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Internet of Things examples and cases

A list of Internet of Things examples: real-life deployments across several industries. Some in pilot stages and others fully operational.


Aircraft engine performance and maintenance enhancement at Rolls-Royce

Rolls-Royce has over 13,000 engines for commercial aircraft in service. Thanks to IoT, the company leverages data from these engines to achieve several engine performance and maintenance goals including reduction of fuel costs. Via Microsoft.

Airport case: monitoring environmental conditions in Santiago de Chile airport

Worlwide airports have become indoor cities where passengers spend so many time before and after taking their flights. In modern airports can be found hotels, restaurants, luxury shops and leisure centres but what makes passengers experience truly comfortable is reducing waiting times, enhancing conditions and also improving processes in the terminals. Ikusi is a technology company specialised in applications to provide greater intelligence and efficiency in infrastructure security, road and rail mobility, airports and cities; with Libelium Waspmote Sensor Platform, the Spanish company has developed a wireless sensor network to ensure quality in management and operation under the concession model in Santiago de Chile airport. Via Libelium.

Automating telemedicine around the globe

Great Lakes NeuroTechnologies (GLNT) develops a line of IoT-enabled products that allow healthcare providers and researchers to monitor people who suffer from Parkinson’s disease. The Internet of Things also helps Parkinson’s patients get affordable access to quality care. For someone who can’t visit a specialist, being able to relay relevant information through telemedicine can have a significant impact on the efficiency of their care and treatment. Via Cisco Jasper.

Connected and smart printing presses at Heidelberg

In this case study (in PDF) PTC explains the pioneering role of Heidelberg in moving to a connected printing press. From smart services to opportunities for (future) value creation.

Daimler Trucks North America upgrades plant to take advantage of IoT

Improved visibility to help increase business agility and minimize production issues, maximize uptime and more efficient operations at Daimler Trucks North America. Via Cisco (PDF).

Detecting road modality and occupancy patterns to enhance urban planning in Dordrecht Smart City

Public authorities are worried about the impact that the increase of people could have in the urban planning of metropolis. The Internet of Things is enabling the detection of the most regular routes; volume of cars, bicycles or pedestrians and most crowded streets passing times. Dimitrios Kyritsis, Surveying & Geomatics Engineer from TU Delft, has developed a research project in the city of Dordrecht (The Netherlands) based on the IoT Gateway Meshlium to monitor pedestrians, bicyclists and vehicles. Read more.

Digital transformation with a smart grid transformation at BC Hydro in British Columbia

With smart grid initiatives underway, BC Hydro needed to ensure that its infrastructure could support anticipated growth as efficiently as possible, while delivering the better and more responsive services that customers were
accustomed to. Cisco.

ELM Energy: an innovative microgrid control solution

ELM Energy wanted to make independent energy sources — including solar panels and turbines powered by wind and water — an affordable and reliable option for more customers. The doors of opportunity opened for ELM Energy with the emergence of the Internet of Things. Source: Dell (PDF).

Energy and remote monitoring in Nigeria with a smart solar system

In this case study from Microsoft and Schneider electric we learn how in Lagos (Nigeria) a project is set up that doesn't only provide much needed electricity via solar energy but also uses IoT in the smart systems to allow for remote monitoring and maintenance. Source: Microsoft.

Fuel oil dealers gain efficiency thanks to IoT

Fuel oil dealers came to Senet to find a way to enhance efficiency in delivery systems. In most cases fuel oil dealers fill up their tanks when they think they need to. In other words: gut feeling, based on experience and factors such as the temperature (the colder it gets, the faster those tanks get empty). Not the most efficient way. The solution: IoT.

Green building case: the first LEED Platinum building certification in Greece

Greece's Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Centre gives new green space and parkland for the surrounding community. An onsite water treatment plant, over 1200 energy meters, 1.5 MW of solar PV generation and full control of HVAC are just some of the elements of the design specification for the facility, which aims to enforce strict limits on energy and water usage.

