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Updated by Robin Singh on Jul 21, 2020
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Top 10 Tools For Startups

A startup endeavour requires endless hard work, faith and perseverance. The journey is rocky, full of big and small hurdles. However, emergence of new technologies has come as a relief to fresh startups. There are some new tools and softwares that offer interesting features which simplify organizational workflow, operations, and eliminate redundant activities. These tools help startups save their scarce resources and money, and allows them to focus only on their core ideas.



Buckets lets you create a sophisticated to-do list for the employees and write comments on the items of the list. It keeps you posted about the activities happening in the organization in one glance.



Topdox software can be used to access, sync, share and edit any file or document through any device. It can be used across mobile, tablets and desktops. Users can use services from both Microsoft office and Google docs together through this software.




KnowledgeBase is used to store and access files, documents and articles and create highly-searchable online FAQ’s. It can be used to share information to train sales, customer support teams and to introduce new employees to norms and procedures of a company. It helps employees and customers find information instantly whenever and wherever they need it.



Project is project management tool which lets you create project calendars in which you can create tasks, share files and make comments. It helps to meet deadlines, it facilitates efficient collaboration and smooth inter-organizational communication.



Live chat software lets you connect with website users instantly. It helps to capture customers by communicating with them and understanding what they really want directly from them. Instant response to customers helps delight them and hence increase sales.



Kickstarter helps creative startups receive funds for their projects. It helps artists, musicians, filmmakers, designers and other creators find the resources and support that they need. It lets them have control over their ideas, their projects and at the same time gives them a community of supporters who can help them with it.


Open Site Explorer

Open site explorer provides great support to seo activities and in this course they also contribute positively to the marketing initiatives. It helps to find useful back links, search critical link building opportunities and also help to discover the links that can be harmful for the website.



Vero is a data driven email platform which helps to manage off-site customer interactions. It collects information related to customers and related events, enables segmentation of the data and facilitates scheduling of email workflows. Further it deploys and tracks email campaigns.



Freshdesk is an online customer support software and helpdesk. It provides multi channel support which helps the customers to contact you through various channels and helps you process their requests faster. It establishes automated processes in customer support which boosts productivity.



Heap collects data related to the users and eliminates manual tracking completely. It reveals facts and data sets through automated procedures that helps to take strategic decisions. It eradicates time consuming statistical computation and simplifies the data. It useful for all data centric streams.