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Guide to Buying Or Selling Luxury Homes

Learn about the buying and selling of luxury homes and what you need to be doing in order to ensure success with your luxury real estate transaction.

A Guide To Getting A Mortgage For A Luxury Home

A guide for luxury buyers on the type of mortgage available and what is entailed with applying for one.

5 Smart Tips For Selling Your Luxury Home

Learn about five smart strategies that can help elevate the presentation of your luxury home. These strategies will help bring in buyers who will be ready to make an offer.

Some Of The Highest Priced Homes On The Cincinnati Market As Of November 2016

Here are the top ten highest priced home in the Greater Cincinnati area which includes Northern Kentucky and the Cincinnati area of Ohio.

Great Tips For Buying A Luxury Home

Smart steps to take when buying a luxury home. No one wants to go into a luxury home and end up regretting it, here are some tips to make the luxury home process successful.

Insightful Tips For Selling a Luxury Home

When selling a luxury home you need to make sure your home is elevated in terms of marketing and presentation since nothing less will be expected from luxury home buyers.

How To Sell A Luxury Home For Sale By Owner (FSBO)

Learn some key tips for selling a luxury home for sale by owner. The for sale by owner process is highly involved process that needs to be done right in order to have a successful sale.

Should You Use Sex Appeal To Sell A Luxury Home?

With the way advertising in general has been moving, here is a question that you can’t get away from: does sex sell in the luxury real estate market? 

Podcast #10: Luxury Mortgages aka Jumbo Mortgages Explained

A podcast about jumbo mortgages with an expert question and answer session with a luxury mortgage loan officer and a luxury realtor.

How To Successfully Sell Your Luxury Home In A Short Time Frame

Luxury home selling tips that will not only bring buyers in to view your home but they will also be ready to make an offer!

What Are Luxury Homebuyers Looking For When Buying A Home

If you own a luxury home and looking how to deliver the best possible image of your home when selling it this article is for you.

Incredible Guide For Buying A Luxury Home

Being properly prepared when buying a luxury home means the process will go much easier. Making sure the initial steps are done right will result in long term satisfaction with a luxury home purchase.

Selling Your Luxury Home In Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky

Ready to sell your luxury home in the Greater Cincinnati or Northern Kentucky area? You have come to the right place. Learn about how best to sell your luxury home and work with an expert luxury real estate agent.

5 Strategies To Sell Luxury Home

5 strategies luxury home sellers should be using to sell their home. Selling a luxury home requires additional planning and preparation in order to make sure...

How To Properly Price A Luxury Home For Sale - Greater Cincinnati Luxury Real Estate

Pricing a non-luxury home for sale is a bit easier than pricing luxury homes since with non-luxury homes there is plenty of recent sales data from comparable homes being sold. Luxury homes on the other hand take longer to sell due to the smaller pool of luxury home buyers and as a result the sales data for comparable home sales may not be as current. Generally there are also fewer luxury home sales overall which also does not help when it comes time to set a price.

6 Reasons Why Your Luxury Home Did Not Sell

Six Reasons Why A Luxury Home Did Not Sell When a luxury home does not sell the feelings of frustration and confusion can overwhelm and cloud the reas...

8 Great Suggestions For Buying a Luxury Home

What does it take to be buying a luxury home? This article covers the main points to keep in mind!

Luxury Home Pricing Strategies

Real estate pricing is one of those areas where it is not an exact science whereby a homeowner can point to certain aspects that a home has and then on that basis determine an accurate price. For instance a luxury home that has five bedrooms with each bedroom having its own bathroom, a four car garage, two kitchens, a pool, sauna and more could very well be priced lower than a three bedroom, two full bathroom home that is located in a downtown area of a large urban city.

The Problem With Overpricing A Luxury Home

Setting the right price for a luxury home is one of the most critical aspects of selling a home. Setting a price too low and the homeowner is walking away from money they could have otherwise added to their own pocket. Setting a price too high and no amount of marketing will help get that home sold. The price of a home is determined by what a ready, willing and able buyer offers for the home. The amount invested into a home, the amount originally paid for a home or the amount owed on a mortgage does not really play into the actual price a home will sell for. Sure those items may factor into the homeowners equation as to whether it makes sense to sell the home or not, but it does not set a home’s price.

How To Get Your Luxury Home To Stand Out Against The Competition

As is often the case there are a multitude of luxury homes available for sale on the market. As a result the luxury homeowner who is able to make their home stand out has a better chance of being noticed by buyers.

What To Do When Your Luxury Home Does Not Sell

Learn which areas may have caused your luxury home not to sell and how to prevent the issues from happening again.

Great Tips For Selling Your Luxury Home Safely and Securely

Learn how to make your luxury home sale a safe and secure one through proper control means of who is coming and going to see the house.