Improving the production of kiwifruit with smart irrigation

Italy is one of the main producers of kiwifruit, which is a delicate fruit to grow and requires a lot of attention in order to obtain the right, marketable quality. Smart irrigation is one of the ways to make sure this happens as in this smart agriculture IoT case from Italy.

Industry 4.0 and IIoT in the mining industry: Dundee Precious Metals case

Dundee Precious Metals modernized the mine of Chelopech with Industrial Internet solutions. A mining industry IIoT and digitalization case.

Industry 4.0: taking the next step in smart manufacturing solutions at Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

Mitsubishi Electric Co. wanted to take the next step in its manufacturing solutions and offer added value to its customers. The Internet of Things enabled to take this next step in the concept of what Mitsubishi Electric calls e-F@ctory since 2003. Via NEC Corporation.

Integrated building automation for a superior hotel guest experience

Smart building case: IoT and building automation boost guest experience, enable hotel management to focus on service and result in additional benefits.

Internet of Things in insurance case: telematics

Baseline Telematics, as the name indicates, provides telematics solutions as they are increasingly used in insurance. In this case, Canada-based Industrielle Alliance and Baseline Telematics explain how they use IoT to become a service company and move away from traditional methods of calculating premiums in favor of usage-based insurance (UBI) models. Available via Cisco's Jasper site.

IoT for a scalable service model in Industry 4.0 at Sandvik Coromant

Sandvik Coromant, part of the global industrial group Sandvik, was capable of scaling the service capabilities of its teams and enhance field service thanks to IoT. A digital manufacturing example. Available via the website of Microsoft.

Leveraging the Internet of Things at Garmin

Garmin is a household name in the mobile world of GPS navigation, sonar, communication and even wearables. With so many devices for various consumer and industry applications, the company could go much further, leveraging real-time information. Available via the Cisco Jasper website.

Lordan: an IoT-powered manufacturing automation system

In this PDF case study from Cisco you can discover the IoT solution (with fog computing and IoT security) whch provided a manufacturing automation system to Lordan, a manufacturer of thermal-engineering heating and cooling systems. Key goals: identify bottlenecks, reduce downtime and waste, and improve overall equipment effectiveness (OEE).

Monitoring electrical activity in the brain to avoid mining accidents

One of the main dangers in the mining industry is fatigue. Hard work in harsh conditions and environments where there is always activity. In Australia - and beyond - SmartCap monitors workers to eliminate micro sleeps, the major cause of workplace driver accidents. On the website of Sierra Wireless.

Monitoring snow and ice on highways for winter gritting (smart road case)

During the winter 2016/2017, orders of salt ahead of the winter gritting season increased dramatically. Often there is an excessive and unnecessary gritting of roads during cold weather. How do you avoid waste and don't burden the environment? With a smart road management solution as this case shows.

Optimizing processes with IoT at Iberdrola Renewables

By connecting systems and integrating data from diverse sources, Iberdrola Renewables is taking advantage of Internet of Things (IoT) capabilities. The company was looking for ways to improve processes and operational
efficiencies. Via the website of Intel.

Optimizing vending machine management with IoT

Cantaloupe is using the Internet of Things (IoT) to remove the complexity from vending machine management. Their Seed Platform, through which more than 100,000 machines are wirelessly connected, enables customers to easily manage, monitor and optimize vending operations from anywhere on any device. Via Cisco Jasper.

Precision farming to control irrigation and improve fertilization strategies on corn crops

Omica is an Italian start-up focused on Smart Agriculture. Its mission is developing innovative products that integrate new disrupting technologies such as the Internet of Things. In collaboration with Libelium technology they have deployed a wireless sensor network to improve crops yields by identifying less productive zones and also monitoring crop water and fertilizer requirements during the growth period. Via Libelium.

Remote blood pressure monitoring and EHR integration

Ochsner Health System decided to integrate its electronic health record (EHR) system with IoT technology and devices to monitor patient health. Wireless scales and blood pressure cuffs monitor vitals and feed data directly into each patient’s medical record using the patient’s smartphone. From there, doctors, pharmacists and health coaches can remotely monitor patient status and track potential trends or problems.