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Updated by Drinking and Stuff on Jan 14, 2017
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Best Drinking Games

These are my top 10 favorite drinking games!

Electricity Drinking Game

Electricity is a drinking game that will always have you searching for a new beer. Players take turns flipping cards and drinking when a connection is made.

Beer Hockey Drinking Game

Beer Hockey is a drinking game played with a coin where players flick the coin and try to score by hitting other player's beer cans.

Pyramid Drinking Game

Pyramid is a drinking card game that separates the honest players from the cheaters. Cheating is a key aspect of this game so get ready to play dirty!

Kings Cup Drinking Game

The Kings Cup drinking game is a card game where players play mini games according to the cards they pull. Each type of card has its own drinking game rule.

Slap Cup Drinking Game

Slap Cup is a drinking game that is easy to play. Players stand around a table bouncing balls into empty cups, slapping cups across the room, and drinking.

Twenty-One! Drinking Game

Twenty-One is a drinking game that is easy to learn and hard to master. Players work together to count up to 21 while playing a bunch of crazy rules.

Beersbee Drinking Game

Beersbee is a great outdoor drinking game in which players balance a beer can on a pole and try to knock each other's cans off the pole with a frisbee.

Giant Drinking Jenga

Giant Drinking Jenga is basically the same as regular Jenga, just giant! Learn how to build your own Giant Drinking Jenga set with our simple DIY guide!

Beer Baseball Drinking Game

Beer Baseball is a drinking game consisting of two teams of four or more players competing against each other in a baseball-like game of beer pong.

Beer Darts Drinking Game

Beer Darts is a drinking game that involves throwing darts at each other's beer cans. If you puncture another player's can they must shot-gun their beer!