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Headline for 06 Best Yoga Exercises to Reduce Weight - Top 6 Yoga Poses to Achieve Slimness
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06 Best Yoga Exercises to Reduce Weight - Top 6 Yoga Poses to Achieve Slimness

Often regarded as one of the most beneficial forms of exercise for wellbeing, yoga is also excellent for weight loss and body toning. Here are six poses to help you get started on a slimmer body.


The Tree Pose - Vrksasana

This pose is not only designed to tone one's arms as well as arms but also to work the muscles in the stomach and abdomen area. Those who suffer from knee pain or back pain should perform this pose with the aid of an instructor. Those who are looking for a personal trainer in Toronto can try many of the First Class Personal Training outfits and yoga studios with experienced trainers and instructors in the city. First stand with your feet together and now distribute most of your weight to one leg and let the other support you to a lesser extent. Lift the latter leg inward towards the knee of the opposite knee. Place the heel of the foot on the inner thigh area of the other leg and bring it close to the pelvis. Bring your hands above your head and raise it towards the roof. Breathe well and maintain your balance without using support if possible.


The Chair Pose - Utkatasana

In addition to making your core muscles stronger and more stealthy, this yoga exercise or pose also tones the buttocks and thigh region as well. Standing erect place your hands in the Namaste pose in front of your chest. Now lift your hands to the ceiling and bend your knees so the thighs are now parallel to the ground.


The Warrior Pose - Veerbhadrasana

An especially effective pose for weight loss and toning the abdomen, this pose is performed by standing straight with your feet touching and hands on either side. Then extend your right leg while the left extends back. Slowly bend the knee of your right leg and assume a lunging pose. Turn your core to face the bent leg and then twist the left foot at an angle of 40 degrees. Exhale and then repeat the pose with the opposing leg extending.


Half Spinal Twist

Also known as the Ardha Matsyendrasana this pose also increases your metabolism and improved digestion for weight loss and maintenance. Start by sitting with your legs extended forward. Now bend the left leg and place the heel of the foot next to the opposite hip. Take the right foot over the left knee and position the left hand on the right knee. Place the right hand behind you. Turn your core, shoulders as well as the neck in this order and look over the right shoulder. Hold the pose and breathe in and out.


The Half Moon Pose

The Ardha Chandraasana has an impact on your upper thighs, buttocks and the sides of the abdomen to eliminate love handles. Stand straight with feet side by side and lift your hands above the head with your palms pressed together. Stretch as far into the ceiling as you can. Exhale and leisurely bend to your side while keeping your elbows straight. Inhale and come back to the centre and repeat for the other side.


The Bridge Pose

The Setubandhasana is highly effective for toning the abs and shoulders and increasing metabolism through better digestion. Laying flat on your mat and as you exhale push up your stomach off the floor with the aid of the feet. The neck and head should be firmly placed on the floor while every other part of the body except the feet should be raised.