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Best Natural Moisturizing Shower Gels - Top Picks for Dry Skin in 2017

For those who love natural and organic products, and are searching for a shower gel that will help you out with dry skin, there are some wonderful choices among natural and organic shower gels.

Here is a gathering of what I found people are raving about the most - the best natural and organic shower gels that cover all the bases - healthy, beautifying and moisturizing. (Plus some "PS" tips and helpful related info...)


Puracy Natural Body Wash

Puracy Natural Body Wash is a balanced blend of luxurious cleansers, emollients, and essential oils. Packed in this world class blend of ingredients is Pink Himalayan Sea Salt, which naturally exfoliates, hydrates, and balances your skin...

Alba Botanica Very Emollient French Lavender Bath & Shower Gel

Check your hot water tank before you lather up with these skin-pampering potions because you may never want your shower to end. Hypo-allergenic and packed with pure botanicals, these richly hydrating bath gels cleanse, soothe and soften skin...

Taza Natural Omega-3 Hemp & Aloe Coconut Lime Body Wash

Taza Natural Omega-3 Hemp & Aloe Body Washes have a mild, rich lathering formula and contains moisturizers to make your skin feel soft and smooth. In addition, it rejuvenates and gives your skin a younger looking appearance...

Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Body Wash

This moisturizing body wash cleanses and moisturizes for visibly healthier skin long after you shower. Its breakthrough formula combines Active Naturals Colloidal Oatmeal--long known to soothe skin--with a unique blend of natural oils and emollients to help replenish skin's moisture for softer, smoother, healthier-looking skin...

Jason 30 oz Moisturizing Herbs Pure Natural Body Wash

Cleanse and nourish your skin with jason's moisturizing herbs pure natural body wash this gentle wash contains vitamin e and pro-vitamin b5 along with sage, avocado oil and passion flower extract to moisturize and provide your skin with a soft and smooth finish...

Pure & Natural Moisturizing Body Wash Cherry Blossom & Almond 16 oz

Nurture yourself and the world around you! This unique formula, enriched with 7 moisturizing botanicals including jojoba and soybean, will help your skin feel soft and smooth. The body wash is biodegradable, not tested on animals and in 100% recyclable packaging...

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Homemade Body Wash

Try this homemade body wash recipe! It cleanses your skin and kills bacteria while providing nourishment and vitamins to keep it hydrated and healthy!

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Around this time of year, my skin starts going crazy.  I’m certain that all of you reading this know it’s the weather, but growing up in California made me immune to the effects of drastic weather- plus, I was a kid!  What do kids know about dry skin?  When I moved back East to the land of blizzards, I honestly thought I had developed a skin condition when my legs got dry and bumpy and itchy.  Luckily, the dermatologist didn’t laugh at me and I’ve learned to cope.  Still, the older I get the more moisture I seem to be losing and it’s become a bit of a year-round battle.

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How to Use Honey in the Bath. We all know honey tastes great, but did you know your skin can benefit from honey too? Honey has a place not only in your kitchen, but near your bath. Honey is a natural humectant that promotes moisture...

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