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List of Special Food and Drinks of Maldives – Journeying through Distinct Spreads

Palm-fringed beaches, azure waters and an idyllic island lifestyle are some of the more celebrated features of the Maldives. However, special mention ought also to be made of its cuisine.



Initially, one cannot be faulted for assuming that the cuisines of the Maldives would more or less be centred on seafood, owing to the fact that these tropical isles are surrounded by warm, ocean seas. However, visitors to the Maldives will be delighted to learn of the country's fascination in making the best use of its limited resources in the hope of serving up one of a kind culinary treats that will make most mouths water. A majority of local dishes consist a good balance of fish, coconut and rice, and one of the easier means of enjoying such an experience would be to inquire about the most frequented restaurants in Maldives.



From the more conventional rice and curry dishes to its most elaborate and detailed of spreads, it is beyond doubt that the food scene in the Maldives has been influenced by some of its neighbouring countries. Therefore comparisons can be made with quite a number of dishes that find their way onto menus in India as well as Sri Lanka. Of great importance, is the clever use of spices in a variety of dishes, that bring to light texture, depth and a certain degree of vibrancy that helps differentiate one offering from the other. Generally, the food served at hotels and resort establishments in the country such as the PER AQUUM Niyama Maldives, arrive oozing in colour, zest and spice. In a sense, the food served in this part of the world denotes an identity that is still to be replicated elsewhere and is more or less part and parcel of the culture it stems from.



The Maldivians are a passionate and enthusiastic people, and thus such traits are often brought out in the dishes that they prepare and serve to the world at large. Flavours as distinct and exuberant as these must definitely be given a try before one's time in the Maldives draws to an end. The local rendition of your flatbread back home is a favourite here and is named 'Roshi'. It is often accompanied with mashed tuna that comprises onions, coconut and chilli which is called Mashuni. This dish is served at breakfast. However, remaining on the subject of fish one could also try 'Dhon riha' which is a tuna curry made with coconut, ginger, cinnamon and mango. Further, visitors can also snack on light food such as samosas which are called 'Hedhikaa' and can be easily bought at small cafes in Male. Tea is a sought after beverage here and since the locals do not consume alcohol, 'Raa' or toddy, is the closest one could get to enjoying an alcohol beverage in the Maldives, outside of the tourist resorts.