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Updated by Joanna James on May 02, 2024
Headline for Unusual Dubai Adventure Activities to Cross Out on your List - Fun with a side of unusual activities
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Unusual Dubai Adventure Activities to Cross Out on your List - Fun with a side of unusual activities

There's no dispute that Dubai does things differently to the rest of the world, and even takes them to a whole new level. Check out these bizarre yet unmissable things to do in the big city.


Go Off Road

This is hands down one of the most thrilling adventures to embark on if you find yourself in Dubai. Experience a SUV move like you never thought they could as the vehicle is pushed to its limits by an expert driver. Off-road safaris are so popular on the grand spectrum of Dubai activities & attractions that even hotels such as Desert Palm PER AQUUM are likely to organise one for you upon request.


Visit the Chillout Lounge

You might be wondering what is so special about this particular lounge. As the locale's name might suggest, this lounge is quite chilled out, sub-zero in fact. Interestingly, this premise of this establishment revolves around being really cold, with a temperature of -6F. Patrons can wine and dine in an artic setting surrounded by ice sculptures. Due to the climate, the dress code consists of thermal clothing.


Skydiving/Bungee Jumping

There is much to be seen around Dubai, from breath-taking skyscrapers to man-made islands in various shapes. Therefore, it is only logical that the only way one can really appreciate the grandeur of Dubai, is from above. There are many entities that can take you there, but SkyDive Dubai will let you enjoy these sights while indulging in the excitement of a freefall. There's also a school for inexperienced skydivers should you wish to try it out for the first time. If you would like to start off with something a bit more down to Earth, Gravity Zone offers you the chance to bungee jump off a crane from a height of fifty metres. Should you wish for an extra dose of adrenaline, 300-metre jumps are also available.


Camel Polo

A growing trend in Dubai, this is definitely going to earn you some serious bragging rights. Generally, the game is played with two riders per camel, one to steer the beast, and the other to use the mallet. If you wish to take part in this, you will earn a training on how to ride a camel. The camels have also been extensively trained and are known to be incredibly adept at the sport. Comprehensive detail regarding the game will be provided to you prior to your participation in a game.



This ancient concept is still very popular in the Middle East and is part of their national culture. The concept involves using a trained bird of prey, in this case a hawk, to hunt wild fowl. Through this activity you will obtain an invaluable training in regards to the various birds of prey that can be utilised in such a manner, as well as how to dispatch and retrieve your trained bird. A potential downside is that training commences early, usually at 5:30 AM. On the plus side, upon completion you will be trained in an ancient art and leave with the prestige of being a trained Falconer.