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List of Beach Activities in Pasikudah -Sun Sand and Sea in the East

The southern edge of Sri Lanka contains a string of pristine beaches as well as a culture that is very appreciative of water sports.



There are many wonders to be seen within the surrounding waters of Pasikudah, especially where coral reefs are concerned. There are also some notable sea creatures to be glimpsed, and if you venture a little further out to sea, you could even witness Blue Whales and Dolphins. Don't worry if you're inexperienced since there are many guides you can enlist to accompany you on your snorkelling adventure. If you're staying at one of many Sri Lanka beach hotels in the area such as Maalu Maalu Resort & Spa, they will easily arrange a snorkelling trip for you. Most instructors in the area are also fluent in languages such as English, French, Italian and even Dutch.



This is easily one of the most popular water sports activities in the region, and is prevalent all the way to Arugam Bay, located slightly south of Pasikudah. This is because the surrounding waters have garnered international recognition as a worthy locale for surfing. The waters in and around Pasikudah are quite safe, making it a great place for seasoned surfers and budding amateurs alike. The crowds that are present on the eastern beaches are also known to be decent, as well as friendly. There are also many surfing tournaments held in Pasikudah where anyone is welcome to participate. If you're a surfing enthusiast, there's a lot of fun awaiting you in Pasikudah.



Take things to a new level with the adrenaline-fueled concept of windsurfing. This incredible activity forms equal parts surfing and sailing that is very popular in Pasikudah, and the waters are perfect to indulge in it. Procuring a board is quite easy, with many resorts and outlets to choose from. Should you wish to try your hand at it without any prior experience, finding a guide won't be too difficult a task. There's also bound to be many windsurfers in the area who will be happy to give you a few tips.



There probably aren't many ways to explore the waters of Pasikudah that are more fun than by a canoe. The best part about a canoe is that anyone can easily use one, enabling the magical waters of Pasikudah to be explored alongside the entire family. It's also perfect for anyone who isn't an able swimmer, or enjoys getting in the water. The waves are generally quite calm, and are fitting for people who are unfamiliar with the concept so they can learn in an easy environment. The views to be glimpsed are also spectacular, ranging from the tropical beauty of the landscape and the crystal-clear waters allowing you to see what is beneath to a fair extent. So, if you're looking for a therapeutic getaway to a dynamic island paradise that contains something for anyone, then look no further than Pasikudah. From adrenaline-fueled aquatic activities to soothing beaches, this jewel on the eastern edge of Sri Lanka has got it all.

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