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Updated by DJ Rob on Feb 18, 2017
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30 Best Women's Empowerment Songs of the Past 50 Years!

As women turned out in the millions across the country (and the world) on Saturday, January 21, 2017 to protest the new U.S. president, djrobblog ranked the 30 songs that best capture this moment in history. These are the songs that we believe are the 30 greatest songs in recent popular music history (the past 50 years) to reflect the messages so many women will be (and already have been) delivering from coast to coast and around the world in protest of POTUS No. 45 and what many fear will be an administration that sets women back 50 years...socially, politically and otherwise.

These songs are about women breaking down barriers in traditionally male fields, whether in the workplace, in the home or - dare I say - in the bedroom. Some of them are songs of defiance, others are merely about encouragement. Many of them celebrate a newfound independence, while others defend a woman's right to express herself in a relationship.

Many of them are classics with which readers will be familiar, few may be new to others. All of them were thought worthy enough to be included here on this special countdown by djrobblog. So without any further delay, here they are - the 30 Best Songs About Female Empowerment, from #30 to #1.

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30. Hollaback Girl - Gwen Stefani (2005)

This countdown begins with a tune that served as a call-to-arms for women to "put the pom poms down" and prepare to fight. It wasn't exactly clear what Stefani's cause was in the lyrics, but many have speculated that it was her declaration that she is not the kind of girl who responds favorably to men's often disrespectful catcalls. She contended it was partially inspired by another female star referring to her as a "cheerleader," another sign of disrespect. Either way, Stefani wasn't having any of it, and this attitude song shot straight to #1 in the spring of 2005.

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