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Top Tips to Have a Great Mobilize Experience

Here is a list of the top tips to help you have a great Mobilize experience!

Our Mobilize experience by the numbers - from Emily and Zack | Mobilize

Emily Beckett and Zach Rupke spent a year with Mobilize and completed the program this past spring. During their time in our work-travel adventure program, they had the opportunity to experience what they describe as "three unforgettable placements."

Meet two Mobilizers – this adventurous couple joined Mobilize together | Mobilize

Meet Emily Beckett and Zach Rupke, a couple of Fleming College students: she’s from Peterborough, Ontario, and he’s from Cobourg. While studying pre-health together, they discovered Mobilize – and decided it would be a great opportunity to travel together and experience more of Canada, be independent and get some work experience along the way.

Living happily with roommates – Mobilizer Meaghen's 6 tips | Mobilize

Although there are many challenging times, there are also many fun times to be had with roommates. Here are my tips to help you start living happily with roommates!

Getting around the Canadian Rockies – 8 travel tips from a Mobilizer | Mobilize

Here are my top 8 tips for getting around the Canadian Rockies while not taking too much of a hit in your wallet.

Money saving tips while Mobilizing – one millennial worker's top 5 list | Mobilize

Here is how I learned to save money while working with Mobilize and travelling in Canada, my top 5 money saving tips.

Finished school now what? How joining Mobilize helped me overcome my fears and made me a better person | Mobilize

Before joining Mobilize I was pretty lost in life. I finished school now what? All of my friends were off in college and university, but I just wasn’t ready for that commitment.

Grocery shopping tips for a tight budget | Tips from a Mobilizer | Mobilize

Here are some grocery shopping tips that I have used since joining Mobilize to help me save money, save food waste, and fill my tummy up with lots of food.

My Mobilize experience by the numbers - from James Rocheleau | Mobilize

James Rocheleau has been with Mobilize since early 2015. According to James, “with Mobilize, waking up every morning feels less like a routine than the start of my next adventure.”

Living with roommates: 6 tips on what NOT to do | Mobilize

In our last post about roommates, we covered strategies for living successfully with your fellow podmates. But it’s also important to talk about behaviours you should avoid; here’s what drives roommates crazy and can cause enough conflict to turn your experience (and theirs) into a negative one.

Who, me homesick? 13 Tips for feeling at home when you’re far away | Mobilize

After deploying 160+ young Canadians to jobs far from home, we’ve had our fair share of homesick Mobilizers. For many, it’s their first time away for an extended period; in our first session, about 85% of Mobilizers experienced some level of homesickness. If you’re concerned that you’ll miss home a bit too much, we’ve compiled some tips from the trenches to help you cope.

Living well with roommates: tips from the trenches | Mobilize

At Mobilize, we deploy workers in pods – these groups spend the season working and living together. Known as podmates within the program, workers are assigned roommates by us during the orientation process and right before a deployment. We match roommates by program profiles that are completed by new workers during the onboarding stage. The podmates spend the season working, exploring and living together. They share supplied accommodations that include a sleeping space, living space, kitchen area, and bathroom.