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Trump vs NWO

A collection of videos and articles which suggest that Donald Trump is against the establishment of the NWO.

Donald Trump Destroys The Illuminati With The Best Anti NWO Speech

The Trump family has planned for the New World Order and this overthrow of government for many years - one lawsuit filed Sept. 19 in a California district co...

The Writing is on The Wall - President Trump Derails The NWO

The writing's on the wall folks and you're seeing it here first. Donald J Trump is going to rock this world and he's got divine endorsement to clean house. Huge ramifications will take place as corrupt organizations fall in a domino effect one by one throughout the world.

Putin: Trump Win Is A Massive Defeat For New World Order

Putin has sent his congratulations to President Trump for helping to defeat the "New World Order" - an emerging totalitarian world government

Trump Goes Head On Against The NWO! This Is Why Establishment Politicos And MSM Want Him Gone

The "acceptable" political rules have been thrown aside, discussions about important issues such as illegal immigration and amnesty for criminals, are being had all across America, and one man is in the center of the firestorm because of his refusal to "play the game" according to the unspoken rules that career politicians all follow.

Attacks On Trump Expose NWO Agenda

War, war never changes since the dawn of human kind, when our ancestors first discovered the killing power of rock and bone, blood has been spilled in the na...

Donald Trump, Slayer of NWO Dragons

The Establishment is frightened and are in a panic. They can’t believe it. Donald Trump is about to overturn their New World Order applecart. If he is elected President of the United States, all the carefully drafted plans of the Bilderbergers, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Council of the Americas, the World Economic Forum, the Skull & Bones Society, the Bohemian Grove and every other traitorous conspiratorial group will be smashed.

Trump's Inside Plan To Defeat The New World Order Leaked

The US has been a leader in all facets of the progression of the Human race and has recently been seized as of 30 years ago, the proof is in the tens of thou...

BREAKING: George Soros Just Gave Trump 'Biggest Compliment' - He Stopped NWO !

BREAKING: George Soros Just Gave Donald Trump The Biggest Compliment ! It is becuase Trump STOPPED the NWO plan! ~~ Links: 1)


Very smart of our new President-Elect Trump and I'm very glad he's going outside our Secret Service. I would NOT trust ANYONE, in ANY branch of government.