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Headline for Illuminate Belly Dance Performance- Use LED Light Costumes
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Illuminate Belly Dance Performance- Use LED Light Costumes

The western coined term “belly dancing” is referred to an ancient dance form that included movement of torso and hip and improvised solo performance made by female dancers. The dance form is popular in the modern days and there are various types of belly dancing costumes. Loud makeup, embellished costumes, and a different dance styles are the key attractions of belly dance. The flexible torso articulation by gorgeous female dancers is the major element of the performance.

Associated with the accessories and embellished costumes is the inclusion of LED lights. These are bright and illuminate the performance in a better way. There are various accessories associated with Belly Dancers. A few can be named as follows- bras and tops, skirts, veils, hip scarves and most popular is the cabaret costume known as bedlah. Apart from these there are few added accessories like Headbands or turbans and shoes. LED light costumes look beautiful and, therefore, are considered as the most popular item in the modern belly dance performances.

There are various kinds of skirts available in the market. Following are popular skirts that are decked up LED lights to illuminate the performances:
Egyptian Belly Dancing Skirts:
These are more of a conservative type skirt and have a matching bra with it. Most of the Egyptian skirts are designed in a way that the stomach remains hidden. The skirts are mostly made blending chiffon with polyester. The skirt is divided in two or three panels and is embellished with various accessories like LED lights, sequined flowers. The skirts are often pleated in circles. Lycra is often used to tightly fit is around the hips and contains embroidered embellishments as well.

Turkish Belly Dancing Skirts:
Turkish dresses are more revealing than the Egyptian ones. One side of the skirt shows the leg up to the hip. A Turkish Bedlah skirt is full and made of velvet or chiffon. A triangular or V-shaped belt is teamed with the skirts to hold it in position. These are beaded and have LED lights attached to it these days. The skirt also has various fringes and embellishments and do not include belts.
Tribal Skirts:
These skirts are available in vibrant colors and have large tiers. A yarn hip scarf, silver jewelry completes the look. Embellishments contain LED light, coins, and metals or flowers.
LED light up costumes are gaining popularity because of the distinguished look it offers and increase the visibility of the movement making is distinct to all the audience witnessing the show.