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Updated by PWC UK on Jan 11, 2017
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Why Commercial Window Cleaning Is an Investment You Can’t Ignore

For any business, keeping your commercial premises well maintained is important. Many businesses invest in regular interior cleaning services and are happy to shell out when repair work is needed. However, for some businesses, investing in routine commercial window cleaning is not high on the list of maintenance priorities. Here’s why you can’t ignore commercial window cleaning:


It’s not as expensive as you would imagine

It’s not as expensive as you would imagine

Commercial window cleaning contractors will always use the fastest, safest and most economical methods to tackle your building. Methods can include water fed poles for hard to reach windows, or for working at height, cradle access, rope access and mobile elevated working platforms provide the most ideal solutions.


Clean windows put a shine on your business

First impressions always count. By showing clients or potential customers that you care about looking after your building and promote a clean working environment, they are much more likely to form a good opinion of your business based on first impressions. The windows of your building can quite literally provide the first window into your business for new visitors, so keeping them clean is absolutely essential.


Window cleaning protects your glass

Keeping your windows clean actually helps to protect the glass over time. As glass is porous, this means that it collects dirt and grime. This not only makes glass less transparent, but can contribute to making it more fragile. By investing in commercial window cleaning a few times a year, you can help to protect your windows from the effects of building run-off, acid rain and oxidisation.


Regular window cleaning reduces long term costs

By investing in your windows in the short term, you can play a big part in reducing costs in the future. Windows that are well maintained are likely to last longer before needing replacement.


Increase natural light into your building

Increase natural light into your building

By ensuring that your windows are kept clean by a professional, more natural light will shine through into your building. One of the biggest benefits of this is that your energy bills could be reduced. More natural light can both prevent the need for so much artificial light, but it can also contribute to heating up an office.


Improve staff morale

A further benefit of increasing natural light by means of regular window cleaning is that it can have a positive effect on staff morale. There are many studies that have found that natural light does a lot to improve mood and therefore, workplace happiness and productivity. Even without the natural light benefits, a clean window can also be much more pleasant for staff to look out of. Dull dirty windows can do the same to an employee’s mood!


Improve staff retention

If you can’t work out why you have a high turnover of staff when you provide them with good pay and opportunities to develop, it could be time to look at the working environment that you provide. Dirty windows could make your business an unpleasant place to work.


Comply with building warranties and contracts

Comply with building warranties and contracts

If you own your business premises, there could be clauses in building warranties that state that your building should be properly maintained and taken care of, including the windows. On the other hand, if you lease or rent your building, it’s most likely that looking after your windows is part of the contract. Hiring commercial window cleaning services is the best way to ensure that your windows are properly maintained.

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