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Updated by Brett on Oct 10, 2017
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films to watch (or not)

I'm kicking off a list to share the films I have watched recently (starting in June 2012). The list also includes some film recommendations from friends that I plan to watch in the near future.

all films i watch tend to be rented from #itunes in the UK.

If you like a film please vote it up, or vote it down if you think it's pants :)


the itunes artwork in the uk shows a bloke as the lead ! ... you'll like this film if you're a lara croft fan. girl power !

The Grey

This is a disaster movie. You have to question some of the decisions they make but it's just a film after all :)

tip: Make sure you watch the film end-to-end :)


This film is so not to be confused with The Avengers tv series in the uk :)

Still to watch this but I hear it's great.

The Descendants

This film has an air of similarity to another clooney film - Up in the Air, where he goes through some kind of awakening/change.


The Liquidator (more than revenge)

The Liquidator (more than revenge)

Vinnie Jones is on the cover art with a gun.

The show notes talk about a highly skilled bodyguard.

The film is in russian with heavily americanised subtitles.

The film is pants :)


Vinnie Jones is in the film for about 4 minutes. He doesn't say a word. He looks slightly odd fitting into the role as he wears an earring + he dies so easily so he is a rubbish assassin :)

Don't watch. Buy your mum a box of choccies with the money instead.

Safe House

Tis a good film with the usual tinnion most liked ingredients - guns n drama.

The plot is no biggy but the story is interesting and gives a peek into an aspect of the spy world you don't normally see in films.

This Means War

two blokes after the same girl.

one to watch with friends as the film provokes discussion about her selection criteria :)

Act of Valor

Fans of close quarter battle games like rogue spear will like this film. There are some cringeworthy moments and the plot a bit weak but the action makes up for it.

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel (2011)

A happy movie. Shows off a bit of the British insecurities, and strengths.

Safe (2012)

Jason Statham films are an easy watch. If you're a bloke you'll like the action. If you're a girl, well :)

The Cabin in the Woods (2011) - IMDb

Welcome to the world of WTF!

Not one to watch with the kids.

Sleep well :)