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Raising Children the Proper Way

Effective Parenting Skills

The "4-1 Rule" is a key concept in the PEP program. In short, it means: 4 positive comments for every 1 negative comment! Four positive comment should be

Top 10 Parenting Skills

Welcome to Slipping Through My Fingers – A Parenting Blog linky run by Happy Mummy, Double The Monkey Business & Candy Floss & Dreams. The linky was inspired by the Abba Song ‘Slipping through My Fingers’. I defy any parent to listen to the words of that song without welling up a little. It is so true; just when we think we have nailed it and know everything we possibly can about our children for that split second in time, they grow and we have to catch them up all over again!

List of Parenting Skills

Michelle Cox provides hands on tips to navigate the waters of parenting in a family with kids separated by large, and at times interesting, age gaps.

Parenting Teens

Nothing drives parents more crazy than a messy room. Learn 6 tips to get that room clean...also with a link to a 3.5 min MP3, "Getting Their Rooms Clean".

Top 10 Parenting Topics

Warning: Explicit. I’m not pulling any punches. This is one of the most important episodes I’ve recorded thus far. Not only does it address the fear and arguments often levied against this parenting and alternative education paradigm, but it makes a strong case for why reasonable people would never want to subject their children to “the system” — the school system, the government, the religion, and so on.

Parenting Websites Resources for Parents

If you ask most adults, they’re concerned about kids and the amount of time they spend on screens. That’s definitely important, but have you asked kids lately how they feel about their parents’ use of screens?

Parenting with Love and Logic

I wanted to start this post with a clip from "Sex And The City." Unfortunately, my countless searches on YouTube never yielded the needed results. Instead, bear with my summation of a particular scene, which until recently, I had know idea how on point it was on parenting. In this scene, baby-obsessed Charlotte is visiting…

Best Parenting Advice

Today we're taking a look at Italian parenting. Let's take a moment to orient ourselves - cobblestone streets, beautiful architecture, delicious food.

Good Parenting Skills

The Basics There are a lot of unknowns in pregnancy and parenthood. As a family lawyer, I can attest to the fact that no parent can ever really be certain that they're doing everything correctly - even when everyone is doing their best. When it comes to preparing for a maternity leave, there are some…

Top 10 Parenting Tips

Rachel Goodchild shares 10 valuable lessons she's learned in her journey as a single parent.