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Headline for Digital Marketing - Latest Updates and Trending Topics
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Digital Marketing - Latest Updates and Trending Topics

Digital Marketing introduces a world of opportunities for the businesses and ideators, to improve audience reach through Search Engines, Social Media, websites and mobile apps. These digital channels are efficiently used by the Digital Marketing agencies to offer Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Pay Per Click Services and other services to enhance the growth of your business. In some cases, they also provide a more personalized marketing strategies as per the business requirement or depending on the niche industry trends. Here we List the latest innovations in digital marketing and researched list of the leading digital marketing service providers across the world.


The Importance of Visual Commerce Platform in Visual Marketing -

Visual Marketing, an extended form of Visual Commerce enhances the display and arrangement of products on the eCommerce store attracting & retaining the audience while increasing its brand value.

Down with Business? Choose the Right Marketing Channel to Come Back >>

There is no any surefire way to settle your business once and forever. The humankind is vulnerable to get hit by pandemics, disasters, and slowdowns as they occur with no prior anticipation. Such stumbling blocks heavily affect everyone’s socio-economic status.

There is no denial that countless businesses, in adversity, get vanished into thin air; however, those who withstood the hardship and are still able to fog a mirror should buckle up and pave their way to come back. But, such a move executes with carefully crafted business strategies through apt digital marketing channels.

However, a million dollar question is – which marketing channel is right for you?

How to Monetize Your Mobile App in 2020 -

The right app monetization strategy generates high ROI for apps that are free to download. The monetization strategies discussed here can be rewarding if implemented with precision.
This insightful article will surely help entrepreneurs who wish to start their journey by developing mobile apps and make money through free apps in the app stores. For this, the list of leading mobile app development companies will be of great help to select a development partner.
Here, you download the app from the app store then in return, app owners who offer free apps expect payment or profit as well. So, if you are planning to develop an app and are not aware of the tactics to generate revenue, This article is the best way to understand on How to Monetize Your Mobile App.

How Much Money Can An App Earn? -

A mobile app developed provides you a handful of options to reach out to users with a more personalized approach. While the turn around time of every app depends on the performance of aspects utilized, the mediums of propagation selected are also crucial.
Let us discuss about How Much Money Can An App Earn for you and your business in detail.

Top 5 tips to Earn bigger profits from your Mobile Apps -

Building a mobile app for business, needs to employ app monetization tactics and strategies like premium features, advertising, subscription services to ensure a steady flow of users and improve the profits or ROI.

According to Gartner research, “Less than 0.01 percent of Consumer Mobile Apps will be considered a financial success by their developers through 2018.”

This is embarrassing, but monetization to the rescue. The app monetization is quite more than generating revenue with the application. To crack the app monetization code, you have to start planning and searching for the opportunities that can fuel up your profitability before the app goes on the development floor. It’s very important to recoup the expenses and keep the app going.

Struggling to capitalize on the potential users your mobile app has? So, what’s the app monetization strategies that can drive the most revenue to the company? Let’s dive in!

A Comprehensive guide to reinforce your App User Acquisition Strategy -

Devising an efficient app user acquisition strategy is of the utmost importance to drive more traffic and get more users by implementing ASO, reaching out through various channels and most importantly analyzing the performance to make the changes accordingly to reach greater heights.
Let’s take a look at how the top ranking apps have created the app user acquisition strategy which brought huge downloads, high customer satisfaction, fuel up the retention and great revenue to them:

Why are Mobile Advertisements working better than online ads on websites? -

There is a fearsome competition out there. Every day thousands of websites get indexed, and if no work is done on them, they will get lost deep under the later pages of Google search pages.

Of course, no one in their sane mind wants to end-up there. A product or service needs to reach as many people as it can. Compared to Traditional Marketing, Digital Marketing is a better option for your online business needs. However, the increase in mobile devices has shifted the direction of how marketers and consumers perceive marketing at all.

Today you’ll get to know in detail about why Mobile Advertising is more effective than Traditional or Online Advertising.

The Evolution Required for a better Social Media Experience -

Social media has been turning out to be a vital source of connection and how it has been evolving with the passing time is a process that the latest technology embeds to find that perfect sync providing an improved experience.
To manage the social media experiences, the social channels are bringing a dramatic shift to rejuvenate the experiences they create and bring the people closer to the platform.

Take a quick glance at the massive changes that would occur in the social media shift.

