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Headline for Excursions in Tissamaharama- Tour Options in Wildlife and Cultural Hotspot Tissamaharama
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Excursions in Tissamaharama- Tour Options in Wildlife and Cultural Hotspot Tissamaharama

Often regarded as one of Hambantota's top tourist destinations Tissamaharama is a vacation hub abound with possibilities. Here are some of the area's top tour options for vacationers.


Yala Safari

Often regarded as one of the most exciting excursions available to visitors touring Tissamaharama a safari tour of the Yala National Park is a must for all first time visitors to the area. As the second most expansive national park in the country and the most popular wildlife sanctuary in Sri Lanka Yala is no ordinary safari hotspot. Spread out over a whopping 378 square miles the area is ideal for safari experiences. Home to an impressive 44 varieties of mammals including leopards and gentle giants safari goers also frequently come across Sri Lankan sloth bears and water buffaloes. Forty seven types of reptiles are also found in the vast expanse of the national park which has a special area dedicated to bird watching enthusiasts known as the Kumana National Park. Travellers based in Tissamaharama hotels can book a safari tour of Yala via their accommodation provider regardless of whether it's Oak Ray Lake Resort or any others around the city.


Explore the Tissamaharama Raja Maha Vihara

Another popular tour option for visitors based in Tissamaharama is of course a visit to the iconic Tissamaharama Raja Maha Vihara. As one of the most ancient religious edifices in the area the landmark Buddhist temple was one of the first monasteries to be set up in the island nation. It is said that Lord Buddha himself graced the ground on which the temple was built while the institution serves as a major Buddhist educational epicentre from its inception in the 3rd century B.C onwards. One of the key features of the temple is its larger than life stupa, which is one of the largest in the island.


Discover the Tissa Wewa

The manmade lake is not only one of the most breathtaking sites one comes across when entering Tissamaharama but also one of the most significant water supply sources for farming communities in the area for centuries. Believed to have been built as early as the 3rd century B.C the Tissa Wewa is attributed to King Mahanaga hailing from Ruhuna or his descendent Yatala Tissa. Constructed to provide irrigation for the paddy fields surrounding the lake the body of water was crucial to the economic and cultural welfare of the area. Having been restored as early as 1871 the manmade reservoir remains an integral part of community life in Tissamaharama to this day.


Yatala Wehera

Another must-visit highlight and well-known excursion alternative for visitors in search of a cultural experience is a visit to the Yatala Wehera. Occupying pride of place in the precinct known as Deberawewa the ancient stupa has been a part of Tissamaharama's landscape for a whopping 2300 years. Believed to have been commissioned to be built by Yatala Tissa from whom the stupa gets its name, the temple was originally constructed to mark the location of his birth. Legend states that a large number of sacred Buddhist relics are contained within the stupa which was restored for over a century starting from 1883 A.D.


Photography Expedition

With stunning landscapes and breathtaking natural surroundings at every turn Tissamaharama is a shutterbug's dream come true. Those who wish to capture the natural beauty of the area's small towns, lake and cultural landmarks can embark on a photography tour of Tissamaharama and even document the many wildlife species spotted in Yala and surrounding wildernesses in the area.

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