ever in Evolving Aspirational Campaign

Are you striving hard toward personal growth, using exercise, physical fitness and intense competition to build your character and shape your life in positive ways? Well, Reebok wants to give you a hand.

New Google feature will change how you search forever

Google app for Android will store searches offline and deliver as soon as connection is available.

How Pinterest Engagement Has Changed in Two Years - NewsWhip

Pinterest is an underdog platform for publishers. We look at how Pinterest engagement has grown in the past two years and the top publishers.

Android will now store Google searches offline and deliver them when you get a signal

Google is rolling out an update for its Android app that makes it easier to search the internet with an inconsistent internet connection. Users can make searches when offline and the Google app...

This Video Game Ad Is the First Film in 14 Years From the Director of Die Hard

What happens when a group of heavily tattooed thugs, a precocious snow-white cat and a team of special ops assassins appear in the same ad? Don't fret—the feline emerges unscathed. The drug dealers? Not so much.

'I'm Alpha Male Adjacent.' Neil Patrick Harris on Why He's Still Doing Ads for Heineken Light

It was back in the summer of 2014 that Neil Patrick Harris did his first ads for Heineken Light, via Wieden + Kennedy New York.

Łukasz Głombicki nowym szefem komunikacji w LifeTube - Lifetube

W ciągu trzech lat LifeTube udało się wypracować pozycję lidera w Europie wśród nie-międzynarodowych sieci partnerskich. Dociera do 37 mln stałych widzów i generuje ponad 350 mln wyświetleń miesięcznie. Na swoim koncie ma ok. 1000 projektów z największymi polskimi i globalnymi markami. Łukasz Głombicki, jako doświadczony specjalista w branży medialnej, pokieruje pracą zespołu komunikacyjnego.

A Third of Facebookers Visiting Branded Pages

For our first Chart of the Day this week, we take stock of the numbers of Facebookers who are interacting with brands on the platform.