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Updated by trendzintech on Aug 17, 2017
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Impact Of Data Breach On Businesses

Nowadays, data breach has become common in businesses. Listed here are a few links which will guide you on the important data breaches factors that can be ignored and what take into consideration.

A deeper look at business impact of a cyberattack

Few would dispute that cyberattacks are increasing in frequency and in intensity, and most organizations confirm they have now suffered at least one cyber incident. But do those organizations have a true sense of the full impact on the organization? After all, the direct costs commonly associated with a data breach are far less significant than the “hidden costs” incurred.

How A Data Breach Can Impact Your eCommerce Business?

Data breach is an ever-evolving threat to retail businesses. Checkout how it can impact your eCommerce business and take precautionary measures to prevent against it.

How does a data breach affect your business’ reputation?

Cyber security topped the headlines in 2015 – and rightfully so. With an alarming level of high-profile data breaches, cyber threats have become an increasing concern for companies across the globe. But what kind of damage does a data breach actually do to a company’s livelihood?

The financial services sector is facing a barrage of attacks, with many institutions having been subjected to damaging security breaches recently.

New Year’s has long been a time to start fresh, and there is no better time to get organized for a productive year ahead by decluttering your office.

Disposing of old documents and electronic devices could save you and your organization from falling victim to costly fraud or data breaches. Those loose papers lingering around your desk or old invoices in your cabinet drawers could contain personal and confidential information that may put your business at risk if they fall into the wrong hands.

The reputational and business damage of a data breach

We’re hearing more about cyber-hacking and we’re beginning to see the reputational damage that these attacks can have on even the biggest of companies.