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Real Estate Investment

Mysore real estate market price is increasing very rapidly and will reach sky heights in the forthcoming days.

The Advantages of Mysore real estate:

  • Mysore is becoming the new IT hub.
  • Cleanliness is one of the top most priority of the city.
  • It has a modern infrastructure with good layout and well-planned roads.
  • Mysore has less traffic when compared to other cities.



Mysore real estate

Mysore real estate

Properties in Mysore: Benefits for the city as well as the end customer

  • Many places are perfect for real estate sector but lag behind due to unreachable supportive infrastructure and at such places integrated township is built providing all the civic amenities at the doorstep thus offering great value to buyers. An integrated township may be a solution to the city’s congestion.
  • All the benefit of city life from security to healthcare, schools to shopping complex are offered at a location and available within one’s reach.
  • Open parks, jogging tracks, landscaped gardens and playgrounds offer utmost living potential.
  • All services will be available under the single roof from co-operative outlets to entertainment hubs and clubs.
Ela Group

Mysore has historic significance with rich culture and heritage. Mysore is growing rapidly being India’s one of the most famous tourist destination. Land value at Mysore is increasing day by day and will reach sky heights in the coming days. It’s worthy to invest on properties at Ela group in Mysore / Mysuru as it has golden returns.

Why is Properties in Mysore also specially Ela group is the best for real estate investment?

  • Ela Group always chooses the best possible land for the development which has high return possibility.
  • ElaGroup properties go through an extensive research is made on the land and location by Ela Group to give the customer the best of the best investment opportunity.
  • High-end amenities come as standard in all the Ela Group Projects.
  • Ela group takes all the necessary approvals beforehand ensuring the customer peace of mind.
Ela City Ilavala Mysore

Ela Group ‘s Ela city is a premium, pleasant and prestigious residential layout coming up in Mysore developed by Ela Group. Ela City has an excellent strategic elevated location with all the best facilities. The quality of infrastructure is just outstanding and designed to meet the standards of the Ela Group.

Ela City is Ela Group ‘s flagship township that’s coming up near a very strategic location of Infosys, Mysore. All the major tech companies are present in this area which brings a great value for your investment. The 1st phase of the township is spread over massive 63 acres of land which is very well planned.

Positives of Demonetization for Real Estate sector

Positives of Demonetization for Real Estate though initially hard to tell are abundant if carefully analysed. We at Ela Group / Elagroup delve deeper to analyse the Positives of Demonetization for Real Estate sector.

“The Best Investment on earth is earth”
-Louis Glickman

Around 40% of the previous transactions in real estate was done through unaccounted money. Demonetization of currency will have a huge impact on the real estate sector as the sector has been having very high involvement of black money. According to experts, there will be around 25-30% drop in the prices of luxury properties in the real estate sector as it is difficult for the sellers to liquidate cash which makes real estate more accessible to the common man. This is a powerful initiative taken by the government to eradicate all the illegal business and to eliminate black money out of the market. Few major impacts are listed below

Positives of Demonetization for Real Estate sector:

Lower price :

With the black money being wiped out of the country, most of the investors who were previously investing in projects with unaccounted money in order to raise profits out of them will be eliminated from the system due to which the real estate prices will reduce hence there is a drop in the price of the properties and so it will be available within the reach of buyers.

demonetization real estate

Better home loans :

As every citizen of the country is depositing cash into the banks, banks funds are increasing significantly which makes it easier for them to provide home loans to many at a very less rate of interest and low EMIs schemes.

Best investment :

It is easier to understand when compared to stocks and share market. It creates an assured income source and an asset for a living. As the prices are at the least now and with low-EMI loans scheme, there could not be a better investment opportunity than now as the sector will become completely transparent.ela city mysore layout plotAssured returns : Owning an asset means secured income to you regardless of whether you’re employed or not and the land or asset value will increase day by day . As the difference between the actual rate and the market rate has been compromised due to demonetization, this is the best time to invest in properties and have a secured source of income for yourself.Ela Serene plots Mysuru layoutValuable infrastructure : The government will boost funds to improve infrastructure plans such as swachh bharath abhiyan, smart city with well-planned roads etc in order to improve the development of the area which would in-turn lead to boosting the economy of the country leading to the increase in the value of your properties.

Fulfilment of desires :

Due to demonetization the banking system has made all the transactions accounted for and the banks are now coming out with new banking EMI scheme and attractive bank loans which offer a low rate of interest which makes it easier for one to invest in your dream projects.

This is the perfect time to invest in real estate as the property rates have been currently decreased due to demonetization. Even a common man will be able to purchase properties due to lower prices by taking loans and EMIs available for lower interest rates. Eliminating the black money from the market will help in increasing the GDP of the country as 50% of the transactions in real estate sector were carried out through black money. This is a huge transformation in the real estate division which brings more transparency by preventing illegal transactions. However, the resale properties segment will take a major hit within few months/years so it is best to invest now and get profit later.

Ela Group | Facebook

Ela Group is an eminent, well-known name in real estate sector in Mysore. This real estate name is well known for its excellent and magnificent designs. We aim to remould this heritage city into the residential hub of the state.
Ela group has well established itself in the market within a short period of time. First of all, the guiding rule of Ela group is to treat customers as family. This has lead it to triumph to the top of the charts. Furthermore, Ela group is comprised of highly experienced personnel, we are dedicated to listening earnestly to our customers.
Since investing on real estate properties is becoming a more appealing idea to increase the wealth of a person. Also customers invest on real estate with the intention of earning a return. The return could be either through future resale of the property or rental income. Ela group helps match the individuals and their families to the best suited properties, buildings and neighborhood. Customers can buy their dream property within affordable price by Ela Group’s guidance. We have answers for all your questions and we strive to deliver you the best property based on your requirements.
In addition to the decades of experience in the real estate industry and deep roots in the city of Mysore, Ela group excels in providing world class amenities to all the customers at affordable prices. Most of all providing peerless customer service and close attention to every detail is the main factor that makes Ela group stand out among the rest. The most noteworthy projects of Ela group are Ela city. Ela group has excellent service and expertise in the real estate domain. Due to which all of its transactions are as smooth and effortless as possible.

Ela Group

Within a short span of time Ela group has become one of the best real estate firms in the state. Investment on real estate is the safest forms of investments with guaranteed returns. The best part of this type of investments is that they are not a subject to market risk. In Ela group, we make sure you have the best returns based on your investments. If you want to invest than Ela Group is your destination for it. We will make sure you make the right choice.


Hebbal Industrial Area

Hebbal Industrial Area

About Mysore

Mysore has emerged from its feudal past as an important urban centre with a notably cosmopolitan way of life.

G N Ramu

Mysore has historic significance with rich culture and heritage. Mysore is growing rapidly being India’s one of the most famous tourist destination. Land value at Mysore is increasing day-by-day and will reach sky heights in the coming days. It’s worthy to invest on properties at Mysore as it has golden returns. Investment on properties at Mysore have assured returns with the growing economy.