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Updated by Cody Plate on Jan 16, 2017
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Is It Difficult To Install Your Own Swimming Pool?

Are you looking for a new pool but would rather engage in the process of building the pool directly? Are you a DIYer looking to do your own pool building and then reap the rewards in peace? Just how difficult is it to build your own swimming pool? Building your own pool is definitely an exciting venture, so make sure you have considered the following points before embarking on your mammoth task:




When considering the cost of your new pool, it would be a mistake to consider just the cost of the pool shell itself against your budget. Even entire pool kits do not come complete with additional labourers and other hidden costs. That would be like considering only the cost of the bricks when looking to build a new home! Review this extensive list of costs and make sure you include them into your budget:
• Pool Shell Shipping
• Excavator and other builder rental
• Concrete for the base
• Electrical costs
• Plumbing costs
• Permits and other costs of following laws, for example fencing around temporary building sites
• Retaining Walls
• Any décor such as pool tiling as well as pool lights

**Would it perhaps be cheaper to consider a serviced installation?


Unexpected Hiccups

If you are installing a fibreglass pool, note that this will require cantilever. This is quite tricky to combine and you will require an installation of special Styrofoam forms. If you have done this before, no problem. If you have not done this before, note that it is a specialised step in building a pool and consider doing much online research (yes, blogs devoted purely to pool building do exist!), watching DIY videos and even seeking advice before trying it yourself.
You also may want to think about what chaos control you will be able to manage when it comes to installing your own swimming pool. What will you do if it rains and the hole you have dug shifts and changes shape? What will you do when the labour you hire is not competent and makes a costly mistake? These unexpected hiccups make DIY building difficult whereas professional installers are used to such chaos management.

Project Management
Have you read the above and still feel you could cope with your DIY pool? It is possible to build your pool in a week. Planning your project carefully will ensue that it runs smoothly, so take care to plan out each detail. After having purchased a pool shell, you will need to excavate the land to the exact dimensions of the pool, then install all the appropriate plumbing and water. After that, you will be laying out your concrete and checking your levels. Then, tile and complete your pool area with appropriate landscaping such as decks or plants! If you are not using a pool shell, you will need to use wire and corrugated iron to do form work to prepare your pool. You will also need to use plastering and waterproofing to finish off your pool.