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Religious Places in Maldives – The Holy Sites of the Islands

The Maldives is one of South Asia's most visited destinations. While the islands are primarily known for their mesmerizing beauty, the Maldives is also known for its strong Islamic culture.


The Hulumale Mosque

The Hulumale Mosque

The Hulumale Mosque is arguably the most iconic structure in Hulumale. Built in 2006, the Hulumale Mosque instantly became one of the most visited buildings in the Maldives, and the reason for this is the spectacular design of this mosque. The Hulumale Mosque boasts a fusion of traditional Maldivian architecture and modern architecture, giving the mosque a stylish, yet regal façade. The white-washed walls of the building only complement the golden dome at the apex of the mosque, which almost makes this massive structure glisten in the morning sun. The structure also consists of a minaret which is capped with a miniature golden dome. The mosque itself is regarded as being one of the most revered sites in the Maldives as hundreds and thousands of people visit the mosque each day. On Fridays this 900 person capacity mosque is visited by almost all Maldivians in Hulumale, making it a holy site that is well worth visiting.


The Grand Friday Mosque and Islamic Centre

The Grand Friday Mosque and Islamic Centre

Since its construction in 1984, the Grand Friday Mosque has been the foremost mosque in the Maldives. Located in the capital city of Male, the Grand Friday Mosque is a symbol of Islam in the Maldives. The mosque is made of white marble, granite and brick walls which are color washed in brilliant white. The apex of the mosque is capped off with a large golden dome that is visible right throughout the city of Male. Thus, the Grand Friday Mosque is a structure that defines the skyline of Male. The main prayer hall of the Grand Friday Mosque is truly marvelous. It can accommodate up to 5000 people, and its walls are ornately decorated with intricate wall art and engravings from the Holy Quran. The Grand Friday Mosque also houses the Islamic Centre, a multi-purpose centre that is home to the Ministry of Islamic Affairs, a library with Islamic scriptures, and many other facilities devoted to the preservation and promotion of Islam and Islamic affairs. Being the epicenter of much of Maldives' religious activity, there is no doubt that the Grand Friday Mosque and the Islamic Centre are two religious places that warrant a visit. If you want to organize visits to these religious locations, best is to search for a good Maldives tour package such as those offered by travel agencies like Vacation Maldives.


The Old Friday Mosque

The Old Friday Mosque

Although not as glamorous as the Grand Friday Mosque and Islamic Centre, the Old Friday Mosque is one of the most important religious places in Male for the reason that it is regarded as being the oldest mosque in the Maldives. Established in 1656, the Old Friday Mosque was central mosque of the Maldives before the establishment of the Grand Friday Mosque. The mosque has a rich history and stands and symbol of the Maldives' strong Islamic heritage. The entire structure of this ancient mosque is made of stone and coral, giving the mosque a grayish-yellow hue. The mosque is famous for its immaculate design and architecture, while the Quran script chiseled into the walls and its ornate walls carvings only amplify the spiritual ambiance of the mosque. One of the highlights of the Old Friday Mosque is the 13th Century panel which chronicles the introduction of Islam to the islands, and is believed to be one of the earliest commemorations of the advent of Islam in the Maldives.

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