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Updated by Zoe Buza on Oct 31, 2017
Headline for Is Online Therapy Cheaper Than Visiting A Therapist At Their Office?
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Is Online Therapy Cheaper Than Visiting A Therapist At Their Office?

Behavioral problems are quite common these days, especially in kids and youngsters. One thing that can provide more help than medications is therapy. According to psychologists, people with mental disabilities can lead a normal life with therapies. One thing that keeps most people from going to therapists is their charges. Some of the specialists charge even hundreds of dollars per session. But today is the era of internet.


Free Trial

Free Trial

When it comes to therapists, their services are never free. However some websites provide online therapies free trial sessions. Patients can get free counseling, although the offer is for a limited time but it gives the patient an idea of the therapist’s procedure. These websites also provide chat sessions through which a person can discuss his or her mental problems with a therapist while remaining anonymous.


online counseling

online counseling

online counseling session, why therapy is the least considered by average or low-income families is that they cannot afford to see a therapist.


No Hassle of Going to The Therapist’s Office

Another reason why therapy is the least considered by average or low income families is that they cannot afford seeing a therapist. People from backward or underdeveloped areas do not have the facility of a specialist. They have to go to other cities for therapy sessions. Since these sessions themselves are highly charged and are regular, travelling’s an extra expense. If you’ve a car, you will have to pay for the extra gas. If you’re travelling by bus or any other transport, you have to pay the fare. In both cases, the cost gets higher.

The online therapist saves you all the trouble. You can access them in just a click. They are never far from you, you can avail their services no matter wherever you are.


Affordable Packages

Therapists provide online therapy sessions packages. These packages are highly affordable and you can have the timings that suit you best. These packages are not only low in terms of charges, but are also very convenient. There are different therapies offered and have different rates according to the disorders. Some of them are very low in charges and they treat depression and general anxiety.


They’re Never Too Busy

The specialists are always on a tight schedule. They are very busy people, as they have high profile patient, affluent people, celebrities and bureaucrats.
But online therapy would save you from waiting. The online therapists are never too busy to give you an appointment. They can arrange their schedules for you and you may never have to wait in the queue or the waiting room.

Their Rates Are Flexible
Some of the young psychologists offer their services on their Facebook pages. Their rates are flexible and you can talk to them about concessions or first time discounts. They may be new but they are eager to help you in order to gain experience. They are young and energetic and they believe in empiricism. They apply new techniques in their therapy sessions and observe the response.