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#86 Useful Microsoft in Education posts this week

Dream Jumpers: Immerse your class in the world of graphic novels

Do your learners love to read, draw or dream big? Take your class behind the scenes to see how a graphic novel comes to life during a live broadcast with the creators of Scholastic's popular Dream Jumper graphic novel series. Takes place on World Read Aloud Day on 23rd January 2017

10 great ways for teachers to use Microsoft OneNote

Teachers, have you tried using OneNote? Once you do you'll be hooked! OneNote is a digital tool from Microsoft th...

MIEExpert Spotlight #20: Freddy Chireka: Explore OneNote and OneNote Class Creator

Today we focus on Freddy Chireka. Freddy is passionate about training teachers in South Africa in the use of Microsoft applications. Freddy states that,“Microsoft’s tools for education, to me, are vital in assisting teachers to move away from the 20th century type of education that prepares students for routine and general recall skills to the excitement of implementing 21st century thinking,


Did you know that now you can
embed the Padlet into Sway and
make incredible interactive

32 Engaging Ways to use Microsoft in your classroom

This is an old post but it is still very relevant. Looking for new ways to do new things in your classroom in 2015? Want to use some new tools to engage students, parents and peers in teaching and learning? Here’s 32 ideas just for you.   We have categorised these 32 strategies into the 8 key focus areas of: Teacher productivity Lesson presentation, creation and...

Flipping the Classroom, a blended learning approach

Flipping the Classroom is part of a Blended Learning approach to delivering content to students.  The website defines Flipped Learning as: ‘a pedagogical approach in which direct instruction moves from the group learning space to the individual learning space, and the resulting group space is transformed into a dynamic, interactive learning environment where the...

How to Create a Game in OneNote

Video tutorial on how to create an educational game using OneNote to make an interactive and fun learning activity and engage your students.

Microsoft OneNote - Embedding Live Content

Get your own copy of the Embedding Live Content notebook in OneNote format, with all examples shown in the video and with related resources. Available here:…

6 Ways to Use PowerPoint for Graphic Design

When it comes to your graphic design needs for an eLearning course or presentation, it's easy to assume you need a tool like Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator. But, that's simply not the case. You can use PowerPoint for graphic design, and it's not that hard!

Removing backgrounds from images

The Edtech Podcast: #49 - Full interview with Mike Tholfsen, Microsoft Education

What's in this episode? 10% of the population are estimated to be dyslexic. That means that for every ten of your colleagues, or ten of your students, or ten of your relatives or friends, on average, 1 has dyslexia. In the work place, the law stipulates that you must make ‘reasonable adjustments’ to accommodate the needs of dyslexics. This episode features the full interview with Mike Tholfsen, Microsoft Education in conversation about:  Microsoft’s Learning Tools, OneNote and Class Notebook features for Dyslexic learners and the story behind how this came to fruition. Many more features in this podcast - listen in...