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Soft Motion: Replace Hardware with Software to Reduce Machine Control Costs By 25-50%.

With Soft Motion, motion control engineers can design, develop and integrate PC-based machine controllers in a “plug-and-play” environment for consolidated, inexpensive and scalable motion control. It reduces machine control costs by 25-50%.

Industrial Automation Software: A Powerful Alternative to Hardware-Based Motion Control

Industrial automation software makes motion control more efficient, allows for easier customization to meets your desired requirements, and is dramatically more cost-effective than hardware. It is the best option to meet today’s complex requirements for motion control.

KINGSTAR Soft Motion - EtherCAT Auto-Configuration

Interchange servo drives and I/O devices from the most comprehensive list of manufacturers to auto-discover and auto-configure the EtherCAT network.

Programmable PLC software

While most PLC software leverages a vendor’s proprietary programming language, a real-time PC-based Soft PLC leverages common, openly available, languages like C++ for programmers, and interfaces for non-programmers, so that engineers and non-engineers alike, can run industrial motion control.

Soft Motion Control for Machine Automation

Soft motion control applications are the best choice for organizations looking to reduce hardware costs. Soft motion lets you improve on product quality while reducing time required for the output to be ready.

Handling large industrial projects

Handling large industrial motion control projects can be tricky. The traditional methods typically involve using hardware such as DSP boards and lengthy wiring cables that are expensive and cumbersome. With a real-time PC-based industrial automation software based on the EtherCAT network, the whole process is made easier by being far less costly and cumbersome and far faster in time-to-market without sacrificing performance.

Benefits of the EtherCAT Network for Motion Control

Motion control solutions based on the EtherCAT framework are purpose-built for enhanced performance. Compared to traditional models of motion control, they come with immense advantages.

Solve the challenges of motion control

Cost, time, and complexity are among the most significant challenges faced in industrial motion control. Such challenges are typically faced due to traditional hardware boards being used. With the new methods of soft motion control applications, the challenges are no longer persistent, due to real-time PC-based software that can produce the same level of quality and performance at half the cost of hardware and thereby lead to much faster production cycles.

KINGSTAR to Show How EtherCAT-enabled Soft PLC Cuts Hardware Costs in Half at Automate 2017

KINGSTAR has worked with over 600 leaders in machine automation to learn best practices for implementing EtherCAT in robots and PLCs. It delivers a cost-effective way to meet machine automation needs today and in the future, enabling over 56% cost reduction without sacrificing performance.

Industrial Automation Software: A Powerful Alternative to Hardware-Based Motion Control

Industrial automation software’s ability to support various programming languages, engineers can easily make upgrades with limited cost and effect on the existing hardware .It also allows for easier customization to meets your desired requirements, and is dramatically more cost-effective than hardware.

Enhanced motion control connectivity for better performance

Traditional use of wiring cables to connect hardware DSP boards and systems in industrial motion control is a cumbersome exercise. Cables used to connect different servo motors, drives and amplifiers in industrial motion control automation are costly, complex and cumbersome. Real-time PC-based EtherCAT software motion control applications allow for the amount of cables to be exponentially reduced and yet maintain the efficiency required of high performance motion control.

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Real-Time Machine Vision

Real-time machine vision from KINGSTAR enables you to easily create precise machine vision applications in a short period of time at a much lower cost.

Capabilities of KINGSTAR soft PLC

With KINGSTAR soft PLC you get cost-effective, real-time software machine automation control for high-volume industrial environments. You are able among to See your industrial PC become an EtherCAT enabled PLC, turn a conventional Windows PC into a real-time control, operation or visualization unit, serve as a traffic cop/hub-and-spoke for all called actions/function blocks (FB) and replace hardware PLCs like Allen-Bradley, Mitsubishi, TwinCAT and KEYENCE.

What exactly is the purpose of industrial automation software and why even do it?

Industrial automation software automation has become the defacto alternative to expensive and proprietary hardware such as DSP and FPGA boards and PLCs. Software based machine automation is cost-effective and provides far more flexibility in working with different manufacturers without vendor lock-in, yet still providing precision perfect applications for PLCs, motion control and machine vision.

RTOS: Reduce the Product and Operational Cost!

Real time software RTX64 is plug and play software which maximize development and support productivity. It also used to debug real time process directly in the IDE to improve quality.

Machine Vision: Software Applications for Medical Examination and for Various Analysis!

It is used to develop and build interactive application which is used to capture image , processing ,analysis etc. Machine Vision software enhances the real precision vision development.

EtherCAT: Real Time Software Allows Motion Control!

If you are looking for such software which helps you to develop your own motion control algorithms which simplifies your network configuration. Try EtherCAT now which resolves all the earlier given issus.

Why You Should Consider Using Motion Control Software

When talking of traditional motion control, you normally think of hardware as a solution. However, using hardware is not as easy as it may seem, especially when dealing with purchasing all the necessary expensive components that are required. Using software instead of hardware however is a far more elegant and cost effective motion control solution that maintains a superior level of performance at half the cost. Software motion control, otherwise known as soft motion, has been designed to run on a PC, and as such, reduces the operation cost of running motion control by up to 56%.

Why Soft Motion Is the Best Motion Controller on the Market

Compatibility with essential software and hardware installations is a key feature for the motion controller. It is designed for plug-and-play capability for all the necessary devices.

Motion Control Software by Kingstar

Programmable logic controllers (PLCs) from KINGSTAR provide cost-effective, real-time software embedded control for high-volume industrial environments.

Remember some points while buying plc software

Industrial automation processes are very complex. Each process is controlled separately and typically by different programs. The most reliable software is one where you can link the processes despite the use of software by separate engineers

Motion Control Classified: 3 Common Types of Motion Controllers - KINGSTAR

A motion controller is the center of a motion control system that works with the central logic control unit as its core, the motor as its controlled object, and the sensor as the feedback signal sensitive component. However, its main task is to perform required mathematical and logic operations as per sensor signals and control task requirements. It also provides appropriate driving device control signals.

Setting up a Machine Vision System for Robotics-Based Manufacturing - KINGSTAR

Machine vision is a collective term representing the image processing technology and cameras that are used in robotics manufacturing systems. Machine vision is a manufacturing approach that offers flexibility to ensure that robots locate parts and operate intelligently without requiring mechanical or human intervention. In machine vision powered systems, robots utilize digital image processing and cameras to recognize products and locate them on a conveyor that exits from an injection moulding machine. A good example is when a machine vision system triggers a robot to pick a product and assemble it or manipulate it to apply a label.

Cost-effective Soft PLC (Programmable logic controllers) by KINGSTAR

PLC Software - Programmable logic controllers from KINGSTAR delivers application management and deployment for industrial machine automation environment at a fraction of the cost.

Industrial Software Automation Testing

Kingstar is providing you the Industrial Automation Software for your industrial business to improve quality and reduce the costs of your product. Industrial Software Automation is an integrated solution that combines different disciplines mainly focusing on electrical, mechanical, and software products.

iBase - Robots Conveying Digital Signage Using KINGSTAR EtherCAT

EtherCAT-Based robot control application, developed with KINGSTAR EtherCAT. Interesting application of applying robotics. apply robotics to digital signage to convey a message.