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Maid in Dubai | Cleaning Companies in Dubai

Urban Housekeeping Company is a maid cleaning service provider in Dubai. Conceived with a mandate to redefine the maid and cleaning services industry standards within Dubai and the United Arab Emirates.
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Things You Should Know About Indian Maids

Things You Should Know About Indian Maids

The Indian diaspora is one of the most widely spread in the world, you can find an Indian expat at any almost any location in the world. In general, Indians are very astute and clever, and they will know how to handle situations. This is a quality that they were to the table and is one of the reasons they are so coveted across the globe. Indian maids are especially popular here in the Middle East and Dubai, second to only perhaps the Filipinos. There are several characteristics that an Indian maid displays; here are some of the most important ones.

Hard Working: The Indian diaspora is found in spades here in Dubai and the Middle East, and they are all here chasing their dreams or making sure that they are earning enough to send their families back home. This means that they are going to give their best when they are here to serve you. They have great skills and will be able to multitask for you.

Trustworthy: Indians are a trustworthy lot as in once you have established a good rapport with them; they will be very loyal and will be serving with absolute earnestness and trust. They will give you a clean home or office any time you ask them. They are able to cater to the children as nannies and take of your sick mother or grandfather and give them loving care as sitters.

Communication: They are really good at cleaning, but when you want to relay instructions to them, you will need someone with whom you can communicate with and one who will respond exactly. This is where Indian maids are really good at, as they are good at communication and can speak excellently in English.

Prudent: They are very prudent and will perform with keen skill their tasks. They will be looking into every corner and crevice and get rid of the dust once and for all. Since they are good communicators, they will also carefully apply your instructions and let you have the perfect house of office space.

Caring: As said earlier, Indians are really trustworthy, and they are also one of the most caring. Great deals of the Indian maid are having families back home and since they cannot see them all the time, they will take care of children and elders with nurturing care.

These are the general characteristics of Indian maids in Dubai, and individual maids may not necessarily have the same characteristics. However, maid agencies in Dubai always pick the Indian maids who display these positive qualities so that they can work for you and give you the treatment that you deserve.

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Characteristics of Filipino Maids in Maids

Characteristics of Filipino Maids in Maids

Filipinos are one of the most coveted ethnic groups for domestic help in the world, let alone here in the Middle East, although they are found abundantly in the Middle East and in cities such as Dubai. If you are interested in hiring the help of Filipino Maids, then it would be better if you could know more about them. It is possible for you to hire Filipino maids through several Filipino maid agencies out there, but here are some of the things that you should know before you let them into your home.

They are really good in communication: These maids are well educated and literate. They will know how to communicate in English. In the relationship between an employer and maid, you will need to maintain a good communication, otherwise, things can go awry and you will not end up with the cleaning that you’d want. Filipino maids are excellent in English and you can relay your instructions and get them to do stuff for you.

They are really friendly: Filipino maids are extremely friendly and good with people. They are able to give you the best experience with regards to being warm and good to be around with. These maids will be able to treat your family members as if they were their own because they are innately friendly and sociable. They are good with children and elders alike and once they have made friends, you can rest assured that they are in safe hands.

They are hard-working: A Filipino maid is generally hardworking and is able to give you the best of your time and money. They have great work ethic and can handle multiple tasks. Their versatility with being able to do several compatible and distinct jobs has helped them overcome their adversities and rise. They are great people to be around with and they will do their jobs perfectly.

These are of course the general characteristics of a Filipino maid, but it doesn’t necessarily mean it applies to every single individual. Filipino maid agencies in Dubai will have picked up the right individual who will have all the good qualities of Filipino maids and they will be the ones who will come to your homes and offices to do the domestic or commercial service or to be a nanny to your children. They are quite simply one of the best workforces.


What Are The Advantages Of Hiring Domestic Helpers In Dubai?

What Are The Advantages Of Hiring Domestic Helpers In Dubai?

There are several advantages to having a domestic helper in Dubai. You are going to find yourself overwhelmed when you try and do the cleaning and household chores by yourself. There’ll be too many things to and not enough time for you to do it. When you want to get yourself some time for yourself, you’ll find yourself burdened with the responsibility of taking care of your house. This is the reasons that domestic helpers in Dubai exist and indeed there are several advantages as to why you should choose domestic helpers in Dubai:

Skillset: These domestic helpers are extremely skilled and are capable of doing a lot of activities. Domestic workers are very gifted doing the domestic chores such as housekeeping – cleaning, washing, sweeping, laundry, ironing- and they are also very skilled at doing other activates- such as babysitting and taking care of your elderly, if they are skilled at it. Their versatility makes them indispensable once you hire them for their services.

Character: These maids in Dubai come here with an effort to make their families back from prosper and give them a greater chance at life. When they come around to clean your house, they are coming to work in complete earnest; they will not want to agitate anybody and will be on their best behaviour. These domestic workers usually come from South and South-East Asia and their general demeanour is pleasant and good.

Time: Of course perhaps the biggest advantage of hiring domestic workers in Dubai is the fact they are going to give you a lot of time for yourself. When you want to see yourself with your family members and with yourself, doing the things that you always wanted to do, then you will need the help of these domestic workers, who will be doing the job that had always burdened you. With domestic workers, you will be able to rest and relax with your families, but you won’t have to worry about the cleanliness of your homes as it is in safe hands.

Things that you should consider before hiring domestic helpers in Dubai

Of course, you shouldn’t just jump right in and hire any maids that you want to hire. There are things that you should take into account before you go about hiring domestic helpers in Dubai.

One of the things that you should check is whether or not you the background info and credentials are rock solid and they have indeed come here authentically with everything properly vetted before entering here in Dubai.

Another about hiring domestic helpers in Dubai is to check whether or not these domestic workers are insured. In a lot of the cases, these maids won’t have any insurance and this will end up becoming a burden for you, but if insured, you won’t be liable if anything happens to them while they are doing their cleaning.

What Are The Advantages Of Hiring Domestic Helpers In Dubai?

There are several advantages to having a domestic helper in Dubai. You are going to find yourself overwhelmed when you try and do the cleaning and household