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Accreditation is a rigorous evaluation of the total quality of an institution.Quality KG accreditation implies that a pre-school/play school is above its peers on some quality parameters.

7 Super Reasons To Tell You The Importance of Pre-School Education

Pre-school is a first place where your kid come out of his/her comfort zone and learn to make self-adjust with the alien environment. In this way, your kiddo learns a lot under the guidance of well-qualified teachers. Here are some of the best reasons why should your kid be provided pre-school education as his/her initial learning:

  1. Pre-school provides an opportunity for overall growth
  2. Pre-school promotes cognitive and social development
  3. Pre-school activities boost motor skills
  4. Pre-school nurtures a child’s curiosity
  5. Pre-school prepares children for kindergarten
  6. Pre-school helps developing oral skills
  7. Pre-school develops phonological skills

Teaching has always been the most important feature of pre-school where your child learns to understand and recognize the sounds of various alphabets and so on. At QualityKG preschools will be empowered with all necessary services that are needed to make your preschool best among all. Get more details on the importance of preschool education on our blog.

Getting Toddlers Excited to Start Playschool or Preschool

Preschool is the place which provides the foundation for the development of a child. Super quality school focus on holistic learning and development of children. In case you have prepared yourself to send your kid to playschool, then preschool accreditation agencies like QualityKG will do the half of your job done. Well trained schools know how they could get children excited while they are away from the home. What to do and what not to do; all details are provided in our blog for which please click the link and get redirected soon.

How Does Accreditation Improve Quality of Your Preschool?

Accreditation is an award or stamp of excellence that is awarded by an independent, third-party organization proves that it continuously maintains high standards of quality. To earn accreditation, an institution goes through a rigorous evaluation process. During the process, the institution validates that it meets standards fo excellence that go above and beyond the average norms and practices. Hence, accreditation is awarded to those institution that are among the best in their field of work.

When an institution is accredited, its entire spectrum of operations and academics is evaluated. Accreditation demands verification of the effectiveness of every practice and process of the institution. This implies that the process of accreditation itself is the greatest experience of self-assessment and self-correction for an institution and its stakeholders.

Accreditation lets the whole world know that your institution is one of quality. Accreditation is a seal that validates, that you as a pre-school leader are excellent in what you have done. It also means that you are a visionary who is ahead of the time.

Additionally, accreditation attracts better students staff and hence more success. It makes the school better in technical, academic and financial aspects.

To know more about preschool development program, please visit our site now!

Get Preschool Accreditation | QualityKG!

In order to get preschool accreditation for your playschools as well as to get proper systematic guidance; don't forget to contact us. After using the services of QualityKG your pre-school will be better that what you want it to be. Whatever is your query will be sorted out here at our site.


What Should You Know Regarding Early Childhood Parenting Tips?

What Should You Know Regarding Early Childhood Parenting Tips?

Know What Every Child Needs?


Love and care are the need of every child. Parents who love and support their kids are having the healthy, happy and confident child. It helps in developing trust and delivering better performance.

Healthy Food

For the better physical growth, a child needs nutritious and balanced diet. Their diet must contain all required proteins, calcium, vitamins and minerals.


Play is so important to optimal child development. Every child love to play and every parent should let them play. Play is a kind of physical exercise which helps a child in the proper development of mental and physical health.


Education is a fundamental right of every child. Education and skills help a child to prepare for their future. Better education is very necessary for all to go ahead in the life and get success.

Before Bedtime

Spend some time together and make sure to play with your child one last time.

To read the blogs on early childhood, parenting and preschooling, kindly visit our website as mentioned below.


Knowledge is the food of the soul.

Knowledge is the food of the soul.

Knowledge is the food of the soul.

Winter Bulletin Board Ideas for Preschoolers!

Winter bulletin board ideas for preschoolers are the best way to engage the kids in interesting activities. Bulletin board can be used to expand the creativity of children which they could relate to themselves. In the preschool classroom, using such ideas will surely make your preschoolers pretty much active and enthusiast as well. So, when are you using such tips? You can visit our blogs for further details on this topic.


"He Who Opens a School Door, Closes a Prison."

"He Who Opens a School Door, Closes a Prison."

"He Who Opens a School Door, Closes a Prison."
~Victor Hugo~
#Thoughtoftheday #Education


Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.!

Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.!

Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.
~John Dewey~

Quality KG Wishes You A Very Happy Makar Sankranti!

Quality KG Wishes You A Very Happy Makar Sankranti!


Learning of a Preschool Teacher Ethics

Learning of a Preschool Teacher Ethics

Patience is the first quality which is needed in handling preschoolers. Doing fun acts as well as recite poems, repeating rhymes and enacting stories in generally done by me and should by other preschool teachers. There are many ideas and ideologies which are taught at QualityKG, so attending workshop training there will benefit you a lot. What more you can learn there can only be known after attending the workshop which is designed for preschooling teachers. Hence, all you need is to contact this institute and change the way to teaching.

Don't You Know That Why Pre-School Education is Important for Your Child?

Pre-school education is a must for every kid which brings an improvement into their life. From physical development to personal growth; all is gained by these kids by opting to preschool. This is actually a place through which they forget the comfort zone of their home and learn a lot there. So, what type of preschool you are supposed to go with and which one to be chosen for the benefit of your kid can actually prove a crucial stage.

Do You Have Any Idea as What Are 4 Things Working Mom Should Perform Daily?

If working Mom follow the tips as mentioned in the blog, then she would be easily able to tackle her day to day problems faced by her so often. From getting up early in the morning to making breakfast for her kids to preparing a presentation for work; all will be done with no extra hectic. All she need is to follow the routine for which our blog is sufficient to provide you the details. So, visit the Quality KG blog and read what are those 4 things that working mother should commit each day?

Do You Know Why Accreditation Matters In Today's Time?

Before you know why accreditation matters, first read out its exact meaning. When a certified preschool meets high standards of care and other aspects that are desired to be fulfilled to obtain this certification, it gets accreditation for Quality KG. Well, plenty of best details has been mentioned in the blog which a normal user can easily read through our blog. Check out more about the importance of preschool accreditation.

Get to Know Some Fantastic Field Trip Ideas for Preschoolers Here!

Here with this blog, all you come to know is a fantastic field trip for Preschoolers. Preschool is a crucial stage for the development purpose of kids. Field trips have been considered as among the finest way to let the kids understand new concepts and ways. It can provide positive points for helping preschoolers so that get easily prepared for the outdoor field trips.


To Know About The Instructional Methodology of a Preschool Visit Our Blog Soon

To Know About The Instructional Methodology of a Preschool Visit Our Blog Soon

If you really are keen to know the instructional methodology of a preschool, then this blog will come in handy for you. All kids differ in their capability as well as do learn from their personal experiences. Graph of learning comes with the passage of time as well as through the age. Due to the different environment faced by each kid, we should not make a comparison to other different ones. So, forget to make him/her compare with other parent's kids and just follow this blog where there is a lot of you, as far as parenting is concerned.




In a classroom assessment, children’s are gone through assessment approach where they check out the real progress achieved by each kid. By monitoring their progress and an ability to sort the problem out, it becomes easier for them to provide proper feedback for the betterment of those students.

Corrective instruction is the main key tool used by teachers to polish the skills of students. This all happens at preschool and *playschool *where kids are exposed first time to the outside world.