Social Media Marketing adding new dimensions to Modern Age Businesses -

Social media marketing has proved to be a powerhouse for the new age businesses and is paving innovative methods to take them to new heights.
With great qualities, it is only apt to have a look at the qualities of social media marketing in detail and its impact on enhancing businesses off late. Here are some of the most emphatic ways in which Social Media Marketing beckons the new age business even helping it dominate its genre.

Data Driven Marketing: an important aspect to Mobile Apps ROI -

Data driven marketing is crucial in business analytics as marketers nowadays concentrate on how effectively data can be used for new user acquisition. There has been a huge availability of rigorous data analysis and the marketers also believe that a data driven team is highly successful. The impact that data driven marketing is not just limited to how the customers and the prospects connect, but also how effectively technology business is done in the new era.

The basic work of this marketing process is to eliminate the guess work and bring in more solidity by providing the needful statistics. This will help the digital marketers to get a detailed and clear view of their targeted customer profiles and their lifecycle.

This brings us to the point of exploring more into Data driven marketing and see its importance in increasing the ROI related to mobile apps.

Mobile Tech and Data Driven Marketing: A Bond for the future Businesses -

The amalgamation of mobile tech and data driven marketing will take the future businesses to unprecedented heights and enhance customer engagement.

Here are some detailed insights to understand how the bond of mobile technology and data driven marketing is securing the future for the businesses.

Mobile App Marketing escalating the growth of Businesses Worldwide -

Mobile app marketing is the optimum catalyst in the app marketing strategy for the business to reach their pinnacle in this tech driven world.
Let us now see how mobile app marketing is escalating the growth of businesses worldwide.

Mobile Apps Amplifying Digital Marketing to reach its Pinnacle -

Mobile apps have made the process of digital marketing ever so inclusive and have given the digital marketers new methods for app promotion.
Let's Read it in detail: Mobile Apps Amplifying Digital Marketing to reach its Pinnacle

Importance of Mobile App Development: The Marketers Perspective -

The rise of mobile apps and mobile app development has helped the marketers to take their product strategy and business to a whole new and unforeseen level.

Read in details: Importance of Mobile App Development: The Marketers Perspective

5 Gaps In The App Market Which Should Not Be Overlooked | TopDevelopers.Co

It’s a matter of fact that a killer idea is essential to success. When we look at the success story of Uber, Airbnb, Postmates, Angry Bird, and Pokemon Go’, they all have one thing in common, that’s they looked at the market conducted the research and identified the gaps waiting for the best product to fill it.

But, it’s not enough to triumph the app market that’s plagued with millions of the apps. Just the unique app idea does not bring enormous popularity, and profit to them now and in the years to come, and even in the uncertain economic times. The best strategy in place, distinctive branding, brilliant coding, breathtaking UI & UX design and a clear focus on the target user base are the ‘must haves’ which pave the way for achieving the desired visions and planned goals.

Here, we have enlisted the slip-ups (Gaps) that developers should avoid while crafting the next revolutionary app.

How to Build a Push Notification Strategy for Higher Conversions - TopDevelopers.Co

Push-notifications can definitely boost user engagement levels with your app. By following the steps mentioned above, you can easily build a strong push notifications strategy. Moreover, you can mould your business strategies according to the trends in order to expand your business horizon.

How Digital Marketing Can Help to Transform Your Business - TopDevelopers.Co

Businesses realize the importance of an online presence, and they also recognize that without digital marketing, their brand will get lost in the market like a needle in a haystack.
In this article, we will see how you can leverage the power of digital marketing to take your business to new heights.

Read Article: How Digital Marketing Can Help to Transform Your Business?

Top 7 tips that will help you to generate leads through social media - TopDevelopers.Co

Social media will be the primary source of lead generation in the future in order to attract potential customers and expand your business.
In today’s world, you just cannot do without including social media in your business process in one form or the other. Right from creating brand awareness to increase your products following, social media platforms will be the go-to thing for you. Thus, a concrete social media strategy that can be flexible according to the needs and wants will serve as a tonic for your organization. Lead generation will be a by-product if you tend to include the steps mentioned above while designing your social media strategy.
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Multichannel Marketing Strategy: Why It Matters? How Does It Work Like A Pro? And More - TopDevelopers.Co

