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Exercise tutorials & progression

Different bodyweight exercises for different body parts. How to do them correctly and how to progress.

Calisthenics Abs workout - Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced.

Learn the best exercises to build a calisthenics Abs workout. Also get three complete workout routines from beginner to advanced.

Hindu pushups, why and how to do them right - Fits-Me

Hindu pushups are much more than just a pushup. Learn why you should do them and how to do them correctly. Get started right now.

The HSPU CrossFit style. Learn how to master them now.

HSPU or handstand pushups as they are really called is an advanced shoulder exercise. Get a easy to follow progression template here.

Pike pushup, the bodyweight exercise you need to master.

Exercising with bodyweight only is great. But how do you build overhead strength? Pike pushup is the answer to that. Learn how to do them here.

The bodyweight triceps exercises you need to know

Learn the most important bodyweight triceps exercises and get three workout routines. Beginner, intermediate and advanced. Start instantly.

Plank progression template for beginners to advanced.

Do you know how to do the plank correctly? And do you also know about plank progression? In this article you will get all the answers.

Calisthenics back workout for strength - beginner to advanced - Fits-Me

Would you like to get at stronger back? You can get that with bodyweight exercises. Calisthenics back workout, beginner to advanced.

Calisthenics shoulder workout for beginners to advanced.

Learn which exercises to include in a calisthenics shoulder workout. Also find three complete workouts for beginner, intermediate and advanced atheletes.

Calisthenics arm workout - from beginner to advanced.

Guys want to get big biceps, and girls want to get toned arms. With a calisthenics arm workout you can get both. Get three complete workouts here.

Calisthenics chest workout - beginner to advanced.

Want to train your chest with a calisthenics chest workout? Get 3 workout examples here in easy to follow pdf's and video demos.

Calisthenics leg workout - beginner, intermediate & advanced level.

Calisthenics leg workout from beginner to advanced. Learn the most effecient exercises and how to combine them. Get 3 easy to follow pdf for progression.

10 steps to master Hollow holds and Hollow rocks - Fits-Me

Few exercises will give you as many benefits as hollow holds and hollow rocks. Learn step by step how to master them in this article and video.

The best isometric leg exercises - Delivered byFits-Me

In this article, we will look at isometric training from a general perspective, but we will narrow it down to the best examples of isometric leg exercises.

Horizontal pull-up - different versions and how to master it.

The horizontal pull-up is excellent for working the back, which often suffers from stiffness and weakness due to our lifestyles.

Pull-up progression for all fitness levels - get you first 10 strict pull-ups.

In this article, I will give you a pull-up progression template that will make you do 10 strict pull-ups no matter your current level.