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Updated by Resume Shoppe on Jan 16, 2017
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Top 5 Things to Include on a CV

It’s not always easy to write a successful resume, but 5nowing some of the critical details we should include on our resume will definitely make it a lot easier for us to begin.

Here is a listing of the top 5 things to include on your cv.


A profile or summary at the top of a resume

It’s not always easy coming up with the right job objective and thankfully the days of writing an engaging objective are over. Objectives have been replaced by a profile or summary found at the top of the resume. Hiring managers are too busy to comb through too many extra details and would rather cut to the chase.

A profile or summary at the top should be a quick reference list that highlights strengths and relevant experience. It will provide a synopsis of your potential candidacy if effectively written and should be written in a way that will help the reader get an idea of what to expect from the rest of your resume.



The majority of people list tasks and the duties they performed at their jobs, but what many of us forget is that we did accomplish something . Our resume will soon be more efficient, when we focus on our accomplishments.


Volunteer Experience

Most people have some volunteer experience, yet many of us don’t list it on our resume because we don’t think it will matter. Truthfully, it matters more than we even realize. Hiring mangers want to know as much as they can about our work experience whether it comes from paid work or volunteer work. To put it simply, if a potential candidate wants their resume to make it to the top, they will be sure to include as much about all past experience and skills as possible.


Side work and Relevant Hobbies

Similar to our volunteer experience, we should be sure to mention side projects or hobbies that may be somehow related to the job for which we have applied. Whether you’ve been paid for some side work or you’ve developed some relevant skills through your hobbies, make sure you include it on your resume as well.


Bullet Points

If you want your resume put into the trash bin, then make sure you bore your reader with large blocks of text. Managers want to have the ability to scan through a resume and find the information they need to help them quickly determine whether you are a potential candidate or not. Make it easier for them and make sure your experience, skills, and accomplishments are in clearly written bullet points.

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