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Sri Lankan Food to Try - Culinary delights

The aromatic and rich Lankan cuisines are simply delightful. If you visit the country make sure to taste the local flavours since they are truly unique.



Hoppers come in the varieties the, you get the plain hopper, egg hopper, and the honey hopper. Hoppers are a thin crispy pancake with a spongy middle and a crispy edging. The batter to make hoppers consists of rice flour and coconut milk. The batter is poured into a small wok and swirled around to make a thin layer. If you ask for an egg hopper, a fried egg is cooked into the middle. The most common way to enjoy hoppers with a spicy paste called 'lunu miris'. But you can enjoy hoppers with various curries as well. Honey hoppers are usually had as an evening snack. It's cooked with jaggery or honey mixed into the batter.



Lamprais is a Dutch word, which means 'a packet of rice'. Lamprais is a dish prepared by the Burgher community of Sri Lanka, who are descendants of the colonial Europeans. A typical Lamprais consist of rice instilled in cardamom, cloves, and cinnamon. The accompaniments include a boiled egg, eggplant, frikkadels, chicken or meat and sambol(finely cut salad). This rice along with the add-ons are wrapped with a banana leaf and baked in the over a very low temperature.


Kottu Roti

Kottu is one of the most popular street foods in Sri Lanka. The best part about kottu is the way it is prepared. All the ingredients are mixed together on a kottu table and chopped up with two metal cleavers. You get roti, fish, meat or eggs along with thinly chopped vegetable such as carrots, leeks, onion, and tomatoes. All this is mixed together along with gravy or sauce and then served. Kottu is available in all parts of the country if you are going to the southern coast you not only find it in roadside eateries but also in resort Bentota.


Rice and Curry

If there's one dish Sri Lankans just love to eat it's a mouthwatering plate of rice and curry. A typical rice curry comes with plain red or white rice along with three or four accompaniments. A fish or meat curry along with a vegetable or dhal curry along with a salad are part of a usual rice and curry dish. You also get chutneys, pickle or cracker to add more flavour to the meal. Try eating with your hand in true Sri Lankan style! Rice and curry can be found almost anywhere, whether it's roadside eateries, restaurants or a luxury hotel such as AVANI Bentota Resort & Spa.


Eggplant Moju

This is a classic Sri Lankan dish made from regional variations. This is a pickle generally served with rice. The eggplant is cut into stripes then deep-fried till it turns brown. The fried eggplant is then mixed with chili powder, ground mustard, salt, cloves and vinegar. Then you need to add shallots along with crushed garlic and ginger.


Curd with Treacle

Curd is plain yoghurt made with buffalo milk. The texture, however, is thicker and tangy in flavour. A considerable amount of treacle is poured over the curd once it is served to a dessert cup.