Multi-channel marketing is no more an abstract concept about which businesses are unaware of. It’s providing unheralded opportunities from huge conglomerates to SMBs to enjoy significant results with a 360-degree view of customers.
The brands that are still resisting and taking the back seat, then plugging in with the customers, offering the customers what they would love to have, and boundless growth is implausible.
Note: It’s ideal to launch multiple marketing campaigns across various channels but maintained and managed in a coordinated way under the hood. This, in turn, helps in proper scheduling, right execution, and precise evaluation of all the campaigns across different channels. Follow the same way.
What’s your take? Want to create orchestrating multi-channel marketing campaigns to change the wind of sales and ROI? If so, get connected with top digital marketing companies that help you with the right tools, strategy, and additional tips.
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Voice Searches will propel SEO in 2020 and beyond | TopDevelopers.CO

Voice searches will rule in the tech world in the coming time, and doing SEO optimization according to it will become even more necessary.
The world is moving towards more voice-related search option, and it will be wiser for your organization to stay with the trend as it is destined to become a phenomenon. Investing in voice search will increase your user base and thus having a positive impact on revenue and online purchases. Ecommerce giant Amazon has already invested $1.8 million in voice searches, which is going to increase up to $40 million by the year 2022. Thus optimizing your SEO with respect to the voice searches will be one of the key factors to excel in the business in the new decade and stay ahead of your peers.
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Making Digital Marketing Agency A Natural Extension Of Your Business- A Good Or Bad Idea? | by

Gone are the days when the customers listen to music through old FM radio. Now, they prefer to stream the music right on the mobile. Chasing the evolving user’s needs, the businesses are breaking out the old FM radio (Traditional marketing) and turning towards digital marketing embracing advanced technologies to market a business and deliver value to the customers.
Eliminating the guesswork, digital marketing reaches out the customers in an exceedingly organized and highly targeted way to offer the amazing experience in the real-time. But, measurable marketing and ROI can only be brought by the team of strategists, marketing, creatives, and coding superheroes. The complete team that works under one roof is referred to as a digital marketing agency.
Continue Reading : What does digital marketing agency do?

How to use the Customer feedback you have collected

According to a study published in the Harvard business review, the cost of acquiring a new customer is 500-2500% more than retaining an old one!

This is the cost your business pays for not listening to the customer. Another research suggests that customers love it when you ask for feedback. There are many ways to acquire customer feedback like sending e-mails to the customer, calling them directly, sending them in-app messages, monitoring social media channels and providing short surveys to fill on your website.

Another effective way of collecting customer feedback is by integrating chatbots into your app/website. Chatbots are more engaging and hence increase the chances of the customer taking time to provide the feedback.

Now collecting quality customer feedback is essential but as we all know, acting on the received feedback is more important. But there is a difference between knowing and doing, and sometimes this very difference can cause your business to fail.

Here in this blog post, we shall discuss what to do with all the customer feedback data that you have collected.

Effective Segmentation strategies to target your app customers | CustomerThink

Your brilliant app won’t do you or your customers any good if it doesn’t appeal to the intended users. Identifying the correct users and understanding their preferences plays a vital role in the app’s success. Segmenting customers is an excellent way of ensuring that your app caters to the requirements of each market segment you want to target.

Market segmentation is a process in which we bifurcate the app users into small groups based on various factors like age, location, user behavior, and other factors. We do this to understand what appeals to each different market segment.

Segmentation will help you in including various features in your app, which shall appeal to your users. Also, Top-level digital marketing companies cater to specific messages to each market segment instead of sending a generic message to all user groups with the help of segmentation. This strategy of targeting separate user groups helps in improving the results.

In this article, we shall discuss various segmentation strategies and how to use them.

All you need to know about the new app rating formula by Google

Google is coming up with a new app rating system that will rate the mobile app in the play store based on its current performance. Until now, the app rating that the user or potential customer was seeing on the play store was the overall rating of the app since its inception.

Since all the changes are severe in the beginning to teach, we bring you wholesome information about the changes in the google app ratings and the things to take care of.

Emphatic Social Media Marketing Trends for 2020

It is safe to say that in this tech-driven world, social media has become an integral part of our life. Moreover, with the amount of exposure that social media gives to organizations, social media marketing has become synonymous with digital marketing. Although social media platforms are not static, the habits and the preferences of the audience are always changing. Thus, it is inevitable for social media marketers and social media marketing companies to evolve according to the trends to catch the pulse of the audience regularly.

With the immense amount of pressure and competition, social media marketing agencies must understand the market and remain ahead of their peers. The modern age organizations will need the services of an elite social media marketing agency, which can guide them through all the nuances of social media marketing and take their business at the helm.

To understand what the year 2020 will have in store, we need to understand the social media trends that will drive the businesses forward.

Top Social Media Marketing Trends You Can’t Ignore in 2020